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  • (gentle upbeat music)

  • - For me, my favorite Sesame Street moment,

  • and I think the most impactful thing for me personally

  • was that when I was a little girl,

  • there was a skit of Lena Warren and Grover.

  • And he was shy, and she was showing him

  • how to introduce himself to people.

  • And she sang him a song where she said,

  • People know you

  • By the little things you do

  • People know you

  • By the little things you do

  • - Yeah? - Yes.

  • Show someone you care

  • Watch them care for you

  • And she was telling him that it's okay to be shy,

  • but that you just have to introduce yourself.

  • And as a little girl, I was shy but really friendly,

  • and I didn't know how to balance it.

  • And I remember just kind of

  • watching this and thinking, "Oh, it's just really simple.

  • "You just have to hold out your hand

  • "and say, 'How do you do?'"

  • - I've got a little system I use when I'm feeling shy.

  • And you know what I do? I say,

  • How do you do

  • Hold out your hand

  • Smile and say

  • Glad to meet you

  • - I don't know.

  • - Happy 50th anniversary, Sesame Street, I love you.

  • (gentle upbeat music)

(gentle upbeat music)


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芝麻街的記憶。珍妮-斯萊特|#這是我的街道 (Sesame Street Memory: Jenny Slate | #ThisIsMyStreet)

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