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  • i need a wee wee daddy

  • Corner here, thanks, Steph

  • Hey, Mr.. Murphy, how are you? Is that frank at right? Hey Frank? How are you? How's the knee you wanna reach you right now

  • take care, okay, Brian I

  • Bought my back come on call this a pen-and-ink manicotti of paper angry with Jim. Kelly. I can't go with you carl

  • Just keep your eyes open. Do you chew off the Bible could you move on?

  • It's all right ma'am, FBI.

  • FBI!

  • Come out of the bathroom.

  • Hands on your head

  • No, that's a new ibm. Selectric put your hands on your head print type and five-second shot off out the ball what your hands?

  • Okay, you know it's got over 200 checks your head in on your hair drastic

  • See that little payroll envelo to gas so put it down

  • Relax

  • You're late, all right

  • my name is Alan Barry Allen Mattad States secret service your boy just tried to

  • Jump out the window my partner has them in custody. I don't know what you're talking about

  • What you think the FBI are the only ones on this guy? I mean come on come on

  • He's dabbling in government checks here and following a secret trail in the special month left

  • You mind taking that gun out of my face, please really makes me nervous. We see some credentials

  • Yeah, sure

  • Take my whole wallet you want my gun too. Come over here. Take my gun

  • Hey, hey look just do me a favor. Take a look outside

  • Look look out the window my partner's walking into the car as we speak look

  • Old Graham was pissed in his pants when I came to the door. He jumped right through the window onto the hood of my car

  • Hey, Murph yeah, call the lapd again. I don't want people walking through my crime scene I

  • Didn't expect the secret service on it

  • Don't worry about it. Well. What's your name?

  • Andres

  • Ciao

  • Laughs I see some identification

  • Never can be too careful these days oh

  • Tough luck carl five minutes earlier, you would have landed yourself a pretty good collar turn ten seconds late, and you'd have been shot

  • Mind if I come downstairs where the I got to take a look at this guy?

  • Sure thing just do me a favor and sit tight for a second while I get this evidence downstairs

  • You know I don't want some maid walking through here and making the bed lapd should be here any sec wait

  • Wallet you hang on to it for a minute? I trust you oh

  • ah oh

i need a wee wee daddy


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