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  • well guys this is Welsh town number three for us we sure are on a roll we're

    大家好,這是威爾士鎮的號碼 對我們來說,三個我們肯定在滾

  • not even Welsh I know why are these people gonna have

    甚至沒有威爾士人 我知道這些人為什麼會有

  • we're gonna have another one to visit next week - oh yeah poor San but yeah

    我們將要去另一個 下週-哦,是的,可憐的San,但是,是的

  • this place is probably the most remote of them all the Dolavon Dolavon or in

    這個地方可能是最偏遠的 其中所有都屬於Dolavon Dolavon或

  • Spanish Dolavon eleven um yeah it's even smaller than Gaiman yep we're

    西班牙的Dolavon 11嗯是的 甚至比蓋曼是的小

  • seeing lots of like red brick buildings they have these water mills along the

    看到很多像紅磚建築 他們沿著這些水磨坊

  • river so yeah we're very keen to check it out

    河,是的,我們非常願意檢查 出來

  • gonna be a fun day another day trip we're just gonna walk around grab a

    另一天旅行會很有趣 我們只是要四處走走

  • little bite to eat and see what kind of adventures we can find in this small

    吃點東西,看看是什麼樣的 我們可以在這個小地方找到的冒險

  • town Dolavon is a small town in the province of Chubut and it's name

    多拉旺(Dolavon)鎮是 丘布特省及其名稱

  • translates to meadow on the river the town was officially founded in 1919 and

    轉化為河上的草地 小鎮於1919年正式成立,

  • though various European nationality settled the area the majority were the

    儘管有各種歐洲國籍 定居地區大多數是

  • descendants of the first Welsh settlers who arrived in 1865 since we were

    第一批威爾士定居者的後代 自1865年以來,

  • already on a roll visiting Welsh towns across Patagonia we decided to check

    已經捲入威爾士城鎮 我們決定檢查整個巴塔哥尼亞

  • this one out as well okay so we just finished visiting the info centre in Dolavon and

    這個也好,所以我們只是 完成了訪問Dolavon的信息中心並

  • got some ideas of what we can do around town today we did learn that most

    對我們可以做什麼有一些想法 今天的小鎮,我們確實了解到最多

  • restaurants are not open on a Monday or a Tuesday

    週一或週一餐廳不營業 一個星期二

  • today's a Monday so the restaurants we had plotted won't be an option today but

    今天是星期一,所以餐館 今天繪製將不是一個選擇,但

  • she told us about a berry de in a camping site that's a pretty cool spot

    她告訴我們關於漿果中的漿果 露營地,這是一個很酷的地方

  • for food so that's where we're headed next

    為了食物 所以這就是我們下一步要去的地方

  • lunchtime so we are walking to the camping site it was just three blocks

    午餐時間,所以我們要走到 露營地只有三個街區

  • away not too too far small little town we are so ready for food well guys we

    距離不太遠的小鎮 我們已經為食物好男人做好了準備

  • made it to sabores the Nevada flavors of the valley it's the only restaurant

    使內華達州的口味 山谷是唯一的餐廳

  • available we're not gonna be sampling any of the flavors because it's close

    可用,我們將不取樣 任何一種口味,因為它很接近

  • no sign of activity inside even can look into the kitchen yeah I mean the quest

    甚至看不到裡面有活動的跡象 進入廚房是的,我的意思是

  • for food continues we're not gonna give up we will find somewhere we will find

    為了食物繼續我們不會給 向上,我們會發現某個地方,我們會找到

  • something I mean we saw a bar maybe like the bar we'll have a little snack yeah I

    我的意思是我們看到一個酒吧可能像 酒吧,我們要吃點零食,是的,我

  • mean we're gonna grab a bite the idea really is to show the town of Dolavon so we got

    意味著我們要抓住一個主意 真的是為了展示多拉文鎮,所以我們得到了

  • needed a little bit of food in us and then life in Ruston is and then we'll

    我們需要一點食物 然後在魯斯頓生活,然後我們將

  • get going with the town town to her we walked up down and around and eventually

    和她一起去城鎮 走來走去,最終

  • stumble upon this little eatery it was a local spot with mainly fast food on the

    偶然發現了這家小餐館 當地景點,主要是快餐

  • menu but at this point we weren't being choosy all right guys we found a place

    菜單,但目前我們還沒有 選擇好了的傢伙,我們找到了地方

  • that's open actual on glass and we got empanadas we've got ham and cheese baked

    這是在玻璃上實際打開的,我們得到了 我們已經烤了火腿和奶酪的肉餡捲心菜

  • and grown beef fried you haven't had fried infant us in a while some fries

    還沒有炒牛肉 炸嬰兒一段時間我們炸薯條

  • yeah and this place also just pizzas and other things but we've been having a lot

    是的,這個地方也只是披薩和 其他的事情,但是我們已經有很多

  • of petroleum so we're like well after that cheese a bit good so juicy inside

    石油,所以我們過得很好 裡面的奶酪好多汁

  • the fried ones are always with the taste


  • going on awesome super happy to found a place

    超級棒的發現 地點

  • all right time to try the ham and cheese once these are the what the hell horn oh

    正確的時間嘗試火腿和奶酪 一旦這些是地獄的號角哦

  • the big ones I don't know no that's


  • loaded with cheese look at that cheese bubbles I press down on it they're so

    滿滿的奶酪看看那個奶酪 我按下氣泡,它們是如此

  • cute it is their specialty prefer today is more of a quick fast foodie meal yeah

    可愛,這是他們今天的特色菜 更像是一頓快餐

  • all the restaurants the nice thing about this too is that it gives us more time

    所有餐廳的好處 這也給我們更多時間

  • to see the town instead of spending spending the day having lunch

    去看城鎮而不是花錢 花一天的時間吃午飯

  • man those empanadas were good rides are tasty to you but there's some of the

    男人那些肉餡捲餅是很好的遊樂設施 對你來說很美味,但有些

  • best empanadas we've had on a trip so far they've been that good ingredients

    我們旅行過的最好的肉餡捲餅 到目前為止,他們一直是很好的食材

  • yum yum hey bad well let me Oh certainly hit the spot it was so cheap - how much

    嗯嗯不好好讓我喔 到現場那真是太便宜了-多少錢

  • like four dollars and seventy five cents so we got four empanadas fries and a

    像是四元七十五美分 所以我們吃了四個炸肉排和一個

  • soda water absolutely go that's amazing and the quality was so good so if you

    蘇打水絕對是驚人的 而且質量很好,所以如果你

  • guys are wandering in town and you're looking for a place for it a good quick

    傢伙在城裡閒逛,而你 為它尋找一個好地方

  • bite pop into there yeah it's called

    咬 彈出那裡是的,這叫做

  • lightning bolt the living bolt there you go

    閃電那裡的活動螺栓 走

  • we are going to stop and admire the water wheels yes for your viewing

    我們將停下來欣賞 水車是您的觀賞

  • pleasure they're all along this walkway along the water where there's water

    很高興他們一直在這個人行道上 沿著有水的地方

  • there's water water there's a water wheel let's see how they work

    有水有水 輪讓我們看看它們如何工作

  • you want to say hello don't you after a quick lunch we walked back to the

    你想打個招呼你好嗎 快速午餐我們回到了

  • tourist office in Dolavon where we had been told there's a small museum with an exhibit

    有人告訴我們多拉蓬旅遊局 有一個小博物館,裡面有展覽

  • about the old railway station but guess what this is Argentina so it was already

    關於舊火車站,但你猜 這是阿根廷什麼,所以已經

  • siesta time and the place was closed for the afternoon we really should know

    午休時間和地方被關閉 下午我們真的應該知道

  • better by now so it was back to random wandering

    現在更好 所以回到隨機遊蕩

  • across town got a cool little Park here for children with dinosaurs and all

    整個城鎮都有一個很酷的小公園 適用於恐龍等所有兒童

  • sorts of prehistoric creatures like a mammoth lots of dinosaur bones have been

    各種史前生物,例如 大量的猛mm象恐龍骨骼

  • found here in Patagonia there's a big dinosaur museum in Vallejo so it kind of

    在巴塔哥尼亞發現這裡有一個很大的 瓦列霍的恐龍博物館,所以

  • makes sense to be seeing lots of dinos with a bat friendly manner

    看到很多恐龍很有意義 以蝙蝠友好的方式

  • so we've been wandering around for a bit what have you learned about the town so

    所以我們已經徘徊了一段時間 你對這個鎮有什麼了解

  • far all right so this town's claim to fame is its mill it's flour mill which

    很好,所以這個小鎮聲稱 名氣就是它的麵粉廠

  • was the first one to be built in the area and the mill was in operation until

    是第一個在 區域和工廠一直運轉到

  • 1940 and now it's a museum and restaurant well let's be open on a

    1940年,現在是博物館, 餐廳很好,讓我們在

  • Monday thank you thank you but we're gonna walk on over there and see so this

    星期一,謝謝,謝謝,但是我們 要走到那邊去看看

  • is the restaurant we already knew the restaurant who would be closed but we

    是我們已經知道的餐廳 餐廳誰將關閉,但我們

  • were hoping maybe the mill and the museum would be open that is not the

    希望工廠和 博物館將是開放的,不是

  • case we'll make use of our zoom lenses and give you guys a close-up a peek in

    情況下,我們將使用我們的變焦鏡頭 並給大家一個特寫鏡頭

  • through the gate behind


  • we are now waiting for the town's museums to open one thing we didn't

    我們現在正在等待小鎮的 博物館打開一件事我們沒有

  • realize is that museum also closes for siesta time so we decided to go have

    意識到博物館也關門了 午休時間,所以我們決定去

  • lunch and now that the lunch hour is over a lot of places have shut down till

    午餐,現在午餐時間是 很多地方都關門了

  • 4 or 5 o'clock what do we do we do not know what to do

    4點或5點我們該怎麼做 知道要做什麼

  • so just walking around town we've friended some dogs I mean this isn't a

    所以我們在城裡走走 與一些狗交朋友,我的意思是這不是

  • very big town to begin with so we retrace their steps over and over again

    首先是非常大的城鎮 一遍又一遍地追溯他們的腳步

  • at one point we even walked into a little corner store to see if they had

    在某一時刻,我們甚至走進了 小角商店看他們是否有

  • any suggestions for too long tourists they gave us directions to Cafe and

    對於過長的遊客的任何建議 他們給我們指示去咖啡廳

  • Bakery but guess what that too was closed and that is exactly how we ended

    麵包店,但你猜也是什麼 關閉,這正是我們結束的方式

  • up hanging out at a gas station yes a gas station we are at a gas station

    在加油站閒逛是 我們在加油站

  • riveting stuff guys it's the really the only thing that's open so we we followed

    鉚釘的傢伙,這是真的 唯一打開的東西,所以我們跟隨

  • a couple leads to some cafes that were suggested as potentially open we either

    一對夫婦導致一些咖啡館 建議可能開放

  • couldn't find them or they were closed and there's a couple of bakeries that

    找不到它們,或者它們已關閉 還有幾家麵包店

  • may open again it like 4:35 but around that time we'll probably be at the

    可能像4:35一樣再次打開 那時我們可能會在

  • Museum and maybe thinking about heading back into town integer blue so this is

    博物館,也許正在考慮前往 回到城鎮整數藍色,所以這是

  • kind of turning into the non tourist guide to the city where we just show you

    變成了非遊客 我們向您展示的城市指南

  • what what it's like on a day one not much is open not much is happening but

    一天不怎麼樣 很多事情都沒有發生,但是

  • we've in the gas station we did find some really refreshing drinks - OH - OH

    我們在加油站找到了 一些真正令人耳目一新的飲料-OH-OH

  • which is a citrus jink and this one which we liked even more is called

    這是柑桔類食物,還有一個 我們更喜歡的被稱為

  • passive in Los Toros and it is a street food flavor definitely mellow and we

    洛斯·托羅斯(Los Toros)被動,這是一條街 食物的味道肯定圓潤,我們

  • also picked up some alfajores so yeah brighten our day santoshi and neither

    還撿了一些阿爾法峽灣所以 點亮我們的一天,並且

  • playable longer nor the meringue time yeah and apparently there's a triplet

    可玩時間更長,也不會變蛋白時間 是的,顯然有一個三胞胎

  • three layers simple layers that's the nice looking alpha horn look

    三層簡單層 那是好看的阿爾法號角外觀

  • at the layers here's the dulce de leche I can't brain anyone's day know what

    在層次上是杜爾塞·德萊希 我哪一天都不會動腦子

  • does improve my mood considerably sugar and a cold drink sugar in a cold drink

    確實改善了我的心情糖 和冷飲中的冷飲糖

  • and hopefully a museum in about 15 or 20 minutes we are back to see the museum

    並希望在15或20個博物館 分鐘,我們回到博物館

  • hopefully it says they open at 4:00 and it's 4:15 and there's no one here we'll

    希望它說他們在4:00開放, 現在是4:15,這裡沒有人

  • wait a bit see what happens maybe a minute hopefully we can still salvage

    等一下,看看會發生什麼 分鐘希望我們仍然可以挽救

  • our sightseeing yeah not the dogs are following us again we picked up a few

    是的,我們觀光不是狗 再次跟隨我們,我們得到了一些

  • more strays along the way yeah hey guys


  • walking down the street our new squad in this pod I'm so sad to leave these guys

    走在街上,我們的新隊 這莢我很傷心離開這些傢伙

  • yeah I hopefully something opens up and we can we can buy some dog food and buy

    是的,我希望有什麼機會打開 我們可以買些狗食然后買

  • food they said I would buy one place might be open so that's coming up

    他們說我會買一個地方的食物 可能是開放的,所以即將來臨

  • operation feed the pups was not a success we went to a butcher closed two

    操作餵幼崽不是 成功,我們去了一家屠夫,關閉了兩個

  • markets closed at this point we decided there really wasn't anything left for us

    市場關閉,我們決定 真的沒有什麼可留給我們的了

  • to do in doll oven it was time to leave so we went to the bus stop and waited

    在娃娃爐裡做的時候該離開了 所以我們去了公交車站等了

  • for a bus to appear rolling watching this people Monday and Tuesday's are not

    公交車出現滾動觀看 這個人星期一和星期二不是

  • the best days for tourism yeah especially in this town apparently the

    是旅遊的最佳日子 特別是在這個城鎮

  • the tourism office was open in the morning we popped in yeah we were told

    旅遊局在 早上我們突然出現,我們被告知

  • that almost all the restaurants and things were closed today and tomorrow so

    幾乎所有的餐館和 今天和明天都關閉了

  • keep that in mind if you're visiting Wednesday to Sunday is your best bet the

    如果您要訪問,請記住這一點 週三至週日是您最好的選擇

  • other thing we learned too was that like in all fairness we did do some research

    我們也學到的另一件事是 公平地說,我們做了一些研究

  • before coming here like we did try to check see if things are open there

    像我們之前嘗試來到這里之前 檢查那裡的東西是否開著

  • wasn't a lot of online information yes because all the places I had plotted on

    網上信息不是很多 因為我畫過的所有地方

  • my google maps I checked to see if they had ours or like a website or any type

    我檢查了我的谷歌地圖,看看是否 有我們的或喜歡的網站或任何類型的

  • of business information and it was all blank like you basically just had the

    商業信息,這就是一切 像你這樣的空白基本上

  • name of the restaurant yeah a little pin and that's what we were going off of

    餐廳名稱是的,別針 這就是我們要去的

  • when we showed up so we've had a few ideas of where we wanted to go yeah no

    當我們出現時,我們已經有一些 關於我們想去的地方的想法,是的,不

  • clue that it would all fail today but but to recap I think we had a fun time

    提示今天一切都會失敗,但是 回顧一下,我認為我們度過了愉快的時光

  • walking around the city yeah we met some very friendly dogs who know who I like

    在城市裡走來走去,我們遇到了一些 非常友好的狗誰知道我喜歡誰

  • company we have amazing empanadas they weren't just nice like they were there

    公司,我們有驚人的肉餡捲餅他們 不僅像他們在那裡一樣好

  • were some of the best we've had what else the price was good we didn't end up

    是我們所擁有的最好的一些 否則價格不錯,我們沒有結束

  • spending much money at all here but a nice option for the nice alpha whore we

    在這里花了很多錢,但是 不錯的阿爾法妓女的好選擇

  • got to see some kind of interesting gas station we got to see some interesting

    看到一些有趣的氣體 車站,我們必須看到一些有趣的東西

  • buildings who walk through your campsite we saw a few like restaurant so that

    穿過營地的建築物 我們看到一些像餐廳的東西,

  • would probably be nice when they're open but um yeah and we have a puppy coming

    打開的時候可能會很好 但是,嗯,我們要來一隻小狗

  • over this is my other buddy say hello hello to the world

    在這是我的另一個哥們打個招呼 向世界問好

  • he's one of the five dogs we met today he's very nice so this is what a travel

    他是我們今天遇見的五隻狗之一 他很好,所以這就是旅行

  • day it looks like when when nothing goes right yeah it would have been so easy

    一天什麼時候都沒發生 是的,那會很容易

  • for us just to like not publish this video and to never be up on our channel

    對我們來說就是不喜歡發布這個 視頻,永遠不會出現在我們的頻道上

  • but we thought we'd keep it anyways and just show you what like a non touristy

    但我們認為我們還是要保留它, 只是向您展示不喜歡旅​​遊的人

  • day looks like kind of a failed mission but you see it's just at the same time

    一天看起來像是一次失敗的任務 但是你看到的是同時

  • I'm glad we came I had a yeah yeah I'm just I am a little disappointed because

    我很高興我們來了,我是 只是我有些失望,因為

  • I was excited to show you guys the mill the first flour mill / water mill just

    我很高興向你們展示工廠 第一家麵粉廠/水磨坊

  • show you the restaurant because they take the mill they take the flour from

    給你看餐廳,因為他們 把麵粉從麵粉廠拿走

  • that mill and they have a local restaurant yeah like it would have been

    那家工廠,他們有一個當地人 是的,餐廳應該是

  • such a cool experience also think because like there's not a

    如此酷的經歷 也想因為沒有

  • ton of online information maybe a town like this it wouldn't be a horrible idea

    大量的在線信息可能是一個城鎮 這樣,這不是一個可怕的想法

  • if like somehow the businesses came together and maybe on a rotational basis

    如果以某種方式生意來了 在一起,也許輪流

  • some places actually stayed open on Mondays and Tuesdays you had once a

    某些地方實際上保持開放 星期一和星期二,您一次

  • month or something I don't know just so like in situations like thing to do it's

    一個月或我不知道的東西 就像在要做事情的情況下

  • like today there's nothing to do like we've how many times have we crisscross

    就像今天,沒有事可做 我們有多少次交叉

  • the town today Oh too many we've actually walked we've walked this town

    今天的小鎮哦,我們太多了 真的走了,我們走了這個小鎮

  • more thoroughly than we have giulio is where we're spending five nights yeah so

    比朱利奧更徹底的是 我們要在那裡度過五個晚上

  • I mean we really did try our best but hopefully you guys enjoyed the visual of

    我的意思是我們確實盡了最大努力,但是 希望你們喜歡

  • what we were able to show you and if you do come some of the things that we

    我們能夠向您展示什麼,以及如果您 確實來了一些我們

  • mentioned that would be open say Wednesday to Sunday give it you know

    提到會公開地說 週三至週日告訴你

  • check them out see if they're open try some of the restaurants check out some

    檢查他們看看他們是否開放嘗試 一些餐廳退房一些

  • of the other attractions and yeah this is more of just this is more of a town

    其他景點,是的 更像是這個城鎮

  • to walk in anyway so yeah I really don't have anything much more to say we'll see

    無論如何要走,所以我真的不 還有更多話要說,我們拭目以待

  • you in the next episode actually tomorrow we're going back to Gaiman you

    你實際上在下一集 明天我們要回蓋曼

  • have a day we have a day to kill while we're our bus doesn't leave until 9 p.m.

    有一天,我們有一天要殺死 我們是我們的公共汽車要等到晚上9點才出發

  • we're checking out 11:00 in the morning so hopefully we'll be able to store our

    我們正在早上11:00退房 所以希望我們能夠存儲我們的

  • bags come back to Trelew we're gonna farm tea yeah that that that will that

    袋回到特雷利烏,我們要去 農場茶是的那會那

  • will be open for sure so we'll see you guys tomorrow

    肯定會開放,所以我們會見到你 明天大家

well guys this is Welsh town number three for us we sure are on a roll we're

大家好,這是威爾士鎮的號碼 對我們來說,三個我們肯定在滾


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探訪帕塔哥尼亞最安靜的小鎮+阿根廷多拉翁失敗的旅行日。 (Visiting the SLEEPIEST TOWN IN PATAGONIA + Our Failed Travel Day in DOLAVON, Argentina)

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