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  • After a week of viral clips and promo across social media, Drake finally dropped his newest

  • dance track, “Toosie Slide.”

  • TOOSIE: He sent me an idea like, "Oh I came up with this idea, I got this song. See if you can

  • come up with a dance to it. We sent it back so quick, within like 45, 50 minutes.

  • That's what shocked him. Like what? When he seen it, he fell in love with it. He's like, Yo this is it.

  • That's Toosie, one of the four dancers featured

  • in a viral dance clip, along with Ayo, Teo and Key.

  • The four of them spoke with Genius News about the process of making up the dance

  • They all began as viral dance stars on Instagram, and now they're responsible for helping

  • Drake's newest song go viral before it was even released.

  • The version he sent versus the final version

  • was totally different. The song wasn't finished.

  • It had one verse.

  • And it wasn't Toosie Slide, wasn't none of that. So when he sent that back, we like,

  • "Whoa.” Toosie had previously gone on tour with Drake

  • and Future for the Summer Sixteen tour. But now he and his friends are back in the spotlight

  • with Drake after a clip of the four of them dancing to the unreleased version of the song

  • went viral. “Toosie Slideis just another song in

  • Drake's recent arsenal of songs-turned dance challenges, includingNonstopandIn

  • My Feelings.”

  • Many have applauded the rapper for thinking in terms of virality first, and Drake even

  • jokingly mentioned and possibly teased this Tik Tok approach earlier this year in the

  • music video for Lil Yachty's songOprah's Bank Account.”

  • Drake: I love all the little diddys, all the little jingles that the kids are doing on

  • their Soundcloud or or the other thing

  • Yachty: Tok take? Drake: That's right.

  • And according to Toosie and the crew, going viral online could be the new way to go.

  • From the beginning, when we were just making dance videos back years ago we were doing

  • it for fun, we were accidentally breaking these records. They were like, "Wow, every

  • time they dance to my song, it goes up." So people started to catch on to that like, "When

  • kids dance to the record and it goes viral and everyone's making a dance video to the song it blows up.

  • And for them, “Toosie Slidewas something

  • This is one of them ones you could hear it 30 years from now and still get the groove

  • in. I'm dancing to this at my wedding.

  • The track, produced by OZ, has Drake flexing in typical-Drizzy fashion, and it's his latest in the line of surprise drops in 2020.

  • In the music video, we see Drake hit theToosie Slide” a few times while walking through

  • his massive brand new mansion, similar to his video forWhen to Say When & Chicago

  • Freestyle." With the popularity of the song and the dance

  • growing more and more each day, Toosie, Ayo, Teo & Key are all excited for an amazing opportunity.

  • People who've been waiting for a long time for something like this to happen, like the

  • whole dance culture and community, they're all the way behind us because finally we're

  • getting our shine. Finally we going to get our recognition and this could open up doors

  • for other dancers that's doing what we doing. TIA: And they even managed to give us a lil tutorial.

  • If you wanna learn more aboutToosie Slide,” check out the song page on

  • What the fuck are you doing? We gotta hit it before its time! Are you tryna be famous or not?

After a week of viral clips and promo across social media, Drake finally dropped his newest


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