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  • My name is Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

  • and I am a senior lecturer.

  • I work in distance learning,

  • designing and organising courses

  • for distance learning.

  • Distance learning takes place normally

  • in people's homes at a time

  • that they choose when it's convenient for them.

  • The learning comes from a number of sources:

  • it could be websites, books,

  • all sorts, and you digest

  • that information at your own pace.

  • I think anyone

  • can be a distance learner.

  • Some people just like

  • an app on their mobile phone

  • so they can learn

  • small chunks of information.

  • Other people want

  • to get a qualification out

  • of their studies.

  • Or they may want something

  • a lot more geared up

  • towards their professional development.

  • There are very short courses

  • and there are very long courses

  • that lead to full on university qualifications.

  • The difference between face to face

  • and distance learning

  • is that in a face to face situation

  • you have the opportunity

  • to ask questions

  • if you haven't understood something.

  • What you tend to find

  • is that the materials

  • have been written

  • so that they provide the answers

  • to any questions you may have

  • already in the materials

  • and the answer goes beyond whether

  • it's correct or incorrect.

  • It normally has an explanation

  • of why it's right or wrong,

  • and that helps you as a learner.

  • As a non-native speaker

  • you may find that

  • it's an extra challenge to study in English.

  • You are expected to

  • submit assignments in good academic English

  • and you may need a little

  • bit of extra support with that.

  • A really good idea is

  • to try shorter courses.

  • There are institutions that

  • offer lots of

  • free learning materials as

  • samplers of their courses.

  • Studying at a distance

  • doesn't necessarily mean

  • that you have to do more work because

  • you're on your own.

  • It just means that

  • you have to be more committed,

  • and you have to

  • be motivated to make sure

  • you see this through.

  • Go the distance.

My name is Fernando Rosell-Aguilar


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