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[Upbeat music playing]
We have people who come in and give $2 for a buffet meal
but we also have people who come in
and give $50 just for a thosai
I don't think it really matters how much everyone gives
because at the end of the day
if that's all they can afford
that's all they can afford
We always make enough for us to open the next day
and continue serving people
[Upbeat music playing]
[Cheerful music playing]
My name is
Annalakshmi is an Indian vegetarian restaurant
that functions on the (Hindu) philosophy of 'Atithi Devo Bhava'
or 'guest is god'
So tomorrow, if god were to come to your house
and have a meal
you wouldn't give god a bill at the end of the day
For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind is
"It's free food"
but we simply do not price our food
We just want to provide home-styled food
to anyone without them having to worry about the money
Initially, when I first started out volunteering here
It would really make me very angry and upset
to see people giving $5 for a (buffet) meal
or even $2
or even $1
I remembered this once
This guy gave a very small amount for his meal
and a few days later
this guy came back and he was like
"I would like to give back what I owed"
It was at that point that I really thought to myself
you know, it was so easy for me to judge the person
without really understanding
what was going on in their own personal lives
I realised that it's not my job to question how much people give
Instead, my job is very simple
My job is to serve good quality food and
the money will come when it needs to come
Because you need the thosai to actually stick a little bit
and then it releases
I have been making thosai now
ever since I started in 2016
For lunch time, you can see me behind the thosai counter
making thosai
Customer: This is ghee?
Harish: Ah, yes
Harish: This is the ghee
There's no tricks
It's not like a teppanyaki bar or something like that
being at the live station helps me communicate with people
and sometimes I find that many people
Indians, especially, giving a lot of wrong information
to people who don't know much about thosai
For example, we have a special type of thosai
called Jaffna thosai
When people see yellow colour
they are like
"Oh, it must be a pesarattu or an adai"
which are actually two different styles of thosai
they don't even use rice in them
so I'm always happy to stand there and correct them
All the time
people always ask me
what am I doing with my life
and why am I working in a restaurant
but I always knew I wanted to help people
so I guess coming to Annalakshmi
and serving people this way
has just been the right fit for me
At the end of the day
there's nothing more important in life than your own peace of mind
and your own mental and personal happiness
[Chopping sounds] [Indian Instrumental Playing]
My grandmother and grandfather
were one of the first few volunteers to come in
Seeing my grandparents come here and effortlessly
serve for nearly 30 years
I kind of caught that spirit, I guess
When Annalakshmi first began
it was a group of grandmothers and mothers who came together
to help provide the recipes and to cook
When people come in and have a meal
it feels like they are being fed by a loved one
There's something really beautiful in
being able to give back
without expecting anything in return
to serve someone good food
and then they look at you and say
"Thank you so much
I've been away from home for so long
but today you helped me remember my mother."
It's because the volunteers who come here are so involved
are so passionate
that I don't think money has ever been a factor
for not just me
but for any of us who serve here in Annalakshmi


At This Buffet Restaurant, You Pay As You Wish

67 分類 收藏
Mahiro Kitauchi 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 30 日
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