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  • Hello I'm Darren. Today I've got a fairy story to tell you about a girl who gets to marry

  • a king but has to complete an impossible task before she can - but things don't go as well

  • as they should.

  • Along time ago there was a poor man who had a daughter. She was beautiful and full of life.

  • One day her father has to go and see the king - he's very embarrassed about seeing

  • him because his life is a far cry from that of the king. So to try and impress him he

  • tells him that he has a daughter who can spin straw into gold. Well, I'd be impressed by that!

  • The king wants proof and demands to see her. She's taken to the palace where she is shown

  • a room full of straw and a spinning-wheel and is told to spin the straw into gold by

  • the morning - and if not she will die. And then he leaves. This comes as a shock to the

  • poor girl and she starts to cry. Suddenly, a little man with wrinkly skin enters the

  • room. She's so pleased to have a shoulder to cry on but he says, "good evening miss:

  • I can help you if you give me something in return." Well, she was quite happy to offer

  • her necklace as a reward for his help - and sure enough he spends all night spinning the

  • straw into gold.

  • Morning arrives and king sees the gold. "Amazing!" he cries - but then thinks to himself, "Hmm...

  • maybe she can make more gold..." He demands that the next night she will spin even more

  • straw and make even more gold. If she doesn't, she will die.

  • The girl bursts into tears but once again, the little man bursts into the room. "Don't

  • cry your eyes out!" he says and offers to help her - but still wants something in return.

  • This time she offers him the ring on her finger. He's happy with the deal and gets to work,

  • spinning the straw.

  • Will the king now be satisfied? Or will he want more? Join me in part 2 to see what happens.

  • Bye for now.

Hello I'm Darren. Today I've got a fairy story to tell you about a girl who gets to marry


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詞彙:"哭 "的5種用法 - Rumplestiltskin part 1 (Vocabulary: 5 uses of 'cry' - Rumplestiltskin part 1)

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