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He-hey, kids!
REver wanted to live and train like a real astronaut?
Then we've got the camp for you.
The Space Cadets Experience is a week-long sleep-away camp,
where you'll learn everything about being an astronaut.
Ask your parents now if you can join the adventure.
Wow, that looks so fun.
Clyde, we have to go to this camp.
Absolutely, I'm gonna go home right now and ask my dads.
Well, after we finish the movie.
I always cry when they restore the peace crystal to Galganon.
And that's why I really wanna go to the Space Cadets Experience.
Uh, sounds great sweetie, but also kind of expensive.
But Mom, when you do the math, it's actually a great value.
Think about how much money you'll save on food while I'm gone.
So I really think this camp will be a good opportunity for me.
We're glad you're interested in trying new things honey,
and, you look so dashing in that suit.
But it's a whole week away from home, are you sure you're ready?
Yes, Dr. Lopez and I have been working on stepping outside my comfort zone."
Okay son, if you're sure you can handle it...
Well Lincoln, if you really wanna go..."
The answer is yes.
- Woohoo! - Yeah!
Cadet Lincoln, all systems are a go.
Same here, Cadet Clyde, we have lift off.
Front gate, commencing, opening sequence.
Welcome, space cadets!
My name's Tarreyn, and I'll be your camp counsellor.
Ready for your first activity?
You'll be hunting for moon rocks in real space suits.
- Moon rocks! - Space suits!
Phew, this is a lot more tiring than it looks on TV
Ahh... my inhaler!
I got it!
Alright, human gyroscopes!
Eh, just so you know, we're like pro thrill-seekers,
so don't be afraid to turn it up to 11.
This is a little more intense than I thought it'd be!
Same here! Could you please take it down to a nine?
Whoops, wrong button, sorry dudes
Where's the little astronaut's room? We'd like to freshen up.
Woah, Clyde, you gotta see this, check it out.
Wow, a real life space toilet.
- I wonder how you flush it? - Oh, I think it's this handle.
- Ah! Help, the space toilet's got me! - I got you!
It ate my loafer.
How excited are you for our first space dinner?
Maybe a little less excited now.
Well, there's no way it can taste as bad as it looks.
Wow, I was so, so wrong.
This is honestly one of the most disappointing moments in my life.
I'm having a blast. Can you believe in less than twenty-four hours,
it'll be our turn in the flight simulator?
Flight simulator? That sounds cool.
It's the most intense activity at camp.
Yeah, some kids went on it today, and three of them passed out
So hardcore, I can't wait. Eee!
Okay, there's no denying it, camp is horrible, we can't stay here.
And we definitely can't face the flight simulator.
We have to ask our parents to come and get us.
- Man, I hate these space sleeping bags. - Shh!
Hey Dads, I'm just calling to..
Hey Mom and Dad, I have something I need to tell you.
Camp is awful, I wanna come home.
Awe, I'm surprised to hear that, you sounded so excited about it.
But it sounded like something you would love.
It's just not anything like I thought it would be.
Turns out, it's not fun at all.
- I'm sorry to hear that, buddy. - It's a real shame.
But your dad and I think you need to give camp more of a chance.
You should spend more time there before giving up on it.
I'll bet if you stick it out, you might even find you like it.
I'll give it more time, night Mom and Dad.
Bye, Dads!
- Well, I'm stuck here. - Me too.
Our parents don't get how bad camp is, and it's only going to get worse.
I can't do that flight simulator, Lincoln, I won't survive it
Well, there's only one thing to do; we have to escape.
We can take a bus to Liam's and hide out in his barn for the rest of the week.
That plan's completely nuts, and I'm totally in!
The front gate's the only break in the fence; that's our way out.
- How'd you know to bring camouflage? - I pack for every occasion.
And yet I forgot my backup loafers.
Hmm, maybe it's a different button.
Whoops! Not that one
Not that one either! Turn it off! Turn it off!
Cadet Clyde, Cadet Lincoln, what's going on?
We're looking for our cabin.
Got lost on the way back from the, uh, little astronauts room.
Wow, you guys got really turned around, come on, I'll show you.
Hey Tarreyn, what's that?
That's the moon rover, you guys will get to take it for a spin on day three.
We could use that to crash through the front gate.
Here's your cabin, and a map so you don't get lost next time.
Thank you. There won't be a next time, cause we're gettin' out of here.
Dang it.
We'll be gone before anyone realizes we're missing, buckle up, Clyde.
- Floor it, Lincoln. - It's already floored.
Uh, what are you guys doing?
We... were just so excited to drive the moon rover, we couldn't wait.
I get that, but, it's the middle of the night, come on, back to your cabin.
Can you, uh, point us in the right direction? We don't have the map.
Okay, back to square one.
Hey, check out this recycling building at the edge of camp.
Wow, their commitment to recycling is very impressive.
Oh, I see, the back door lets out into the forest.
Let's go.
This is the place. We're almost free.
Hang on, I think I found the light switch.
Whoa, even the recycling building is space themed.
Welcome, to the flight simulator.
We really need to work on our map reading skills.
Let's get out of here before it starts.
Door lock, engaged. Preparing for take off, please take your seats.
Commencing countdown: three, two, one, blast off.
Your task is to safely navigate through the asteroid field,
- or your ship will be destroyed. - Ahh!
Right! Left! Right! Oh no, sharp left, sharp left!
- Ahh! - Direct Impact! Severe damage to core.
Life support system will shut down, unless it's repaired.
How are we supposed to do that?
Put on your spacesuits and exit the ship. Locate the blinking panel.
Disable it before time expires to complete the mission.
- Okay Clyde, we can do this. - 60 seconds remaining.
59, 58, 57, 56...
There it is, the control panel
20, 19, 18...
- Cadet Clyde, initiate code leapfrog! - Roger that.
3, 2, 1.
Mission accomplished, deactivating zero gravity.
Uh, can somebody help us \get down now? Please?
Huh? Oh, be right there.
The part where you leapt off the side of the ship, that was crazy!
I can't wait for tomorrow when they let us try out the jet packs.
Hey, Cadets Lincoln and Clyde,
your parents just called to say they're coming to get you.
They should be here soon. I'm so sorry camp wasn't right for you.
Awe man, I was actually starting to like it here.
Me too, but I guess we have to leave
Oh, my baby! Are you okay? We're so sorry for leaving you here!
- Hi, boys. - Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
We had a parent huddle and realized we never should have made you stay
Actually, you guys were right,
after a little more time we realized we like camp.
- We shouldn't have given up so quickly. - Yeah, and to be honest,
now we're sad to leave.
But we asked you to come, and you drove a long way to get us, so...
Sweetie, don't worry about us, if you wanna stay you can stay.
Really? Are you sure?
Yes, we're proud of you.
It seems you both learned an important lesson about sticking things out.
Plus, we passed a 24-hour pancake house
that I would not mind trying on the way back.
- That sounds mighty delish. - Awe.
Have a great rest of your week cadets, we'll see you Saturday.
Bye guys!
Dads, wait! Do you have any backup loafers?


It Speeds Up Loud House

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