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This is a serious issue and obviously everybody has an opinion about it, so we sent our writer, Arthur, down to the streets here in New York and hear out what the people think.
The only catch was they had to dance the entire time they answered the question.
(audience laughs)
We call it "Questions and Danswers".
Take a look.
Questions & Danswers
What do you think of Congress voting against equal pay for women?
I think if a woman can do exactly what a man can do, then she should be paid the same money as he!
You know, I think that's really unfair as women are paid about 70 cents on the dollar compared to men.
And that shouldn't be a thing because they're doing just as much work.
I think it's outrageous.
I think that they should get the same amount of pay as the men do.
And why wouldn't they?
They work just as hard, if not... harder!
I think that's atrocious.
Women can do everything men can do.
We should be paid the same amount of money.
If they're doing the same job, then they should be paid the same amount.
Makes sense to me.
And, uh, I think my wife would agree.
I think it's wrong and I think women should be paid exactly the same as men.
Exactly the same!
Exactly the--
Exactly the same!
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女人的薪水不應該比男人差 (Questions and Danswers: Equal Pay for Women)

55089 分類 收藏
Halu Hsieh 發佈於 2017 年 10 月 13 日    Paris 翻譯    林筠 審核
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