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  • she sells seashells by the seashore she sells seashells by the seashore good

    她在海邊賣貝殼 賣海邊的貝殼好

  • morning good morning guys greetings from the pack of my parents car yes are doing

    早上好,早上好朋友們的問候 我的父母車的包裝是的

  • a little road trip today yeah it's actually one of the hottest days of the

    今天有點公路旅行,是的 實際上是最熱的一天

  • year there's a bit of a heatwave going on and it's meant to be like 40 degrees

    那一年有一股熱浪 在它,它意味著像40度

  • today yeah so Sam's parents friends invited us to come to st. Martin's a

    今天是的Sam山姆的父母朋友 邀請我們來聖路易斯。馬丁是一個

  • little seaside village that we've never been to before yeah it's on the Bay of

    我們從未有過的小海濱村莊 之前是的,它是在海灣的

  • Fundy yeah this is cute little town there's a number of different things you

    芬迪是的,這是一個可愛的小鎮 你有很多不同的東西

  • can do here I believe there's caves there's a there's a beach you can go for

    可以在這裡做我相信有洞穴 那裡有一個可以去的海灘

  • a walk Fundy Trail Parkway on the trail and we might even partake in some of the delicious

    我們可能會在步道上漫步Fundy Trail Parkway 甚至參與一些美味

  • looks cool there's chowder we know this lobster rolls yeah I mean

    看起來很酷,有雜燴 我們知道這個龍蝦卷是的,我的意思是

  • it's gonna be great we're just coming here to have a nice chill day that's

    我們剛來,真好 這裡有一個美好的寒冷的日子

  • basically just a day trip with my parents with some family friends and

    基本上只是和我的一日遊 父母和一些家人朋友和

  • yeah we're gonna have a great time so let's see what we get up to you so

    是的,我們會度過一段美好的時光 所以,讓我們看看我們如何得到你

  • we're driving through the town out and we're visiting I had a bit of a special

    我們開車穿過小鎮 我們正在訪問我有點特別

  • time because it's we all town we always oh thanks all we I

    時間因為它 我們所有的城鎮,我們總是哦,謝謝我們

  • guess basically the premise is that for anyone who's moved away it's a chance to

    猜測基本上是前提是為了 任何移開它的人都有機會

  • come back reconnect with the small town here from uh-huh and it seems like

    回來重新與小鎮重新聯繫 在這裡,嗯嗯似乎

  • almost I'd say like over half of the homes here are having garage sales this

    幾乎我會說超過一半 這裡的房子有車庫銷售

  • weekend oh yeah so I mean you have people out and about like grabbing

    週末哦是的所以我的意思是你有 人們出去和喜歡抓住

  • different things like clothes old books furniture antiques I mean we might even

    衣服舊書等不同的東西 家具古董我的意思是我們甚至可能

  • stop by a place if we have time but it's fascinating it it feels like you know

    如果我們有時間,那就到一個地方停下來吧 令人著迷的感覺就像你知道的那樣

  • first Saturday morning at 10:00 in the morning it's a very lively and vibrant

    第一個星期六早上10點在 早上它非常活潑,充滿活力

  • community so far yeah and some beautiful homes as well so the first little pit

    社區到目前為止是的,有些美麗 家也是第一個小坑

  • stop that I had was actually in a general store basically like a small

    停下來,我實際上是在一個 一般商店基本上就像一個小

  • grocery stop and inside of this place you had all kinds of food you had

    雜貨店停在這個地方 你有各種各樣的食物

  • souvenirs some local products but what was really fascinating is that the store

    紀念品一些當地的產品,但什麼 真是令人著迷的是商店

  • was built in 1889 and according to our friend Joan it's only had three owners

    建於1889年,根據我們的 朋友瓊,它只有三個主人

  • over the years and from the outside I thought it was a church yeah like the

    多年來,從外面我 以為這是一個教堂,就像是

  • building looks like a church yeah the architecture is really neat and yeah

    建築看起來像一個教堂是的 建築真的很整潔,是的

  • such a cool store so much character inside

    這麼酷的商店這麼多人物 內

  • well guys we have arrived at our very first stop of the day slippery boar at

    好吧,我們已經到了我們這裡 當天第一站滑溜溜的野豬

  • the sea caves here in Saint Martins and we got very lucky because we did not

    聖馬丁斯和海邊的海洞 我們很幸運,因為我們沒有

  • check the times for high tide low tide but we just happened to get here during

    檢查漲潮退潮的時間 但我們恰好在這期間來到這裡

  • low tide which means we can walk into the caves we can walk on what's normally

    退潮意味著我們可以走進去 洞穴我們可以走在正常的地方

  • covered by water and so much cooler here like in Fredericton today we're

    被水覆蓋,這裡涼爽得多 就像今天弗雷德里克頓一樣

  • expecting temperatures close to 40 degrees with the humidity and here it

    預計氣溫接近40 濕度和這裡的度數

  • must be like low to mid-20s there's just like a natural cool breeze blowing

    必須像20到20年代中期一樣 像一陣天然涼風吹來

  • through like air conditioning nature's air conditioning and so yeah we're just

    通過類似空調的性質 空調,所以是的,我們只是

  • gonna have a little look around here this is probably my main attraction in

    在這裡會有一點看看 這可能是我的主要吸引力

  • this town it's a place that someone had recommended to me on Twitter as well so

    這個小鎮是有人擁有的地方 我也推薦給Twitter推特

  • thank you


  • there comes Sam Oh a pit stop we've got the group waiting for us yes so we

    薩姆哦,我們有一個進站 小組等我們是的,所以我們

  • should get going okay all right definitely impressive and apparently I

    應該好好的 絕對令人印象深刻,顯然我

  • mean obviously when the water comes in you can come and visit these caves and

    當水進來時,顯然意味著 你可以來參觀這些洞穴

  • the kayak yeah different experience I like the hopewell rocks yeah exactly

    皮划艇是的,不同的經歷我 就像希望井岩石一樣

  • time for a much-needed update we have just entered into fundy trail I drove

    我們有一個急需的更新的時間 剛進入我開車的基金小道

  • around for a while a beautiful Drive oh my gosh it's I think it's almost even

    一會兒漂亮的車道哦 我的天哪,我覺得它幾乎是平的

  • more beautiful than the fundy National Park oh there was no traffic I mean it's

    比美國國家更加美麗 公園哦沒有交通我的意思是

  • totally serpentine roads up and down you're going through forests and then

    完全蛇形的道路上下 你正經歷森林然後

  • every once in a while you'd peacoat along the coast yeah beautiful and I

    每隔一段時間你就會發現一次 沿著海岸是的美麗和我

  • have to say the surprising thing is that we're the only ones here it's the middle

    不得不說令人驚訝的是 我們是這裡唯一的中間人

  • of summer a beautiful sunny day yeah I think more people would be like having a

    夏天一個美麗的陽光燦爛的日子是的我 認為更多人會喜歡擁有

  • picnic or swimming or road-tripping but it's just us and we pulled into Long

    野餐或游泳或絆倒但是 這只是我們,我們拉進了Long

  • Beach it's a super long it's just the tide has started coming in now so like

    海灘它是超長的它只是 潮已經開始進入現在如此

  • half of it is underwater but it's still big even like with it

    一半是在水下 但它仍然很大,就像它一樣

  • being half covered so yeah really impressive everyone's going down there

    被半覆蓋所以是的 令人印象深刻的是每個人都在那裡

  • to have a little walk and then we're gonna do a picnic yeah I'm gonna have a

    有一點走路,然後我們 要去野餐是的我會有一個

  • picnic lunch here and so far the only people here guys wow there's a lot of

    在這裡野餐午餐,到目前為止唯一 這裡的人們哇哇哇哇哇哇哇哇

  • space here in Canada especially New Brunswick

    加拿大的空間尤其是新的 不倫瑞克

  • she sells sea shells by the sea sells seashells by the seashore there we go

    她在海邊賣海貝賣 我們去的海邊的貝殼

  • she sells seashells by the seashore she sells seashells by the seashore

    她在海邊賣貝殼 在海邊賣貝殼

  • what is it today you found it for me and of course joining us on this trip

    今天是什麼讓你找到它 當然,加入我們這次旅行

  • George and my father how you enjoying things so far

    喬治和我父親你是如何享受的 事情到目前為止

  • life's a beach life's a beach a little chilly to go in first time oh yeah oh

    生活是海灘生活的一個小海灘 冷靜第一次去哦是啊哦

  • yeah are you gonna go in no way even though I can't swim anyway so I swim

    是的,你甚至都不會去 雖然我無論如何都不會游泳所以我游泳

  • like a rock I'm not gonna go in do you want to think like it's thrown in there

    就像一塊石頭,我不會去做你 我想想就像扔在那裡一樣

  • I love walking on the beach the beach is great and there's hardly anyone here I

    我喜歡在沙灘上散步 太棒了,我這裡幾乎沒有人

  • think it's just awesome I saw two other people now something like that just

    我覺得這很棒,我看到了另外兩個 人們現在就是這樣

  • drove down but then they took off is well we're gonna eat here so yeah we're

    開車然後他們起飛了 好吧,我們要在這裡吃,所以我們是

  • just gonna take off our sandals walk around soak up the Sun and the beach so

    我要脫掉涼鞋走路 周圍的陽光和海灘

  • this is Long Beach right now half underwater but still you can see

    這是現在的長灘 半水下,但你仍然可以看到

  • it's very wide lots of sand and there's also kind of like this cool fog rolling

    這是非常廣泛的沙子和那裡 也有點像這種冷霧滾動

  • in over the sand I'm not sure if you can really see that behind me but kind of

    在沙灘上,我不確定你是否可以 真的看到我身後但是那種

  • look moody and mysterious


  • ready for lunch Oh walk in the woods walk in the woods I

    準備好吃午飯 我走在樹林裡走在樹林裡我

  • think we're going to the lookout and now a nice little picnic with some

    我想我們要去瞭望 現在和一些人一起去野餐

  • rather impressive views just wait till you see this lunch is served

    只是等待,令人印象深刻 你看到這頓午餐了

  • we have three wonderful salads one is kale with is it roasted walnuts in maple

    我們有三道美味的沙拉 羽衣甘藍是楓樹烤核桃

  • maple syrup cranberry is so good we also have a sweet potato and egg mash a nice

    楓糖漿蔓越莓是如此的好我們也 有一個紅薯和雞蛋泥很好吃

  • cold salad mmm a lovely Caesar lots of sandwiches cookie this beautiful view so

    冷沙拉mmm一個可愛的凱撒很多 三明治餅乾這美麗的景色如此

  • awesome


  • well I am now wandering alone because I somehow lost our group

    好吧,我現在獨自徘徊,因為我 不知何故失去了我們的團隊

  • I lost family oh my gosh honestly I turned around to snap photos

    我失去了家人哦我的天啊 老實說,我轉身拍照片

  • for like two minutes and next thing I go next thing I know

    好像兩分鐘 接下來我接下來就知道了

  • everyone's gone what is this on the hanging bridge lots of people swimming

    每個人都離開了這個 吊橋很多人游泳

  • in the river lots of dogs cooling down as well but yeah maximum of 10 people at

    河裡有很多狗冷卻下來 同樣,但最多10人在

  • a time you got to keep moving gotta keep moving

    你必須繼續前進的時候 必須繼續前進

  • first you should tell the world how you lost your wife

    首先,你應該告訴全世界你是怎樣的 失去了你的妻子

  • no we need to explain how Audrey wandered off from the group there's a

    不,我們需要解釋奧黛麗 從小組中走出來的是一個

  • loss a big group of us here's one in a hard way

    失去了我們這裡的一大群人 艱辛的道路

  • Audrey took off to go hiking and everyone had no idea where she was my

    奧黛麗起身去遠足 每個人都不知道她在哪裡

  • mom checked in the bathroom I looked around the interpretive Center we

    媽媽在我看了看浴室 我們周圍的解說中心

  • wandered off we're gonna have to keep what uh what are those a brace what do

    徘徊,我們將不得不繼續 什麼呃什麼是支撐做什麼

  • you call those ankle bracelets that way you don't wander off here in the woods

    你那樣叫那些腳踝手鐲 你不要在樹林裡閒逛

  • but you know now we're just walking here in the shade it's so nice the

    但是你知道我們現在只是走在這裡 在陰涼處它是如此美好

  • temperatures like well five degrees cooler we had such a big lunch so any

    溫度好像五度 我們有這麼大的午餐,所以任何

  • kind of walking we can do is to work it off it's very much needed I think they

    我們可以做的就是去做 關閉它非常需要我認為他們

  • said we're headed to the the salmon pools I believe they're called

    說我們要前往鮭魚 我相信他們被稱為游泳池

  • yeah which are like swimming holes uh-huh and yeah it's a really nice trail

    是的,這就像游泳洞 嗯,是的,這是一條非常好的小道

  • because we have lots of shade lots of coverage just be careful here Sam it's

    因為我們有很多陰影 報導只是要小心Sam Sam的

  • like super wet and muddy so one thing to mention this year we're making more of

    喜歡超濕和泥濘這樣的一件事 提到今年我們正在做更多

  • an effort to really explore our home countries yeah specifically we've been

    努力真正探索我們的家園 國家是的,我們一直都是

  • focusing on New Brunswick because let me say I've been coming to Fredericton ever

    關注新不倫瑞克省,因為讓我 說我曾經去過弗雷德里克頓

  • since I met you once a year sometimes twice a year but like we've never done

    因為我有時會每年見到你一次 一年兩次,但我們從未做過

  • this much sightseeing we've never really done any same thing we've done yeah

    我們從來沒有這麼多觀光 做了我們做過的任何事情是的

  • covered Fredericton pretty well yeah a couple day trips that's it you know what

    很好地覆蓋了弗雷德里克頓 幾天一日遊就是你知道的

  • for me I've been coming to this province since I was like this Paul wee wee boy

    對我來說,我一直來到這個省 因為我就像這樣保羅,小時候,男孩

  • every summer to visit my grandparents we did a little bit of travel but most of

    每年夏天我都會拜訪我的祖父母 做了一點旅行,但大多數

  • this province has been totally uncharted for me as well so they get an

    這個省已經完全未知 對我來說,所以他們得到了

  • opportunity to go and see a few different areas and Fundy yeah so go to

    有機會去看幾個 不同的地區和芬迪是的,所以去

  • st. Andrews I mean there's even more places to visit this problem has a lot

    ST。安德魯斯我的意思是還有更多 訪問這個問題的地方有很多

  • to offer yeah yeah and like I mean just in the last two weeks we did a big trip

    提供是的,是的,就像我的意思 在過去的兩周里,我們做了一次大旅行

  • with my parents and Sam's dad where we did what we started in Fredericton we

    和我的父母和Sam的爸爸在哪裡 做了我們在弗雷德里克頓開始做的事情

  • did sing Andrews keep and rage funding National Park the hopewell rocks yeah

    確實唱過安德魯斯保持和憤怒的資金 國家公園的希望井岩石是的

  • now we're doing this fun little adventure to st. Martin's and like the

    現在我們做的很有趣 冒險到聖。馬丁和喜歡的

  • sir rounding area so yeah there's lots to

    先生 四捨五入所以是的,有很多東西

  • see here and the beauty of this province is that there's hardly any worse it's

    看到這里和這個省的美麗 是的,它幾乎沒有任何惡化

  • more a lot there's a lot more there's a lot more nature than people yeah get out

    更多的是有更多的東西 比人們更多的自然是出去

  • of the cities and into the into the parks yeah add to the forest you really

    城市和進入 公園是的,你真的加入森林

  • feel like you're exploring you're not yeah other places in Canada or around

    覺得你在探索你不是 是的在加拿大或周圍的其他地方

  • the world for that matter when you go for a hike in a famous place just you

    你走的時候就是這個世界 在一個著名的地方徒步旅行

  • know there's so many people here you have so much breathing room so much

    我知道你們這麼多人 這麼多喘息的空間

  • legroom and you really feel like you're out in the woods I feel like here in New

    腿部空間,你真的覺得你是 在樹林裡,我感覺像是在新的

  • Brunswick like locals know about these cool spots but people in neighboring

    不像當地人那樣的布倫瑞克人知道這些 涼爽但鄰居的人

  • provinces haven't discovered them yet guys New Brunswick check it out

    各省尚未發現它們 伙計新不倫瑞克省檢查出來

  • all right guys our last stop was fuller Falls yep HUD nice little peek at them

    好吧,我們的最後一站是更充實的 瀑布是的HUD很好看他們的小偷看

  • snap some photos yeah beautiful little Falls I had such a cool I'm such a cool

    拍一些照片是的美麗的小 瀑布我有這麼酷的我真是太酷了

  • descent to get down there yeah it was a very rustic trail yeah so now while we

    下降到那裡是啊它是一個 非常質樸的線索是的,所以現在我們

  • Hawk back in the car and drove to st. Martin's maybe just like a 15-minute

    鷹回到車裡開車去了聖路易斯。 馬丁可能就像15分鐘一樣

  • drive yeah and the great debate now is chowder or ice cream gonna be here this

    開車是的,現在是一場激烈的辯論 雜燴或冰淇淋會在這裡

  • is where we get it yeah you gotta walk inside and order it yeah chowder ahh

    是我們得到它的地方是的,你得走了 在裡面,訂購它是的雜燴啊

  • we are now taking you guys on a little tour of st. Martin's covered bridges

    我們現在帶你們一點點 聖路易斯之旅馬丁的橋樑

  • there are two of them two guys yeah these are these are real heritage

    其中有兩個人是的 這些都是真正的遺產

  • bridges because I mean obviously they're not being built anymore and now that

    因為我的意思顯然是他們的橋樑 現在不再建造了

  • there are more floods per year some of them have been destroyed so there's less

    有些人每年都有更多的洪水 它們已經被摧毀所以沒有

  • and less in the province I didn't know that and further to have to live here

    我不知道在省裡少了 那還需要住在這裡

  • it's pretty special also fun fact these were known as kissing bridges because

    這些也很有趣也很有趣 被稱為接吻橋因為

  • couples could sneak a little pack without anyone seeing them are you

    夫婦可以潛行一點點 沒有人看到他們是你

  • riding like a little horse and buggy a little carriage

    像小馬和馬車一樣騎馬 小馬車

  • Oh Joan's house


  • so the place we were originally planning to go to for ice cream and chowder is so

    所以我們原本計劃的地方 去冰淇淋和雜燴是如此

  • popular and there was such a long line that we were like no way driving yeah we

    流行,有這麼長的路線 我們不喜歡開車,是的,我們

  • kept moving on I don't actually know what this place is called one sign says

    繼續前進我實際上並不知道 這個地方被稱為一個標誌說

  • st. Martin's ice cream parlor yeah it just says fresh lobster rolls

    ST。馬丁的冰淇淋店 是的它只是說新鮮的龍蝦卷

  • yes stop forcing so so it sounds like they do a bit of everything Sam and I

    是的,所以聽起來像是停止強迫 他們做了Sam和我的一切

  • have ordered one chowder a medium shout yeah share and we're gonna get ice cream

    已經訂購了一個中等濃度的雜燴 是的分享,我們會得到冰淇淋

  • ice cream afterwards I get it now because it'll melt by the time we're

    之後冰淇淋我現在明白了 因為我們的時間會融化

  • done the cheese yeah now we're just waiting in the only

    做了奶酪 是的,現在我們只是在等待

  • shade there is vehicle ice cream for Sam cooling down with someone campfire

    樹蔭下有Sam的車輛冰淇淋 與某人篝火冷卻下來

  • smores and peanut butter chocolate fudge you doin mine

    smores和花生醬巧克力軟糖 你做我的

  • Wow ultimate and decadent chocolate and peanut butter Sam's favorite combo is

    哇終極和頹廢的巧克力和 花生醬山姆最喜歡的組合是

  • the all-time winning combo


  • and now Red Rock can you guys see how it gets its name apparently this is a bit

    而現在Red Rock你們能看到它們 得到它的名字顯然這有點

  • of a secret beach because it's not really super easy to access like it's

    一個秘密的海灘,因為它不是 真的超級容易訪問就像它

  • not off a main road or anything you kind of have to detour down these little side

    不要偏離主幹道或任何你喜歡的東西 不得不繞開這些小方

  • streets and then go on a bit of a trek but yeah when you get here you kind of

    街道,然後繼續一點跋涉 但是,當你到達這裡時,你有點兒

  • have this place all to yourself I mean it's our group and then one guy

    把這個地方都給自己 我的意思是這是我們的團隊,然後是一個人

  • who just came down to the beach but aside from that there's no one else and

    誰剛剛下到海灘但是 除此之外,沒有其他人和

  • we just really lucked out as well being able to visit during low tide again low

    我們真的很幸運 能夠在退潮期間再次訪問低點

  • tide again so we can actually walk on what would normally be underwater

    再次潮,所以我們實際上可以繼續前進 什麼通常是水下

  • well guys we made it back by the look on our faces what is it we're tired

    好吧,伙計們,我們通過看看回來了 我們的臉是什麼,我們累了

  • extremely yes we need to thank our family friends Joan and Garry they

    非常好,我們需要感謝我們的 家人朋友瓊和加里他們

  • planned everything for inviting us or biting us organising all the activities

    計劃一切邀請我們或 咬我們組織所有的活動

  • providing an incredible meal they're like three delicious salads oh my gosh

    他們提供了令人難以置信的美食 像三個美味的沙拉哦,天哪

  • of other things yeah yeah what a day and some really nice Cuban friends joined us

    其他的事情是的,是的,一天和一天 一些非常好的古巴朋友加入了我們

  • as well eight of us all together you have us we

    同樣 我們八個人在一起,你們擁有我們

  • had a little gang and honestly before this trip like I didn't really know

    以前有一個小團伙和老實說 這次旅行就像我真的不知道

  • anything about st. Martin's I had heard the name hmm but like I didn't know what

    什麼關於聖。馬丁,我聽說過 這個名字嗯但是我不知道是什麼

  • to go back and it was such a nice little place to visit and so much access to

    回去,這是一個非常好的小 訪問的地方和如此多的訪問

  • nature essentially I heard my parents referring to it as the hidden jewel of

    自然本質上我聽到了我的父母 把它稱為隱藏的寶石

  • New Brunswick oh well there you go guys you find it up here I think for me the

    新不倫瑞克省哦,那你們去吧 你在這裡找到它我覺得對我來說

  • the take-home message from this trip is that there's adventure nearby you know

    這次旅行帶回家的消息是 附近有冒險你知道

  • I've been to New Brunswick I don't even know how many times worried yeah almost

    我去過新不倫瑞克省,我甚至沒有 知道幾乎擔心多少次

  • every year since I was a kid and I mean I've been to a few places but most of

    我小時候每年都是這樣,我的意思是 我去過一些地方,但大多數地方

  • the time is just like family gatherings and hanging out at home and this

    時間就像家庭聚會一樣 和在家裡閒逛這個

  • province has so much to offer I'm just discovering this you know many

    省有很多東西可以提供 我發現這個你知道的很多

  • decades later mm-hmm and because we're here in the summer and

    幾十年後mm-hmm 因為我們在夏天來這裡

  • we still have a bit of time left in the province we're gonna try and do a few

    我們還有一點時間 省我們要嘗試做一些

  • more trips and show you guys around here so stay tuned for that we'll see what's

    更多的旅行,並告訴你們在這裡的人 所以請繼續關注,我們會看到什麼

  • next a team for that I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a

    下一個團隊,我希望你們 如果你確實給了它一個喜歡這個視頻

  • thumbs up comment below and we'll see you with some more food and travel

    豎起大拇指評論如下,我們會看到 你有更多的食物和旅行

  • videos from New Brunswick soon tata

    來自New Brunswick的視頻很快就會出現

  • you

she sells seashells by the seashore she sells seashells by the seashore good

她在海邊賣貝殼 賣海邊的貝殼好


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加拿大新不倫瑞克省聖馬丁斯一日遊。探訪海洞+芬迪步道公園路。 (Day Trip to St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada: Visiting the Sea Caves + Fundy Trail Parkway)

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