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  • Hi I'm Phil

  • and I'm going to tell you the difference between

  • 'all together' and 'altogether'.

  • Yes, they sound the same, but they're not.

  • 'All together' – that's two words and two 'L's –

  • means 'everything or everyone

  • being or doing something together

  • with everything or everyone else'.

  • Let's sing all together!

  • Or:

  • Put the vegetables in the bowl

  • and mix them all together.

  • 'Altogether' – that's one word and one 'L' –

  • is an adverb and it means

  • 'completely' or 'entirely'.

  • My brother has an altogether different personality to me.

  • He's nothing like me!

  • So if you have 'altogether' as one complete word,

  • it means 'completely' or 'entirely'.

  • And if we have 'all together' as two words together

  • then that means 'everything or everyone together'.

Hi I'm Phil


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一起與一起。有什麼區別?英語一分鐘 (All together vs altogether: What's the difference? English In A Minute)

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