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  • Hi guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here with this week's Learner Question. Find out

  • what it is after this.

  • OK! This week's learner question comes from Belen from Spain. Who asks, "May I ask which

  • the correct order in adjectives is?" Of course you can Belen. Are you ready? Are you ready?

  • Are you ready? Here we go.

  • When we use two or more adjectives together to describe a noun, the order that we put

  • them in is quite important. For example, we don't usually say an old Indian beautiful

  • carpet. That sounds weird. It sounds much better say a beautiful old Indian carpet.

  • As a general rule, adjectives are placed in the following order: opinion, size, quality,

  • age, shape, colour, participle forms, origin, material type and purpose. Did you get that?

  • It's a beautiful old Indian carpet.

  • If you want to use two adjectives from the same group together, we combine them with

  • 'and'. For example, it's a beautiful old red and green Indian carpet. We can also combine

  • adjectives with but, and this is usually when they have a contradictory meaning. For example,

  • it's an old but expensive Indian carpet.

  • Finally, if we use 2 adjectives that have a similar meaning, we usually put the shorter

  • one first. For example, it's a soft, comfortable chair.

  • I hope that answers your question Belen. Thank you very much for writing to us. If anybody

  • else out there has a question for Learners' Questions, then please email us on:

  • Please remember to put Learners' Questions in the subject box and include your name and

  • the country that you're writing from. We can't possibly answer all your questions, guys,

  • because we just get too many, but we promise, we do read all of them. And, of course, you

  • can always go to our website: for more information on grammar, vocabulary

  • and everything else. Dan from Learners' Questions. I'll see you next time. Say bye-bye. Say bye-bye.

Hi guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here with this week's Learner Question. Find out


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形容詞順序 - 學習者的問題 (Adjective order - Learners' Questions)

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