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  • Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel.


  • My name is Charlotte. Today, in this episode ofTaiwan Global News


  • I am going to talk about an article that was published on the 7th of June in the Taipei Times.


  • The title of the article is: “Human rights museum has been granted German award”.


  • This article mentions a human rights museum. I have never been there, but I think it is located in New Taipei City.


  • The museum, established on October 19, 2011, features the hidden history of abuses, while promoting human rights and democracy.”


  • I have no idea if you have ever been there, but this is the museum we are going to talk about today.


  • Human Rights Museum granted German award - Taipei Times

    人權博物館獲德國獎 - 台北時報

  • Once again, the article is long. I will link it down in the description so you can read the whole article if you want.


  • I will be reading some parts to you that I personally found interesting.


  • The National Human Rights Museum won a Special Award for advancing education on human rights and democracy


  • as part of this year's Karl Wilhelm Fricke Award, the museum announced on Thursday.

    為今年 Karl Wilhelm Fricke 獎的一部分,博物館於週四宣布獲獎。

  • The award - named for a German political journalist who dedicated his life to resisting state repression


  • serves to recognize people or organizations that have made a significant contribution to transitional justice.


  • Representative to Germany Shieh Jhy-wey (謝志偉) on Wednesday received the award,

    駐德代表謝志偉(Shieh Jhy-wey)於週三受獎,

  • presented by foundation managing director Anna Kaminsky, on behalf of the museum at his office in Berlin, the museum said in a statement.

    博物館在聲明中說,獎項由基金會常務理事 Anna Kaminsky 頒發,由謝志偉代表領取。

  • Kaminsky called Taiwan a strong and important partner for Germany in transitional justice

    Kaminsky 稱台灣為德國在轉型正義中的強大而重要的伙伴

  • and said that the two nations have much to learn from each other,


  • even though the dictatorships they experienced were quite different, the museum said.


  • Shieh added that the award sends a strong signal to the world, as it was presented on the eve of the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the museum said.”


  • This was a part of the article.


  • I think it is interesting and beautiful that there are organizations in place that recognise places that educate and improve human rights all over the world.


  • I think it is important that the efforts of this Taiwanese museum are recognized, as they are doing such a good job.


  • After reading this article, I am so curious to see that museum.


  • I don't know about youHave you ever been there before? Have you heard about it?


  • I personally hadn't heard about it yet, but it must be a famous place in Taiwan, right?


  • I am excited to go there! Whenever I go back to Taiwan, I should definitely go and take a look at this awesome museum.


  • It is time to read some of your comments on previous episode ofTaiwan Global News”.


  • That was the oneTaiwan supports Hong Kong”. Let's take a look at the comments.


  • Jacks98 saysPineapple cake :) I come from Hong Kong, thank you for talking about it. Have a nice day!”

    Jacks98 說:“鳳梨酥 :) 我來自香港,謝謝妳討論這議題。 祝妳有個愉快的一天!”

  • Have a nice day too Jacks! Thank you for watching my channel all the way from Hong Kong!

    祝您有美好的一天 Jacks!感謝您從香港遠道收看我的頻道!

  • Here we have another comment:


  • Finally find a channel that I can practice my English while watching videos.


  • After watching your video on MEDIA Taiwan I decided to subscribe to you (I'm Taiwanese by the way)”

    在 MEDIA Taiwan 看到妳的影片後,我決定訂閱妳的頻道(我是台灣人)”

  • Thank you so much, a new subscriber on my channel!


  • I'm super happy to have you here. I welcome you with open arms.


  • It always makes me happy when I hear that subscribers practice their English listening skills with my videos.


  • I know that my English is not perfect. (it is my third language)

    我知道我的英語並不完美。 (這是我的第三種語言)

  • Since English is not my native language, I know how hard it is sometimes to understand native speakers


  • I try my best to talk as clearly as I can. I really appreciate it if you practice English with my videos!


  • We already arrived at the end of this video. I hope you enjoyed!


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  • It has been a while since I have smelled any stinky tofu. I am not going to lie: I don't miss the smell!


  • But I do miss the taste! That was delicious.


  • Anyway


  • Thank you so much for watching.


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  • Bye bye ~


Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel.



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臺灣人權博物館獲德國獎 (Taiwanese human rights museum receives German award)

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