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  • Welcome to the City. This area of London is where bankers and stockbrokers work.

  • City workers look smart and work hard, but how much do they know about where they work?

  • If I said you had you work cut out for you, what does that mean?

  • That I'm very busy and got an awful lot to do in a short amount of time.

  • You've got quite a lot to do on a certain thing or a project.

  • The traffic's terrible. I've really got my work cut out getting there on time.

  • Where in the world do you think that saying first came from?

  • My guess would be that it's from some sort of tailoring and having to cut your work out.

  • Would it surprise you to learn that this saying was probably first used on this street,

  • just a little bit up that road?

  • It wouldn't surprise me at all, no.

  • And what's the name of this street?

  • This is Threadneedle Street.

  • Threadneedle Street was the home of tailoring in the 16th and 17th centuries.

  • Tailors worked with assistants. The assistants would cut out the cloth and the tailors would sew it.

  • If the tailor didn't work quickly enough, the pile of cloth would get bigger and bigger;

  • and because his work was cut out for him, he could clearly see that there was a

  • lot to do and it was all jumbled up in a mess.

  • In other words, he had a really difficult job ahead of him...

  • ...just like the modern day Londoners here in the city, many of whom do difficult and stressful jobs too.

  • I tell you what… I've got my work cut out just trying to get across this road!

Welcome to the City. This area of London is where bankers and stockbrokers work.


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這就是 "工作被砍掉 "這句話的由來...。 (This is where the phrase 'work cut out' comes from...)

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