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  • [Seventeen MYMY]

  • I think that's what SEVENTEEN's dream is.

  • That's actually a boat, right?

  • But it's a boat that flies across the sky.

  • When we think of a boat, we usually think of one that's sailing across the ocean.

  • But the theme of this MV is that we're sailing across the enormous sky altogether,

  • And it represents how we work hard and move forward towards our dreams and goals.

  • When I look at this boat, I feel like

  • We have to go farther instead of going higher.

  • Since the boat is in the sky, it's already up high.

  • So for me, the meaning of this boat is that our goal is to look farther and go farther.

  • We're heading towards North now.

  • You're heading North?

  • I'm going up.

  • - Oh you're going up? - Yeah.

  • - We're going up like this now. - Yeah, like that.

  • Actually, our goal is... Hmm..

  • It's hard to say there's like a definite goal.

  • - Because our goal keeps changing. - Right.

  • - I think the person that you go with is more important than going alone. - Yeah.

  • I think it's kind of like

  • A journey towards our goal.

  • A goal that SEVENTEEN dreams of,

  • A journey of the things we dream of.

  • The journey on the way to reaching our goal?

  • And I think our friendship is a part of it too.

  • How we enjoy each other's company along the way.

  • - I think the person that you go with is more important than going alone. - Yeah.

  • I think this is really wonderful.

  • Because...

  • Before our debut, we didn't know if we would succeed. But we succeeded, which is amazing.

  • I believe that we all think that

  • Taking a single step forward altogether, the 13 of us, is more meaningful

  • Than taking more steps forward or going faster by oneself.

  • Just being together with each other is really meaningful and important for us.

  • [헹가래[Heng:garæ] SEVENTEEN 7TH MINI ALBUM]

[Seventeen MYMY]


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SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) '헹가래' 預告片:旅途中的場景 "P" (SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) '헹가래' Trailer : A Scene of the Journey "P")

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