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  • Rob Believe it or not, learning something new

  • can be funit doesn't have to be a struggle if you take the right approach. Our top tips

  • will help you on your way to making English learning a happy experience

  • Don't be haunted by bad memories of learning at school. This is a new learning experience

  • and the end result, of being a confident user of English, will have great benefits. That's

  • what this student discovered

  • Student When I began learning English as an adult

  • I was expecting to do what I had done in English lessons at school - grammar translation and

  • transformation. But my teacher didn't want me to do that. He asked me to think about

  • grammar in terms of how and what it communicated in a realistic, everyday way. This was different

  • for me and really quite fun for me and my speaking skills really improved.

  • Rob When learning is fun, do you actually think

  • you're learning? That's why, where possible, use a learning technique that has been fun

  • to use in the pastmaybe watching TV, listening to music or chatting with learning

  • buddies online. You'll learn better if you enjoy it.

  • Another tip is to turn learning into a game. Set yourself challenges to complete tasks

  • in a certain amount of timeplay online learning games or set a challenge with a friend

  • to learn something, such as learn ten new words or learn new ways to say the same thing.

  • And maybe give yourself a reward if you win!

  • When studying at home, you could change you learning environment. Maybe move to a new

  • location. A change of scenery can boost your enthusiasm for learning. And listening to

  • music can help put you in a better mood too. You can feel isolated studying alone so why

  • not meet up with a friend to learn. If you can't do that, connect with another language

  • learner onlinethat way you can make new friends and have fun practising your English.

  • There are many other ways to make learning funjust find the right way for you and

  • share your ideas with us. Just think about the fun you'll have when you get to use your

  • new English language skills. Good luck!

Rob Believe it or not, learning something new


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考試技巧。5個技巧讓學習變得有趣 (Exam Skills: 5 tips for making learning fun)

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