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  • the patient is a 42-year-old man over the past year

  • he has suffered from increasing weakness and numbness in his legs and arms

  • a neurological examination confirms a cervical myelopathy

  • x-rays revealing unstable ass who don't already a malformation

  • the goal that the surgery is to achieve stabilize a shin and fusion

  • if the Atlanta axial segment a C-1 lateral mass

  • and sea tu parle screw fixation construct will be performed

  • because of the delicate trajectory the vertebral artery

  • the screws are inserted under 3d fluoroscopic navigation

  • in order to achieve optimal and save screw placement

  • and to reduce radiation exposure to the surgical team

  • the midline occipital cervical incision is performed

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  • exposed with this issue 1

  • arch here and is she to

  • vertebra you can see the joint between c2 and c3

  • the parse here on the left side

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  • are acquirer you can see

  • the images year for the country were two runs on trim

  • and a pointer is calibrated

  • and used to similar way

  • the placement of the screws bear or productively so using the pointer

  • on the right side lateral mass

  • of issue 1 you can determine

  • the depp's trajectory and point of entry

  • of your emblems here on

  • the left side and the

  • point of entry is marked using a drill

  • same procedure for the parcels

  • she drew on the left side the four points

  • are martin C one and she did you here you can

  • precisely defined a trajectory and the depths of your implant

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the patient is a 42-year-old man over the past year


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基於三維透視導航的寰樞椎融合術輔助治療 (Atlantoaxial fusion assisted by 3D fluoroscopy-based navigation)

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