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  • It's really attractive

  • to be able to write

  • what you think about

  • your own subject.

  • But actually,

  • it's also really important to

  • justify and show that

  • you have done some additional

  • reading and researching,

  • You're gaining additional insights.

  • The first rule is to make sure that

  • it fits the subject area.

  • And then you're looking

  • to make it fit with the question,

  • and to support and justify

  • some of your own arguments

  • and discussions.

  • You can look in books;

  • you can look in journals.

  • You can look in associated material.

  • But it may also be good to

  • take some more current examples -

  • maybe from a magazine

  • - that look at the subject area

  • from a different and lighter context.

  • Usually if you go

  • to your university library,

  • you go online, and many university

  • libraries have chat rooms now,

  • and they will really help you find,

  • if not the actual source,

  • something that is quite similar.

  • Really the best tip is to

  • go to the introduction.

  • Go to a summary.

  • And look at what the paper

  • is trying to say,

  • and then you can actually

  • unpick it piece by piece.

  • It may be that actually the paper

  • really is too complex, because if it's

  • complex to a native speaker

  • or a non-native speaker,

  • generally it's something perhaps

  • you should be avoiding.

  • Students should really try to

  • avoid promo material - promotional material

  • that's dressed

  • up as theory.

  • And particular organizations

  • actually try to launch new ideas,

  • new concepts

  • and to get them accepted as -

  • if you like - solid theory,

  • when in effect they're

  • really promoting

  • their own new technology.

  • It's usually quite clear:

  • it doesn't add value to it,

  • it doesn't add depth to it,

  • it doesn't add breadth to it.

  • What it should be doing

  • is actually adding value almost

  • seamlessly to the paper.

  • The extra points

  • is where they've added:

  • significant justification,

  • new ideas,

  • being critical in

  • a positive way to the subject area,

  • and really showing that they've

  • understood that and dug

  • deeply into the underlying concepts.

  • Go the distance.

It's really attractive


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