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  • Hi everyone.

  • Tom here from BBC Learning English on I'm hit explained.

  • Have something done.

  • This is an expression we use when we pay someone to do something for us.

  • Full example.

  • I have my hair cut at the headdresses.

  • If I cut my own hair, it would look terrible.

  • The expression uses have on object on the action which is done to the object on the action is always in the past participle form.

  • We can also use the expression in the past.

  • For example, I had my clothes clean yesterday whilst I was at work.

  • How about you?

  • Can you think of something that you have done regularly?

  • Leave a comment below the video the practice.

Hi everyone.


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如何使用'have something done' - English In A Minute - 英語一分鐘 (How to use 'have something done' - English In A Minute)

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