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-♪ My bologna has a first name ♪
♪ It's B-U-U-R-P ♪
[burps loudly]
Hey! Hey, bananas! Whatcha doin'?
-Oh, you know. Hangin' around. Chillin' with my bud...
and wasabi with goatees!
-Wasabi with goatees in the hizzy!
-What the wha?! Goatees?
I want one! I want one!
-Yo! Oranges can't grow goatees.
-Ah, seeds.
-Yeah, good thing we've got this goatee gun.
Who wants a goatee?
-I do! I do! Hit me!
-Here's some fuzz for the fruit! [cannon fires]
-[grunts with impact]
[drum roll]
Goatee party!!!
-Yeah! -Wazzup!
-(both) Yeah! Goatees!
-Yeah! -Yeah!
-Yaaaaa-- -Yaaaaa--
-Hey!!! What is going on here?
It's 3 in the morning! I'm trying to sleep!
Why are you all screaming
and why are you wearing a goatee?
-Goatee party. -That's not a real thing.
-Sure it is. Show him, Wasabi.
-One prickly Pear coming up! [cannon fires]
[whap!] -Ah!
[drum roll]
-Yeah! -Yayayaya!
-Whoo-hoo! -Party!
-(both) Party! -[blathering]
-[laughing] -[laughs devilishly]
[siren wails] -Freeze, freeze.
Everyone freeze. -No one move.
-We've got a report of a rogue duo of wasabi
that stole the coveted goatee gun from the Hall of Hair.
-[gasps] -That's right.
And by the look of your fuzzy fruit faces,
y'all are accomplices.
-You're going away for a long time, all of ya.
-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
-(both) Oh, yeah? -(both) Yeah.
-You'll never take us alive, apples.
[cackles, cannon and guns firing]
[whap!] -Wah!
[whap! whap!] -Yay!!!
[whap!] -Aah! I got a goatee on my butt!
Get it off! Get it off!
[rapid firing continues]
[whap!] -Aah!
[whap!] -Aaah!
-I... feel... strange.
-Yeah... like... like...
-A goatee party!!!
-Yeah! -Party!
-[yells indistinctly] -[screams]
[both yelling]
-[screams] -Party!
-Eeeeeee-- -Party! Party! Party!
-[trilling tongue] -Whoo-hoo!
-Yaaa -aaaaaay!
-Goatee party!!!
-Party! -[babbling]
-Aah... -[bleats]
[cops scream]
[other react]
-Whoa. Talk about a "hairy" situation.
-Yeah. It's all fun and games until someone gets cut in half.
-Well... now what?
-Mullet party?
-Yeah! -Yeah!
[all cheering]
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煩人的橘子 芥茉羊鬍子派對 (Annoying Orange - Wasabi Goatee Party!!! (ft Wassabi Productions))

2112 分類 收藏
La Zrile Zhang 發佈於 2014 年 5 月 1 日
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