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  • - Hi, my name is Amelia Singer,

  • and I'm a wine expert, TV presenter on the Wine Show,

  • and I run my own wine-tasting

  • and consultancy business, Amelia's Wine.

  • You can still find bargains with wine in supermarkets,

  • however, the best bargains are always gonna be

  • from lesser-known regions and lesser-known grapes.

  • So instead of maybe going for that Sancerre,

  • which is Sauvignon Blanc grape from Loire valley,

  • go for that Touraine, which is actually two kilometers away

  • from Sancerre, made from Sauvignon Blanc,

  • but no one really knows what it is.

  • Or, go for something like the Malvasia grape,

  • which is awesome, if you really like Pinot Grigio,

  • or you like, kind of aromatic whites,

  • go for Malvasia, from Central Europe and Eastern Europe,

  • because no one really thinks about buying from there,

  • and yet they've got fantastic climate,

  • and it's normally pretty consistent.

  • And it's all a really good value,

  • because no one thinks of it.

  • In terms of getting value for money,

  • unfortunately, you get what you pay for,

  • which sounds really obvious, but there's a lot of things

  • which go into the price of a wine once it hits

  • the supermarket shelves.

  • So, what you have to think about is,

  • money will have been spent on logistics,

  • packaging, excise duty, and so therefore,

  • a £5.49 bottle of wine,

  • which is roughly the average price,

  • what the average person spends in a supermarket,

  • only 60p of that bottle will be spent on wine.

  • However, it's amazing how if you go up to

  • £10, already, you're gonna get

  • about £2.76 worth of wine.

  • That's actually money spent on the juice of that wine,

  • besides all the other stuff.

  • And then, if you go up to £20,

  • you'll spend about £7.40,

  • so even though you're going four times in value

  • of the five pounds, you're getting 19's worth

  • increase in terms of quality, which is quite interesting.

  • So, definitely that is useful to keep in mind.

  • I'd also say look for wine buyer's choice,

  • a bit like when you go to a bookstore,

  • and you go to Waterstones, and they have

  • their staff recommendations.

  • If you go into somewhere like a Waitrose, or wherever,

  • and they say buyer's choice, that will tend to be,

  • or have to be good quality,

  • because it's the buyer putting their name to it.

  • And it also is good if you want to try something

  • a bit different, because they're trying to guide people

  • to try either a new region or a new grape.

  • So therefore, you tend to be getting really good value

  • for money, and you can discover something really exciting.

  • Also, supermarkets' own, you can also find good value for.

  • There was a time when supermarkets would have multiple,

  • multiple amounts of these, but now,

  • the general trend is to have less of them,

  • but make them really good quality.

  • Because it's a bit like a house wine

  • when you go into a restaurant.

  • They, again, are putting their name to that house wine.

  • So they want it to be of a certain standard,

  • it definitely has to be well made,

  • even if it's not going to completely blow your mind.

- Hi, my name is Amelia Singer,


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