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  • good afternoon good afternoon guys last full day in the

    下午好 下午好,大家在

  • bariloche argentina area it sure is yeah this trip has flown by

    阿根廷巴里洛切地區 是的,這次旅行肯定是經過

  • yeah today we're on a little day excursion

    是的 今天我們要去短途旅行

  • the one we wanted to do yesterday we've come to colonia suiza patagonia (swiss colony)

    我們昨天想做的那個 來到科洛尼亞·蘇伊薩·巴塔哥尼亞(瑞士殖民地)

  • yeah i remember a few weeks ago you had mentioned this place and so

    是的,我記得幾週前 提到這個地方等等

  • it's cool to be visiting we just had to take a couple little local buses to get

    參觀很酷,我們只需要 坐幾輛當地的小公共汽車去

  • here yeah very easy to get here and well this is a small little village

    是的,很容易到達這裡 這是一個小村莊

  • it was founded by immigrants from switzerland so it's got

    它是由 來自瑞士的移民所以有

  • a really cool vibe in terms of the architecture

    就...而言,這是一個非常酷的氛圍 建築

  • and it's a pedestrian friendly town in patagonia you can just walk around everywhere because

    這是巴塔哥尼亞的行人友好小鎮 可以到處走走,因為

  • it's so small lots of things for tourists to do eat

    好小 遊客可以吃很多東西

  • you drink and you just kind of wander around swiss colony and

    你喝 而你只是在瑞士殖民地裡徘徊,

  • there's also some really good shops too so it's uh it's a fun outing i guess you

    也有一些非常好的商店 所以這是一個有趣的郊遊,我想你

  • could do it for a half day if all day yeah and um yeah we're just gonna see

    可以整天做半天 是的,嗯,我們要去看看

  • what we can find while we're here take it

    我們在這裡能找到什麼 它

  • easy enjoy what's the plan that's important

    輕鬆享受有什麼計劃 重要

  • by the time we reach the village of colonia suiza aka

    等到我們到達 蘇薩又名殖民地

  • swiss colony argentina it was already time for lunch so our first order of business was

    瑞士殖民地阿根廷已經是時候了 午餐,所以我們的第一項業務是

  • to find some food we followed our noses and they led us to this cozy chalet

    找到一些食物,我們跟隨我們的鼻子 他們帶領我們來到了這個舒適的小屋

  • the food is here of course the first stop of the day had to be food what else

    這裡的食物當然是第一 一天的停留必須是食物還有什麼

  • would you expect from us so we're eating at a restaurant called

    您能期待我們嗎 所以我們在一家叫做

  • ida southern air but they do more like german swiss

    艾達南部 空氣,但它們的表現更像德國瑞士

  • food the dish i got it's called papa sorosti

    食物我得到的菜叫做爸爸 索羅斯蒂

  • and it's basically shredded potatoes with onions

    基本上是土豆絲 洋蔥

  • and bacon took a big bite of that when you weren't looking

    培根吃了一大口 你沒看

  • i like it it's kind of like a pancake long

    我喜歡它就像薄煎餅 長

  • crispy nice and tasty


  • i missed another big bite there you tried your wine

    我想念你那裡的另一口 試過你的酒

  • cheers for you people watching we got a red wine

    為你們歡呼的人們看著我們得到了 紅酒

  • we went for a little bottle because we are planning to walk around today

    我們去了一瓶,因為我們 打算今天走走

  • we don't want to be all lethargic exactly

    我們不想都昏昏欲睡 究竟

  • small bottles


  • sam got the goulash with um which looks really good this is another

    薩姆與嗯 看起來真的很好,這是另一個

  • favorite of mine little hand rolled noodles look at that

    我的最愛 小手捲面看那個

  • argentine goulash looking hearty looking stewie looking

    阿根廷燉牛肉 heart暢淋漓的尋找

  • steamy can't wait to try it


  • you're right about being super tender i love the sauce it has to

    你對超級溫柔我是對的 愛它必須的醬

  • so much flavor packed with flavor have another bite

    這麼多的味道充滿了風味 再咬一口

  • did you get some sour cream in there


  • let's melt in them


  • so tasty i'm so hungry we're having a bit of a later lunch what time is it

    好好吃我好餓我們有一個 以後的午餐時間是幾點

  • it's 1 30. mm-hmm we only have lunch around noon so bring

    是1 30. mm-hmm 我們只在中午左右吃午飯,所以帶

  • your appetites today guys we're thinking of doing a few food stops today there's

    今天您的食慾我們正在考慮 今天停下來吃一些東西

  • just so much to try in the town let me try yours since you had a bite of mine

    這麼多在城裡嘗試讓我 嘗試一下,因為你被我咬了一口

  • it's like a crispy pancake i'm going to taste the onions don't you

    就像脆皮煎餅 我要去嘗洋蔥嗎

  • yeah it's really good i was expecting it to be a little thicker

    是的,我真的很期待 要厚一點

  • but it is tasty dessert time dessert time it was included with your mane it

    但這是美味的甜點時間甜點 它包含在您的鬃毛中的時間

  • was what a nice surprise so it comes with

    這真是一個很好的驚喜 與

  • this apple cake with cream


  • oh those apples are so smooth and there's tons of cinnamon which i love

    哦,那些蘋果好滑 有很多我喜歡的肉桂

  • it's got a bit of a crumble texture on top of it really tasty

    上面有碎屑的質地 頂部真的很好吃

  • and a nice surprise so we didn't know it was included

    和一個很好的驚喜,所以我們不知道 被包括在內

  • so guys we had our lunch sam is really working hard to get that shot

    所以我們吃午飯的傢伙真的 努力拍攝

  • oh yeah get those mountains um lunch like i was saying the total came

    哦,是的,那些山啊 像我說的午餐總來了

  • to 17 us dollars and that included two mains

    至17 美元,其中包括兩個主要

  • sam's main chain with a dessert fancy schmancy

    sam的主鏈配上甜點 精神

  • i will say like the portions aren't massive they were smaller than i was

    我會說這些部分不是 他們比我小

  • expecting but you do get bread at the start of the meal

    期待,但是你確實得到了麵包 飯開始

  • and while yours came with dessert so not that the quality was good

    雖然你的甜點來了 質量很好

  • that's good yeah i'm kind of glad that we didn't have an

    很好,我很高興 我們沒有

  • enormous portion because we'd be craving a siesta instead of wanting to walk

    很大一部分是因為我們渴望 午睡而不是想走路

  • around yeah plus there are lots of like little

    周圍 是的,還有很多像小

  • kiosks and cafes and dessert shops so we can

    報亭 以及咖啡館和甜點店,這樣我們就可以

  • always get a little nibble afterwards indeed

    總是有點蠶食 之後確實

  • so when we arrived in colonia suisa we learned that the best days to visit are

    所以當我們到達科洛尼亞蘇伊薩時, 了解到最好的遊覽時間是

  • actually wednesdays and sundays during high season

    實際上是在星期三和星期天 高發季節

  • when the town prepares a special dish called quranto we had unknowingly

    當鎮上準備特色菜時 我們在不知不覺中叫古蘭多

  • arrived on a monday missing the big cookout by one day

    到達星期一,錯過了大事 一日燒烤

  • kuranto is a dish that's prepared by digging a hole in the ground covering

    kuranto是由 在地面覆蓋物上挖一個洞

  • the bottom with hot stones and then adding a mix of seafood

    底部有熱石,然後 加入海鮮

  • meat potatoes and vegetables it's basically like a giant outdoor pressure

    肉土豆和蔬菜是 基本上就像一個巨大的戶外壓力

  • cooker and people come from far and wide to try

    炊具和人們來自五湖四海 嘗試

  • this specific dish so that's something to keep in mind if you do decide to

    這個特殊的菜 如果您決定要記住

  • visit with nokudanto on the menu we spent our day

    在菜單上與nokudanto一起參觀 度過了我們的一天

  • walking up and down the main street and visiting some artisanal shops

    在大街上走來走去, 參觀一些手工商店

  • but since it was a non-fair day many of the places in town were closed

    但由於這是不公平的一天, 鎮上的地方都關了

  • wandering and strolling is how we ended up in front of the elf village

    漫步和漫步是我們的結局 在精靈村前

  • truth is we had no idea what the elf village was all about when we first set

    事實是我們不知道什麼精靈 剛開始時,村莊就是關於

  • foot in there but it turned out to be quite

    走進那裡 但事實證明是相當

  • entertaining especially if you come with a vivid imagination we were led into the

    娛樂性,特別是如果你來 生動的想像力,我們被帶入了

  • forest by our guide who taught us to identify

    由我們指導的森林 確定

  • all sorts of trees and mushrooms but then he brought us to meet the creatures

    各種各樣的樹木和蘑菇,但是 然後他帶我們去見了這些生物

  • of the forest we met all sorts of beings like the

    森林的 我們遇到了像

  • gridmen who are able to become part of nature

    能夠成為 性質

  • leprechauns who like to guard their pot of gold and mischievous elves who like

    喜歡守護鍋的妖精 喜歡淘金和調皮的精靈

  • to steal trinkets from the home there were also trolls witches and

    從家裡偷小飾品 也有巨魔女巫和

  • forest fairies all living in this very forest

    所有森林仙子 住在這個森林裡

  • fun


  • and then we met edgar or edgar who may very well have a future career on the

    然後我們遇到了埃德加或埃德加 非常有前途的職業

  • runway work it edgar

    跑道 工作埃德加

  • we just finished visiting the elf village actually we met way more

    我們剛拜訪了小精靈 其實我們相遇的方式更多

  • creatures than just elves there were gnomes

    那裡的生物不僅僅是精靈 侏儒

  • and trolls and creatures that were half elf half animal half elf half tree

    還有巨魔和生物 半精靈半獸半精靈半樹

  • and leprechauns and leprechauns a leprechaun a leprechaun but yeah it was

    和妖精和妖精 妖精妖精但是的是

  • kind of a fun attraction the only thing is that

    有點像 有趣的景點唯一的是

  • the stories they tell you are all in spanish

    他們告訴你的故事全在 西班牙文

  • so if you don't speak spanish you might miss out on all the elf stories oh yeah

    因此,如果您不會講西班牙語,則可能 錯過所有的小精靈故事哦,是的

  • kind of like a fun attraction if you're visiting as a family or with

    有點像一個有趣的景點 如果您是全家旅行或與

  • kids just under five us dollars and the tour was like just under an hour i think

    孩子們不到五美元, 我覺得遊覽不到一個小時

  • so yeah i think it was like 15 minutes yep

    是的,我認為那是15分鐘 是的

  • yep and yeah oh and we got to feed goats at the end of it all that was the

    是的,是的,我們要養活 最後的山羊就是

  • highlight that was fun there you go and now we are going

    強調那很有趣 你去那裡,現在我們要去

  • down to the lake apparently there's a little beach area around here

    到湖底顯然有一個 這裡周圍的小沙灘區

  • we're gonna see what that's all about but so far it's been a very enjoyable

    我們將會看到所有的一切 但到目前為止,這是非常令人愉快的

  • day here at colonia suisa it's very peaceful place

    在科洛尼亞蘇伊薩的一天,非常 和平的地方

  • just dirt roads everyone gets around on foot because the place is so tiny

    人人都繞過的土路 腳,因為這個地方很小

  • lots of food options very unique architecture it's

    很多食物選擇非常獨特 建築

  • very german very alpine style so yeah those are some impressions

    很德國很高山的風格 是的,這些是一些印象

  • did you bring your swimming trunks you know someone just dip their hand

    你帶泳褲了嗎 知道有人伸手

  • into the water you were saying it was like glacial water basically

    到水里,你說那是 就像冰水

  • it's cold it's cold so there's a couple kids who've gone in

    很冷很冷所以有幾個 進去的孩子

  • kind of tip-toeing but most people are just out here working on the montana to

    有點腳尖,但大多數人是 就在這里工作蒙大拿州

  • be honest yeah no one's known's actually swimming no one's swimming

    老實說是的,沒人知道 游泳沒有人游泳

  • no very tell-tale but togo would go inside

    沒有特別的故事,但多哥會去 內

  • oh togo would love it can you imagine he'd be jumping in

    哦,多哥會愛上它,你能想像 他會跳進去

  • this would be like his rocky's road trip all over again

    這就像他的岩石之旅 再來一次

  • exactly we then did another loop around town and

    究竟 然後,我們在城鎮周圍進行了另一個循環,

  • thought you know what we're hungry so off we went in search of a little

    以為你知道我們餓了嗎 我們去尋找了一點

  • something something ipa tie ipa time so we've worked up a

    一些東西 IPA領帶IPA時間,所以我們努力了

  • bit of an appetite we've been wandering around now for uh

    我們一直在流浪的胃口 現在大概吧

  • two three hours since since lunch at least a couple of hours

    自從午餐後兩三個小時 至少幾個小時

  • and we're coming here for an early dinner but this particular place

    我們要早一點來這裡 晚餐但是這個地方

  • specializes in craft beers they had ipa and they had porter so i

    專攻精釀啤酒 他們有ipa,有搬運工,所以我

  • decided to go for something a bit more refreshing

    決定去 為了更清新

  • pretty nice it matches your hair yes on camera

    挺棒的 它在相機上與你的頭髮相配

  • it's a red color it's very refreshing and i'm so thirsty so

    這是紅色,非常清爽 我好渴

  • ice cold beer is just just what the doctor ordered

    冰鎮啤酒就是 醫生下令

  • dinner has arrived and what are you having dinner is syrup

    晚餐到了,你呢 吃晚飯是糖漿

  • so i went for the mountain potatoes they're kind of like fried potato wedges

    所以我去了山土豆 他們有點像炸薯角

  • with uh cheddar cheese creamy cheddar cheese all over

    與呃切達干酪奶油切達干酪 到處都是奶酪

  • just a little snack slash dinner before we head back into town

    只是一點零食大刀闊斧 我們回城

  • guys i got a burger and i'm just trying to think when was the last time i had a

    伙計們,我有一個漢堡,我只是在嘗試 想想什麼時候我最後一次

  • burger this is our first burger in argentina

    這是我們的第一個漢堡 阿根廷

  • maybe it could be that would be kind of shocking

    也許可能是 令人震驚的

  • yeah so lift the hood so we've got bacon cheese nice big patty and then under

    是的,所以提起引擎蓋,讓我們有培根 奶酪不錯的大餡餅,然後下

  • here caramelized onions we've got some pepper tomatoes and some

    這裡焦糖洋蔥 我們有一些胡椒番茄和一些

  • lettuce loaded it's loaded and we're gonna share

    生菜 已加載,已加載,我們將分享

  • this we're gonna share cutting it down


  • there it is looks good


  • that was a great burger really nice meat delicious bacon

    那是一個很棒的漢堡,真的很好吃 美味的培根

  • cheese and then i love the caramelized onions too

    奶酪,然後我喜歡焦糖 洋蔥也

  • it gives it a bit of juiciness a bit of kick it's a really good burger you're

    給它一點點多汁的感覺 踢,這是一個非常好的漢堡

  • gonna like it and that was your day trip to swiss

    會喜歡 那就是你去瑞士的一日遊

  • colony bariloche this is a very small village that can easily be visited in half a day

    殖民地巴里洛切這是一個很小的村莊 可以在半天之內輕鬆訪問

  • though it is also possible to stay overnight and do some camping

    雖然也可以留下 過夜,露營

  • or rent one of the few cabins our visit was short and sweet but we enjoyed what

    或租我們參觀的少數小屋之一 又矮又甜,但是我們喜歡

  • we got to experience in a few hours for any of you thinking of visiting

    我們要在幾個小時內體驗 對於任何想訪問的人

  • don't forget if you want to eat the famous quranto visit on a wednesday or a

    不要忘了你是否想吃 著名的古蘭經在星期三或

  • sunday or if you want to experience a sleepy

    星期日 或者您想困倦

  • town almost all to yourself like we did then any other day of the week is fine

    像我們一樣,幾乎所有人都自己去鎮上 那一周的任何一天都可以

  • that's all for today and we'll see you guys in the next video

    今天就這些了,我們待會見 下一個視頻的傢伙

  • bye


  • ciao


good afternoon good afternoon guys last full day in the

下午好 下午好,大家在


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