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  • Oh! Merry Christmas I'm about to make the plum pudding. This is one of my favourite

  • recipes from Eliza Acton's 'Modern Cookery'. I have quite a few of her

  • recipes in my cookbook because, well, she's very, very good. I understand she was the

  • first person to call plum pudding Christmas pudding. For this recipe

  • you will need:

  • Flour

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Suet

  • Raisins

  • Currants

  • Apple

  • Sugar

  • Candied peel

  • Mixed spice

  • Salt

  • Brandy

  • And eggs.

  • To my bowl of flour I shall add all the dry ingredients: suet, raisins, currants

  • the sugar, apple, a little spice, and some candied peel.

  • Plum pudding is eaten in country houses like this throughout the autumn and winter months

  • but as it's Christmas Day, this plum pudding will be 'Christmas pudding' and Mr. Lincoln the

  • butler will pour over hot brandy and set light to it when it's served.

  • Oh, I better add the wet ingredients: the eggs and the brandy.

  • Now to choose the mould.

  • I've lined my mould with butter and I'm now going to put in the mix making sure

  • it gets right down to the bottom.

  • Now using a wet cloth that has been well floured, I'm going to lay it on top leaving a fold so it has room to rise.

  • And now I'm going to steam it, putting the water just about half way up the mould.

  • You can of course boil your plum pudding in a cloth for that traditional

  • cannonball shape, or steam it in a plain mould but that's not very imaginative.

  • You can then steam it for about four hours, but it is quite forgiving so if

  • it's a little longer don't worry. Just don't let it boil dry.

  • Now the pudding is ready it's time to turn it out.

  • As this is Christmas Day, I'm going to decorate it with some holly.

  • There we are. Christmas pudding.

Oh! Merry Christmas I'm about to make the plum pudding. This is one of my favourite


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如何做聖誕布丁--維多利亞式的方式。 (How to Make Christmas Pudding - The Victorian Way)

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