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  • I'm Christina Farr. I'm a technology reporter with CNBC and in my job I use a

  • lot of social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. But in my personal life, I

  • was all over Facebook and Instagram. It was just getting a little bit out of control.

  • So with everything going on in the news, with Facebook and all these privacy

  • scandals, it was a ready top of mind for me that I should take break. And I

  • approached my boyfriend about this in the summer and we decided actually that

  • we would do it together. We deleted Facebook and Instagram from our phones

  • and haven't logged in since. When I first got off social media, I found myself just

  • going to browser's randomly throughout the day and sometimes I would even just

  • type in the letter F, which was just bizarre because I had no intention

  • really of ever being on Facebook. But it was this this programmed behavior. But it

  • only really took me two weeks before I found myself letting go of the urg

  • turn to social media during my downtime. But we did have this weird moment on

  • social media when my boyfriend and I were traveling the summer in Greece and

  • Turkey. So we went to this island called Santorini, which is really beautiful and

  • it's famous for its sunsets. And around has 6 or 7, we just saw thrones of

  • people kind of waiting to capture the perfect selfie. They all had their

  • smartphones out and finally when the sunset hit, I think we were sort of alone

  • and really just sort of enjoying it without needing to see it through it lens.

  • So without the pressure to craft the perfect Instagram post, we ended up

  • taking a lot fewer photos on this vacation and just being more present in

  • what we were doing. But there were a few people that we wanted to connect with.

  • So we texted them a couple pictures and we just said thinking of you we missed you

  • and got back some really sweet responses. And then when we got home we took a

  • collection and we turned it into a photo album just for us. For me, it was just a

  • really positive experience to take a break from social media. When I would be

  • on Facebook and Instagram all the time, I just would constantly see these amazing

  • vacation pictures and people getting married and having babies and just

  • somehow doing all of that and excelling in their careers and it just always felt

  • like I was falling behind. Without the constant stream of updates about my

  • friends, I find myself feeling less anxious about my own life. And I've

  • gotten better at just relaxing in those moments where I would have been looking

  • at Instagram. So now I'll look out the window, I'll make like eye

  • contacts and smile at someone. But social media sites haven't given up on me.

  • I've been getting just so many annoying emails from Facebook telling me

  • that some random person has liked some other random person status and they've

  • been coming and I'm more frequently than longer I've been off. So I think it's

  • just coming across as a bit desperate. However, there are a few drawbacks to

  • being off of these apps. One is that I almost certainly missed a few events

  • just not seeing them on Facebook. And I may have missed a few life moments from

  • people that I do care about but I'm just not that close with anymore. But overall

  • this has just been a great break for me. So good in fact that I might never get

  • back on Facebook or Instagram. But if I did start using social media again, I

  • would make sure that I wasn't doing any of this infinite scrolling behavior and

  • maybe just check once or twice a week. Ultimately, I want to be in control of

  • how I use social media and I don't want social media to control me.

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I'm Christina Farr. I'm a technology reporter with CNBC and in my job I use a


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為什麼戒掉Facebook和Instagram讓我更快樂? (Why Quitting Facebook And Instagram Made Me Happier)

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