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Today's movie is Anna Karenina
Based on a novel by Tolstoy,
it is a 1997 American film directed by Bernard rose
starring Sophie Marceau and Sean Bean.
Anna Karenina has been made into a film since 1935,
starring world-renowned actresses such as Greta Garbo,
Vivian Leigh, Sophie Marceau, Keira Knightley.
In the late 19th century of the Russian monarchy,
aristocrats and farmers live a completely different life,
but the world is changing.
Levin says, 'I'm afraid to die without knowing love,'
and Anna says she was one of them, too.
Levin has long loved and proposed to his friend's sister Kitty.
Kitty refuses on the spot.
Officer Vronski appears, and Kitty's eyes change when she sees him.
Levin is ashamed.
Vronsky goes to the train station with Stiva.
Stiva says she's meeting a beautiful woman,
and she's married and has a son, and he warns you not to look at her.
The train arrives and you see her face right in front of Vronsky.
Vronsky falls in love at that moment.
She came by train with her mother.
Anna came to Moscow to resolve the conflict
between her brother Stiva and the Dollys.
Dolly is hurt by her husband's affair and in despair.
Anna asks me to forgive her brother.
Anna meets Vronsky again at the party.
As he approaches, she avoids, but they dance.
Kitty feels the change in his mind and despair.
Anna avoids starting an inappropriate scandal,
but his love feels like a ray of light.
Anna got on the train back to Petersburg,
and Vronsky followed her.
To surprised Anna, he confesses his love
and Anna asks him to forget.
Vronsky doesn't give up after seeing her husband.
He lingers around her to the point of being rumored
and tries to open her heart.
Anna can't help but fall in love with him
when she's attracted to him.
They meet often, and her husband, who knows about the scandal,
asks Anna to leave for divorce.
Anna can't leave her husband to protect her son.
Levin visits his brother.
he gives money on a drunken brother who lives with a woman on the street.
His brother got angry asking him if he wanted to feel mercy,
and his brother told him not to think badly of himself.
When he comes back in a bad mood and gets anxious,
he begs his heart by cutting grass with the farmers.
Kitty's brother advises her not to give up because she's sick.
Levin sees her gets sick and coming to rest.
When he meets her again, Levin takes the courage to propose again.
Kitty and Levin are getting married.
Anna can't leave her husband,
and she can't hide her feelings anymore when she meets Vronsky.
She's pregnant, but she's miscarried.
Anna tells her husband to forgive her in despair,
and Vronsky takes her away.
They two go to Italy and stay together.
Anna misses her son and goes back to Petersburg.
When don't let them meet, she just goes home and enters his room.
Her husband doesn't divorce her,
and Vronsky's mother introduces her son to a woman.
Anna is accused of having an affair, doesn't socialize,
stays indoors, and suffers from fear and anxiety that Vronsky will leave.
She's been eating opium since her miscarriage, and she can't stop.
Anna can't be sure of his love anymore.
She suffers from a fear of dying
and thinks she's going to be crushed to death by a train the day before.
Anna is out. She came to the train station like she was possessed.
The train is coming in
and she falls onto the railroad as a little girl jumps into the water.
A long time ago, when you fall in love, you become reckless
and you can't help but fall in love.
Why was Anna going crazy and had to die?
Levin's brother loses himself in pleasure and dies,
but Anna is driven to death by the power to destroy her
while trying not to lose herself.
She tried to protect both her love for her son and her love for her lover,
and that was all she had, and she couldn't give up anything.
The world was a false love, an affair, and she didn't acknowledge her.
She was criticized for being a bad woman
and denied that she was not a wife, not a mother, not a lover.
She believed in and hoped for Vronsky's love,
but knew she could lose it the moment love became everything,
and there was nowhere else to go.
Did she have any other choice?
Her death was a desperate struggle for freedom to love.



49 分類 收藏
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