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We all know the bass is the most perfect instrument
I mean,
violin is just a small and weak 4-string bass after all.
Ding! Ding!
Ring the bell!
The bass gang is coming after us!
What do we do...?
Alright, welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
We made a lot of episodes.
Just want to say
thank you to everyone that's been with us.
- Mhm. - Love you guys all.
Now is the time to come together,
every classical musician!
Even you double bass players.
Let's watch this...
s a c r i l e g i o u s
Pfft! Already a terrible start here.
They compared the sound of an acoustic instrument,
like the violin-
Wait what?!
Did I just see like, something that's not a violin?
...like a violin.
Bro, that's a cello.
The violin doesn't have...
It doesn't have this.
No spike.
And the violin has a...
chin rest.
This here, is obviously NOT a violin.
Next time you wanna try and roast the violin gang,
check you facts!
check your facts.
...with a sound of an electric bass.
I bet they don't know acoustic basses exist.
Is that a bass?!
I don't know that existed.
And they sound like this:
Why don't you just play the double bass?
Yeah, ha ha ha...! Yeah!
I guess it's more portable.
And it's got frets.
- It's- oh yeah, it's easier. It's easier. - So you don't have to do intonation.
- It's easier. Oh... yeah, yeah, yeah! - Yeah... Oh...!
Here we see a big brain violinist
memorising the exact precise location to place every finger
in order to produce the correct intonation.
Here is a bass player practicing 69 hours a day.
Tsk, tsk.
I agree.
Bass can be fretless, too.
I gotta say, I'm impressed that...
he was able to play...
in tune. I didn't realise...
bassists could do that without frets.
- But props to you! - Yeah, good-
You would make a good double bass player.
And fretless basses are way harder to play
because bass is bigger, like my pe-
Are you saying the bass have bigger peepee than a violinist?
Accent the like button now!
40,000 likes and we will do a peepee reveal!
There are many more different kinds of basses.
We also have the uku-bass and double bass.
Now, how many kinds of violins are there?
Only violin.
Yeah, that's 'cause you only need one violin.
You know, the violin sounded pretty good in that part,
Thank you.
It sounds nice to play a melody.
You can play many different parts on bass.
A lot of I N T E R E S T I N G things.
However, what can you play on violin?
What is that?
"Una..." What?
Can I do 50/50?
Yeah, I want 50/50!
Help! I need to call a friend.
Bass: 3. Violin: 0.
Yeah, he got us there.
- Okay. Oh... - He got us good.
Ding, ding.
I can't play anything.
Oh! Practices everything!
No, there's nothing to practice.
- We have no repertoire. - Oh yeah. We have nothing. We have no repertoire.
Does violin has knobs?
Violin is so superior
we don't even need...
The only knob we have is this one.
For... fine tuning.
'Cause we fine!
And you know, using the bow to play violin
makes things 69 times easier.
Davie: And I have to say this.
The bow is the classical version of the pick.
Pfft. Using the bow to play an instrument...
small peepee.
Using your strong fingers...
huge peep-
Hold on.
I think the bow is a bigger peepee than the pick.
Small peepee.
A bow is so hard to use!
Much easier to go...
Check your facts!
Oh hey, stop, stop.
Have you considered trying the viola?
Have you considered learning the bass?
I see this as an absolute win.
By the way, have you noticed
he needs two hands to hold the bass?
Playing such a small and light instrument,
such as violin,
made him very weak.
Play bass for 69 hours,
and you're gonna look like this.
Bass: 5.
I gotta say that was very heavy.
- Yeah. - I was like...
- "Dammit!" - It's a very heavy bass.
Yeah okay. Let's keep going.
That's right, guys!
Simp Sibelius!
Almost at 3 million subs!
Accent the subscribe button right now,
and you get to hear Eddy play Sibelius Violin Concerto!
Ha ha ha.
How's the orchestral part arrangement going?
What is this?
Sheet music?
If you need to read the music,
it's because you don't know the song you're playing.
For basses, all the songs ever created
are stored in our huge brains.
Sight reading is for noobs.
Well, I mean...
Consider that all you have to play is...
Not that hard to store in the brain.
Oh, oh so hard! Ugh!
Peepee hard.
I agree.
Peepee hard now.
Both sexy.
And the last point.
Most expensive violin versus most expensive bass.
That is so expensive!
Less expensive.
They are right here.
Violins can cost way more than bass.
But there is something they didn't show you.
This is how the 16 million dollars violin looks like.
While this is how a regular bass looks like.
Which one is the best?
Bass: 10. Violin: -∞
Fair enough.
We live hard lives as violinists.
Very expensive.
Did you get insurance on that?
It's... it's in the bin.
And also, they didn't talk about techniques.
Violin can pretty much only be played with a bow,
or with your fingers.
Davie: I can play bass with both these techniques.
Bro, did he like, take off 4 of the strings
in order to play with the bow?
Mate, check your strings.
You're missing 4 of them.
But I bet violin cannot be played using bass techniques.
There are over 50 different techniques on bass.
Use your peepee.
And obviously-
Is this a peepee?
Is that what he means?
I thought he said he had big peepee.
This makes bass a way superior instrument.
There is just no competition here.
I still wanna give them a chance to redeem the violin.
I'm gonna slapp something on my bass now.
Check this out.
Davie: TwoSet Violin,
I challenge you
to slapp this song on your violin.
I don't even need to sight read.
Perfect pitch gang!
To show which instrument is easier,
we thought maybe we could challenge
with the theme of Paganini 24.
And we challenge you back,
24, Davie24...
We challenge you Pag 24.
We will be playing it on the bass,
and you have to learn it
on the violin.
You have 40 h-
Oh wait. I think they need 69 hours.
Oh, you have all the time you want.
By the way, we don't need 69 hours.
We only need 40 hours to come back.
Ling Ling!
S a c r i l e g i o u s .
I N T E R E S T I N G !
Take your time.
As much time as you want
because the violin is a very hard instrument.
Please accent the like button,
and legato the subscribe button.
And we will see you on the other side of this battle zone.



43 分類 收藏
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