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  • *Phone ringing*

  • Mom: Hi Honey, it's Mom.

  • Son: Hey Mom..

  • Son: I obviously know it's you, you don't have to introduce yourself every time.

  • Mom: How've you been?

  • Good Son: Fine, everything's good.

  • Real Son: Well my girlfriend dumped me and I'm hungover but I'd rather not talk about that with you.

  • Good Son: So what's been going on with you? How are things?

  • Real Son: So I'm going to act like I'm interested in what you're doing even though I couldn't care less.

  • Mom: Oh, I've been really busy! Good Son: Oh, Yea? Doing what?

  • Real Son: Can you keep talking for a few seconds so I don't have to answer anymore questions?

  • Mom: Well we hosted a dinner party and played some mah-jong, even Jean came over, you remember Jean?

  • Good Son: Yes. Real Son: Nope!

  • Mom: Her daughter is getting married this Summer, the pretty one, you remember her?

  • Good Son: Yea, her name is Emma right?

  • Real Son: Emma freaking McLain, man she was so hot!

  • Good Son: Hey Mom you know what, I gotta run.

  • Real Son: Hey Mom, I have nowhere else to be but I really want to get off the phone right now.

  • Mom: Wait! I need to talk to you about something.

  • Good Son: Sure, What's up?

  • Real Son: Oh, Shit did you finally find out about that thing?

  • Mom: Have you talked to your sister recently?

  • Good Son: A few day ago, why?

  • Real Son: If talk means texted, then yes.

  • Mom: Well she's been out of college for a year and we have no idea what she's doing. Has she told you anything?

  • Good Son: I don't know Mom, ask her.

  • Real Son: She told me not to tell you, you know that.

  • Mom: I just don't want her to end up having problems with her finances. You know, like you did.

  • Good Son: I'm fine mom.

  • Real Son: We're not talking about this again.

  • Mom: So, you got your health insurance, right?

  • Good Son: Yea...  Real Son: And there it is, the actual reason why you called.

  • Mom: Seriously, you need it. What if you got hurt?

  • Good Son: Mhmmm.. Real Son: I'll agree with anything you say just to change the topic.

  • Mom: Do you know how much you have to pay for an ambulance these days?

  • Good Son: Right... Real Son: Mom, just so you know I'm checking out of the conversation right... Now!

  • Mom: You need to be going to a doctor at least 4 times a year. Good Son: Ok.

  • Real Son: Why are we still doing this when you know I'm not listening?

  • Mom: Good, All we want is for you to be safe and happy. Good Son: I know Mom...

  • Real Son: I'm tuning back in, you're about to say something sentimental.

  • Mom: I love you! Both Sons: I love you too.

  • Mom: Okay talk to you soon.

  • *Fast-paced String orchestra*

*Phone ringing*


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你對媽媽說的話VS你的意思 (What You Say To Mom Vs What You Mean)

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