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  • People must thing I'm such a weirdo

  • judging by these words...

  • This week, Sharla from Sharla in Japan

  • posted a video called 'What's LOL in Japanese?'

  • I watched it and realized that

  • there are times when I use English hashtags

  • and a lot of Japanese people

  • will get confused

  • and ask like, "What does that hashtag mean?"

  • So, today I'm going to follow Sharla's lead

  • and share some English slang for my Japanese viewers.

  • The first one is this:

  • #TBT is one that really gets a lot of confused comments.

  • The reason is that

  • well, in the past I never really used Instagram

  • until this year I registered @KemushiJP

  • and decided to get my 'gram game going.

  • But I have this habit of trying to catch up

  • by posting images I took recently AND a long time ago right after each other.

  • For example, this week I posted

  • this photo of Hakata TonTon

  • it's a famous restaurant in New York City

  • so I posted a picture of what I ate

  • but I also posted a picture from a recent trip to Japan that I really liked, too.

  • So people will ask "LORETTA, WHERE DAFUQ R U?!"

  • So people will ask "LORETTA, WHERE DAFUQ R U?!"

  • Yeah, this is a picture of me in Japan

  • but it's an old one, so that's why there's a #TBT tag!!

  • This hashtag stands for "Throwback Thursday"

  • But it's a casual word for like a memory.

  • Throwback is similar to Japan's word 'Natsukashii" (nostalgic)

  • But in English we don't really use 'nostalgic' too often.

  • That'a a bit awkward to say.

  • Funny thing though, a lot of people who study Japanese use 'nostalgic' in English a lot.

  • It's like, when you study Japanese

  • you notice that Japanese words NATSUKASHII and KOISHII are so widely used

  • so we almost like reimport the common use of 'nostalgia' into English.

  • Yeah, that's so nostalgic! I really miss Kyoto!

  • I love eating ramen! I'm so nostalgic just thinking about it!

  • But really, THROWBACK is more common than 'nostalgic'.

  • You can express this casually by using

  • the hashtag for Throwback, #tb or #tbt .

  • Another word I use a lot is this:

  • When you see a picture of food

  • Uhhh that looks amazing! Nomnomnom!

  • But what is NOM anyway...

  • A verb? A noun? Kinda noun-ish?

  • It's like the sound of happily eating something delicious.

  • So if you see something that looks tasty, you can just comment NOMNOM.

  • Ahh, this is a good one!

  • Meaning "Don't watch this at work."

  • It's kind of a warning so you don't get caught.

  • Like, some people like to listen to music while they're working at an office, right?

  • Americans are easy-going about that~~

  • But if you're like: "Oh, i really want to listen to the Nicki Minaj song!"

  • and you set it to play, but then you boss walks up

  • and seems some awkward video scene

  • Like, her dancing BUTT


  • That's probably not safe for work :)

  • So if you see "NSFW" and you're not in a private space

  • it's probably best not to click, and save it for later when you're alone...

  • Those are my Top 3 Internet Delicacies!

  • Wait - you guys must things I'm really weird for picking these.

  • But how about you guys?

  • Have you seen weird English internet slang?

  • If you know of some, please write them in a comment below!

  • OK, that's all for today!

  • Please like, share, and subscribe to my channel for more! :)

People must thing I'm such a weirdo


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