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  • Believers in the Lord Jesus think,

  • if their sins are forgiven once, they will gain eternal salvation,

  • and when the Lord comes,

  • they will be directly raised to the kingdom of heaven.

  • In the past, when I believed in the Lord, I thought that too.

  • But what, exactly, does it mean to believe in the Lord and be saved?

  • Does simply having our sins forgiven really qualify us to enter the kingdom of heaven?

  • Brother Xu, I admire you.

  • You really have the reality of truth.

  • You'll be allowed into the kingdom of heaven.

  • We only focus on how to solve other people's problems.

  • We supply the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to others,

  • but we don't have any experience ourselves.

  • By serving God like this,

  • it's hard for us to attain salvation and be perfected.

  • Xu Zhiqian is not here!

  • He got off lucky!

  • Take his wife for questioning!

  • Why are you arresting my mom? (Xiaoxiu!)

  • Go!

  • Bad news.

  • Brother Xu's wife was murdered by the police! (What?)

  • What? Beaten to death?

  • God!

  • All these years, we have been following You and serving You.

  • How could this happen to us?

  • When we believe in the Lord and our sins are forgiven, we are in God's presence,

  • and we suffer to serve God,

  • it doesn't mean our satanic dispositions are gone.

  • It's still in our nature to resist God.

  • Without God's judgment and chastisement, even if God forgives our sins,

  • we still belong to Satan and resist God.

  • We will never earn God's approval.

  • When trials, refinements come, I still complain and rebel against God.

  • How could I think I'd ever been saved?

  • Only after experiencing God's judgment, chastisement, trials, and refinement

  • can the sinful nature and satanic disposition rooted deep in man

  • be completely purified.

  • Only then can man earn his place in the kingdom of heaven!

Believers in the Lord Jesus think,


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教會生活電影預告片 "救贖"|真正的救贖到底是什麼? (Church Life Movie Trailer "Salvation" | What Exactly Is True Salvation)

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