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  • Hey guys, just a quick video to show my reflections on the Airism Mask by Uniqlo.

  • So, I got this the other day, and today was the first day I really got to wear it.

  • Um, and this is basically what happens throughout the day is, you start talking and it starts to slip down on your nose.

  • So I think the most of the day it's been about here, and it kinda creeps under my chin.

  • There is a couple factors that might make this happen.

  • This is the way it kinda of should look.

  • And if you are not talking alot, it can stay pretty much right there.

  • Um, I've got a pretty high ridge, so I mean, that might be ideal.

  • But basically, it's usually about right here.

  • And, uh, I will say after full day, my ears feel great compared to lot of the homemade masks that I've used.

  • Um, I mean, it's quite comfortable, it's pretty stretchy, but it does keep it pretty tight to your face without of being, um, uncomfortable.

  • And um, this part is fine.

  • What seems to happen is because I do have some whiskers growing in, it kind of acts as Velcro to pull the mask down when you talk.

  • For example, it looks whacky.

  • Okay, so if my, my chin was totally smooth, and I talk, it might not move as much.

  • But when I'm like talking normally, um, so yeah, most of the time it actually falls down to this point.

  • So, I mean, in general I think this is quite usable.

  • I guess it's less stuffy than other masks that I've used with just regular cloth.

  • But with the Airism, it's pretty breathable.

  • It's pretty comfortable, like smooth, it's not scratchy or anything.

  • Um, but in general I could see myself using this mask.

  • I felt pretty comfortable in it.

  • And I will say that it, ah, my ears do feel relief after not having to tighten it.

  • Cause usually what happens is, um, I have to tie the band over my head and down here.

  • Instead of going around my ears, it would go up around my head, and the other one would come around at the bottom of my neck.

  • So, this is kind of a different style of than I'm used to.

  • So I recommend it.

  • Um, I don't know that this is like the coolest feeling mask that you'll have ever wear.

  • But I do think compared to like, ah, paper masks or to other cloth masks, this is gonna give you little more summer relief.

  • Um, I think the style and the look of it is great.

  • Looks quite nice.

  • Um, I did notice a little, um, strained, this right here.

  • I'm probably just gonna slip it, but they say you can get about 20 uses out of it, and you just wash it with normal detergent.

  • So, I would recommend it.

  • I'm curious tomorrow as to, you know, how will be, you know when I shave.

  • Um, you know, It could make it a little more like stationary, so my chin can just move free form and mask won't get caught on it.

  • Otherwise, I'd say it's pretty nice.

  • Feels pretty soft and, ah, pretty breathable while still feeling safe.

  • I do like how easy it is to put on.

  • I can do it with just one hand whereas my other mask, you have to pull and then like adjust the tightness of it.

  • Um, it's like draw strings, and this one is just like a band.

  • What I did notice though is if I kind of roll..

  • See this bottom part?

  • With my thumb I just kind of roll it under and it park it on my chin.

  • Then it's less likely to fall down because the Velcro of my whiskers, my chin whiskers will actually keep it from moving.

  • So, what happens is I can do all the talking that I need to, and the mask's gonna stay exactly where it needs to.

  • So, I mean this one might be the ideal way for someone with the face like mine.

  • You know, I do have quite a big nose and I also grow whiskers.

  • So that is the factor: if you have a really smooth face, you might not face this issue or if you have more flat nose, um, you might not come across this issue but..

  • So, we gotta consider these things.

  • In general, I think for most users, they are gonna enjoy it.

  • I think it's pretty comfortable, it's very affordable, three for about ten bucks.

  • And looks great.

  • And especially, you know, if I just do this little hack, especially if I sewed, if I made a hem here, so then it will stay like that

  • And then you wore it that way every single time.

  • I think this might be a better option for me, especially because it stays on the top of my nose right than here.

  • I don't know if you can see.

  • It's a little bit pink, you know?

  • And it's annoying.

  • If you are talking all day and then it keeps like drooping like this, and then every time you touch the mask you're, you know, potentially contaminating your hands with the mask and..

  • You know the whole point is to prevent contamination, so, I think this mask does a good job of that.

  • And I would say, ah, you know, out of five stars, I would say this is four stars.

  • Um, just because, you know, if they've done it Nitori mask, that would be the best than N cool.

  • But compare to other lot of masks, this has a really good performance.

  • So, I recommend it.

Hey guys, just a quick video to show my reflections on the Airism Mask by Uniqlo.


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