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  • No way! And then what did she do? Hold that thought. Hi guys! Dan from BBC Learning English

  • here with this week's Learner Question. Find out what it is after this.

  • OK! This week's learner question comes from Roberto from Argentina. He says, would you

  • please explain the difference between these two sentences: This book is worth reading

  • / It's worth reading this book?

  • I've got good news for you. There is basically no difference in meaning between the two sentences.

  • Both of them we are talking about the value of an object, in this case the book, and there's

  • only a difference in form, both of which are used quite commonly.

  • Worth usually follows the verb to be and is followed in turn by an -ing clause. It often

  • goes in sentences which begin with an it. For example, it's worth repairing the car.

  • We can move the object to the front of the sentence and use it as the subject, and then

  • we don't need the it. For example, the car is worth repairing. And there's no difference

  • between these two sentences.

  • Worth can also be followed by a noun phrase especially when we're talking about the monetary

  • value of something. For example, this house is worth a fortune.

  • We can use other expressions such as a lot or a great deal, etc etc. to talk about something's

  • value in terms of its use. But this is not necessarily to do with money. For example,

  • my sister is worth a great deal to me.

  • Finally, worth appears in lots of idiomatic phrases in English. For example, it's worth

  • its weight in gold. It's not worth the paper it's printed on. For what it's worth, and,

  • it's more trouble than it's worth. But in these cases the word order is fixed, so don't

  • change them.

  • I hope that answers your question Roberto. Thank you very much for writing to us. If

  • anybody else out there has a question for Learners' Questions, you can email us on:

  • Please remember to include Learners' Questions in the subject

  • box and your name and the country that you're writing from. We can't possibly answer all

  • your emails, guys. I'm very sorry, we just get too many, but we do read every single

  • one. And, for more information, go to our website: I think that's

  • it. Done? Done? Good. See you next time on Learners' Questions. Bye.

No way! And then what did she do? Hold that thought. Hi guys! Dan from BBC Learning English


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如何使用 "價值"--學習者的問題。 (How to use 'worth' - Learners' Questions)

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