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  • hi guys today we're making Japanese Strawberry shortcake the first time I

  • saw this cake I was just struck by beauty it's gorgeous

  • this cake is unlike any strawberry cake you might have had and what makes it so

  • special and different is the fluffiness of the sponge combined with the soft

  • whipped cream which goes perfectly with the fresh strawberries it's a delicate

  • beautiful delicious cake guys perfect for any occasion then we're going to

  • start by making the sponge to my egg whites I've added a bit of lemon juice

  • which along with the sugar will help stabilize the egg whites and give

  • structure to our meringue once the eggs start to become foamy you can start

  • gradually adding the sugar we're making a sponge cake today so it's really

  • important we incorporate lots of air into the egg whites because the cake

  • will get its lift from this meringue if you're new to my channel make sure to

  • subscribe and click that bow I post new videos every week once you reach stiff

  • peaks set the meringue to the side for a moment and in this other bowl I have the

  • egg yolks and vanilla now this isn't necessary but I do like

  • to be my egg yolks to lighten them in color so we can a beautiful subtle pale

  • golden sponge for those of you wondering I have made this cake with just the egg

  • whites I personally didn't like it there's no contrast with the cream so I

  • do think just using less egg yolks and whipping them gives us cake that

  • beautiful color I've added the milk and melted butter which we'll stop in our

  • sponge and then you can mix in the dry ingredients it's crucial for sponge

  • cakes to not over mix the dry ingredients because of the low fat

  • content these cakes huh I have an entire video dedicated to

  • cake science so if you're interested just check the description box for the

  • link add some dollops of the meringue to the cake batter to loosen it so we want

  • this to be a soft consistency so when you fold in the rest of your egg whites

  • you can incorporate them without using too much pressure and keep lots of air

  • and then they sir divide this beautiful cake batter

  • into bands buttered floured and lined with parchment paper you can use a

  • spatula you know to even everything out and you're going to bake the cakes in a

  • preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for around 20 to 22

  • minutes do the toothpick test if it comes out clean the cakes are ready

  • you'll notice these cakes pull away from the sides very easily and I love this

  • cake because it bakes flats with no caramelization allow the cakes to cool

  • for five minutes and then take them out of their pants and let them cool

  • completely before you assemble the cake now this cake wants a soft whipped cream

  • this can be quite tricky and you do need to work fast especially if you're

  • assembling this cake on a hot day however if you don't feel comfortable

  • using straight-up whipped cream I got you covered in the

  • description box you'll find two options one of which is definitely a sturdier

  • whipped cream out of your Sidley sliced strawberries and at this point you may

  • be thinking that's not a lot of strawberries for a strawberry cake but

  • this is a strawberry shortcake and I do think the beauty of this cake is that

  • delicate strawberry flavor however if you want a deeper strawberry flavor I do

  • have another strawberry cake on the channel with a strawberry caramel it's

  • just as delicious and I'll leave a link to that video you're going to top this

  • with more whipped cream the other cake sponge and again more cream now this is

  • a refrigerated cake because of the fresh fruit and the cream so once you've

  • assembled this you're going to cover it and pop it in the fridge for at least 2

  • hours and it will also be easier to cut you're going to trim all four sides of

  • the cake to reveal those beautiful layers and because this is youtube and

  • nothing is ever implied hull cake scraps we're saved and eaten top the cake with

  • more fresh strawberries and the cake is ready to serve and enjoy I love the look

  • of this cake guys not only do I think it's beautiful

  • but it also stands out among the more traditional strawberry cakes the

  • softness of the sponge is incredible it's almost like eating a fluffy cloud

  • with cream and strawberries the cake is just delicious if you want to give your

  • strawberry cake this year a different look and a unique and amazing texture

  • make this cake

hi guys today we're making Japanese Strawberry shortcake the first time I


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蓬鬆的日本草莓酥餅食譜 - 日本草莓蛋糕。 (Fluffy Japanese Strawberry Shortcake Recipe - Japanese Strawberry Cake)

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