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  • everybody.

  • I'm Paige Braddock.

  • I work for Charles Schulz, a studio in Northern California.

  • And today I'm gonna take a few minutes and show you guys how to draw last.

  • You know, show you guys how to draw Linus Van Pelt, and we're going to start with circle for his head.

  • I'm just gonna make it really light because I'm gonna go back over it, dark in it, and then we're gonna do his body, which is really if you measure the top of his head.

  • If you measure that distance, his body is almost the same height as his head.

  • And he has a little love bread, feet front, front foot on the back foot.

  • These were in shorts.

  • Short legs.

  • Okay, so this is a shirt.

  • You're short legs.

  • Shoes.

  • Okay.

  • The band pills all have this interesting head shape.

  • Unlike Charlie Brown, just basically a circle.

  • The van pelts all have this little sort of in depth right here.

  • When their forehead comes out like this, we gotta get that line right to get the shape.

  • Curly brown.

  • Look at this.

  • We're gonna Ruffin.

  • Linus likes to suck his thumb and carry a blanket, so we're gonna rough in his arm here, Which shots always did harms online.

  • Is that almost look like a drum stick?

  • You can imagine a drumstick kind of fat of the elbow down here.

  • We're gonna put his other or this side holding like it also shaped like from stick and okay, see what we have so far.

  • Now he's gonna be holding a blanket that's gonna come up like this.

  • Has this nice point occurred?

  • Right here comes all the way down covers half his feet, drags on the ground a little bit because you have kids a little bit short.

  • So now we have all the shapes roughed in for Linus.

  • We're gonna come back and do the shape of this hit first dark in this cheek.

  • Okay, look, she's holding his hand.

  • A little bit of shirt sleeve showing right there.

  • Hear, hear.

  • Shows just a little showing their shorts.

  • It's always did a really nice loose black areas shorts, striped shirt, on starts, she laces.

  • All right, let's draw on the blanket.

  • I think Linus was one of my favorite characters because I had a little brother.

  • Also carried a blanket quite a that's showing the holes in the blanket.

  • Okay, let's draw on.

  • This is no.

  • That's kind of a middle of his head right here.

  • It's like a sideways.

  • Well, either you or sideways.

  • See, it's kind of not a completely around it.

  • It's a little bit squared off on.

  • His eyes were really close to his nose, and he has a man help purposes for his eyes.

  • Diesel now for his hair minus.

  • That's kind of messy hair, so they're kind of comes over his head.

  • Damn!

  • And then he usually has, like, one, too little stragglers like that.

  • That's lines.



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如何畫林納斯 (How to Draw Linus)

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