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I can't breathe.
The people united!
In the US black Americans are killed
at higher population-adjusted rates than white people are.
If you're black and you're unarmed,
you're three and a half times more
likely to be killed by police than if you're white
and you're unarmed.
In 2013 the Black Lives Matter movement started.
And that year 291 people were killed by police.
In 2019 police killed 259 black Americans,
which is a minor decline in the seven years
since the movement began.
Violent crime rates don't predict
which cities are most likely to have police killings.
According to the Stanford Open Policing Project
black motorists are more likely to be stopped
and searched by police than white motorists are.
And many studies have shown that black defendants are
more likely to be charged and convicted
with capital-eligible crimes than white defendants are.
This leads to a higher rate of incarceration
for the black population.
In 2018 they comprised 33 per cent of those imprisoned,
yet only 13 per cent of the total population.
Over a 10-year period starting in 1995,
black Americans represented 36 per cent of all drug arrests
and 46 per cent of all drug convictions
despite being only 13 per cent of drug users.
Several police precincts have been
investigated by the Department of Justice
and found to be violating the equal rights
of African-Americans, including New York City,
with its stop and frisk policy, as well as Ferguson, Missouri,
which used arrests and violations to pad the city's
budgets at the expense of black Americans.



21 分類 收藏
洪子雯 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 12 日
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