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  • Do you know the world's most actively used psychoactive drug?

  • It's caffeine.

  • Coffee is a savior to many because of caffeine, its primary active ingredient.

  • But did you know that there is a right and a wrong way to consume caffeine?

  • I'll show you how to do it the right way.

  • What's going on guys!

  • J from

  • One of the mechanisms the brain uses to modulate drowsiness is through molecules of adenosine,

  • which bind to receptors in the brain.

  • Adenosine concentrations rise as you consume ATP, so it makes sense that you feel tired

  • later on in the day.

  • More adenosine bound to receptors translates to more drowsiness.

  • Caffeine comes in and competes for these receptors, called competitive inhibition.

  • If caffeine is in the adenosine receptor, then the adenosine molecules cannot bind and

  • therefore the drowsiness inducing effects are reduced.

  • Caffeine like most drugs is subject to the effects of Tolerance.

  • Now, caffeine acts on many more receptors than just adenosine receptors.

  • When you repeatedly use caffeine on a regular basis, the body up regulates or down regulates

  • these various receptors to maintain homeostasis.

  • Meaning, the body generally does not like drugs or chemicals changing things up, even

  • if you do enjoy those changes and so it tries to maintain a constant balance.

  • That's why when you use caffeine daily for several weeks or months, you will notice it

  • no longer takes one cup to get you going but now two and then three, and if you miss a

  • cup, now you have a headache.

  • Caffeine also stimulates serotonin production, a neurotransmitter which regulates multiple

  • things including mood, anger, aggression, satiety and others.

  • Therefore, caffeine withdrawal can lead to irritability, anxiety and concentration difficulties.

  • Now, there are two general ways of consuming caffeine that I will recommend; the first,

  • only use caffeine occasionally.

  • This prevents caffeine tolerance from even developing in the first place.

  • This is what I personally do, I only use caffeine in situations where I truly need it which

  • is quite infrequent.

  • The second is for those people who drink coffee daily and you guys should cycle your caffeine.

  • So, what is caffeine cycling?

  • Cycling caffeine means taking a brief period of stopping or tapering caffeine consumption

  • to reduce tolerance.

  • If you drink coffee or take caffeine tablets on a daily basis, then taking periodic breaks

  • to recalibrate your brain receptors may benefit you.

  • Giving your body a break from the drug allows the receptor changes in the brain to reset

  • to their normal level.

  • So, who exactly should cycle their caffeine intake?

  • Most students typically use caffeine for increased focus, but it is also commonly used for appetite

  • suppression.

  • Cycling is great for these purposes.

  • However, if you use caffeine primarily to enhance performance during endurance exercise

  • or for the potential benefits such as Parkinson's or type 2 diabetes risk reduction, then cycling

  • caffeine may not benefit you.

  • So, how do you actually cycle caffeine?

  • The only way to undo tolerance is to cut back on your caffeine consumption for a period

  • of time.

  • There are two ways of going about this: first, quit cold-turkey for a period of time or second,

  • slowly taper off.

  • Going cold turkey will likely be more difficult but it may reset your caffeine tolerance in

  • a shorter period of time.

  • Tapering will look something like reducing your intake by half for a few days, than half

  • of that for a few days and so on.

  • When you start using caffeine again, do not jump back to those increased levels that you

  • were using before you quit, start slow.

  • As you slowly ramp up your caffeine intake, the smaller doses will pack a punch in a way

  • that they did not before.

  • I cannot give you an exact schedule on how frequently to cycle your caffeine or for how

  • long.

  • Studies have shown that genetic factors play a large role in one's caffeine tolerance and

  • withdrawal.

  • A good starting point for your cycles is to go one to two weeks without caffeine consumption

  • to reset your tolerance.

  • As for how often to perform a full cycle, that will depend on your coffee drinking habits,

  • tolerance and other factors.

  • So figure out what works best for you and let us know in the comments below.

  • I would love to hear how you are using caffeine cycling.

  • That is it for this video guys.

  • Thank you all so much for watching.

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  • that next one.

Do you know the world's most actively used psychoactive drug?


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