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  • hate to be fans.

  • I'm page sporadic.

  • I worked Charles Schulz, a studio in Northern California, and I thought it be fun today.

  • While we're at home, we drop some comics.

  • Okay, let's draw Snoopy.

  • We're gonna dio a circle first.

  • This is the back of his head, and then we're gonna dio another circle that overlaps.

  • This is the front of his head.

  • And then we're gonna dio a little kind of teardrop shape for his body.

  • And he's sitting on the dog house because that's what she likes to do.

  • We're gonna do his feet, which are ovals.

  • That comes slant backwards just a little bit.

  • That's a front foot on a back foot.

  • All right, That's the basic shape of Snoopy.

  • Now, I drew these lines lighter so I can go back over them and make them darker.

  • So we're gonna dio Snoopy's head shape on his neck, the back of his head comes down and makes his ear and this is his neck a little bit too far on that.

  • Make that a little darker.

  • Okay, He's sitting on the doghouse, going dark in this line up just a little bit.

  • You're just tail little drop shadow.

  • One foot.

  • He's got short, stubby legs and big feet hall lines.

  • Paul lines.

  • There's his arm.

  • He's got a little back spot.

  • He has a caller.

  • All right.

  • Now, Schultz always did He really nice, loose, dark lines for his here and left little like white highlights there.

  • And then we're gonna put his eyes kind of, you know, his head highbrows All right.

  • Like his nose needs to come in a little bit more right there.

  • We're gonna come down with a dark house.

hate to be fans.


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如何畫史努比 (How to Draw Snoopy)

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