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  • chip cards.

  • Credit cards with tiny microchips have been increasingly used in the US since 2015.

  • The old type of card, which utilized a magnetic strip, was easier.

  • The hack and steal information from the chip is supposed to cut down on credit card fraud, and it has to some extent.

  • But CNN's Laurie Seagal found out how it, too, can be hacked when she spoke with employees of a company that aims to protect people and organizations from digital crime chip cards they take forever.

  • On the bright side, they're also more secure.

  • They're supposed to stop criminals from stealing our information.

  • But the very thing that makes them take longer may also make them vulnerable on an old fashioned credit card.

  • The data that's sent to the register s static.

  • It never changes on a chip card.

  • The data's randomized, which means it's only good for one transaction.

  • Normally, information that expires after just a minute would be useless.

  • But if hackers could steal it and use it all before it switches again, they're in business.

  • And new research shows that might actually be possible if hackers can crack open a store register and add something called a skimmer.

  • Maybe they're friends with the cashier.

  • Maybe they own the store themselves.

  • Whatever the case, the hackers wait for you to insert your card and then they're minute begins.

  • Here's how it works.

  • During that minute, the hacked register is stealing all of your cards information and wirelessly transmitting it to another device the hackers have set up elsewhere like a smartphone ready to make a mobile purchase Or in this case, ah, hacked a T m.

  • That's confusing the data for your physical banking card.

  • And first of all, wow, What did we do?

  • See?

  • Can you explain what just went down?

  • The date on the card is getting transmitted to a device that's inside this false front here on that, then in turn, is starting to punch in all the data 20 in the pen, asking for $200 hitting with there's little this'll robot hands that are actually putting the pin numbers.

  • In there.

  • You have the skill that enables you to hack in a team and make money just kind of flow out.

  • Yet you want to use this skill for good.

  • A lot of people wouldn't take the money and run So what is it about you that makes you want to use this power for good?

  • Mom, I like being ethical or, like, you know, like being able to go in society and, you know, not be scared of that.

  • Ever knock on the doors, You know, I'm going to the police in general.

  • I love the Internet, and I'm a big technophile.

  • I want that stuff to keep working.

  • And the only way that's gonna keep working is guys, like are working at least at pace of the bad guys.

chip cards.


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信用卡會被黑客攻擊嗎? (Can A Credit Card Be Hacked?)

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