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  • good morning good morning guys greetings from Seoul South Korea you know what

    大家早上好,早上好問候 從首爾韓國你知道嗎

  • time it is it's 5:00 in the morning it's pretty crazy so we're standing outside

    這是早上5點的時間 非常瘋狂,所以我們站在外面

  • of Seoul station what we're doing today is taking the KTX all the way down to

    首爾站今天我們在做什麼 將KTX一直帶到了

  • Busan so we've got an economy class ticket and man this train is like a

    釜山所以我們有經濟艙 機票和男人這列火車就像一個

  • high-performance gazelle man this thing's goes at 300 kilometers it only

    高性能的瞪羚男人這個 事情只有300公里

  • takes 2 hours and 20 minutes so I can't wait to get on board we're gonna arrive

    需要2小時20分鐘,所以我不能 等待登機,我們將要到達

  • in Busan like really early morning nice and fresh that means we have the whole

    在釜山,真的很清晨 新鮮意味著我們擁有整體

  • day to do stuff but what we've got on our minds right now is breakfast so

    一天要做的事情,但我們已經得到了什麼 我們現在的想法是早餐

  • let's go get some Korean breakfast before we board the train and it's crazy

    我們去吃一些韓國早餐吧 在我們登上火車之前,它很瘋狂

  • before we even walk in the station with a lady a fan she selling hand rolls (gimbap) right

    在我們甚至走進車站之前 一位女士是她賣手捲(gimbap)的粉絲吧

  • behind us so get some and some kimbap street gimbap

    我們後面 所以得到一些和一些kimbap街的gimbap

  • amazing don't believe it we got breakfast early before we get in that's

    太棒了不相信我們得到了 在我們進入之前的早餐

  • the hustle right there yeah 5 am


  • all right so we've got gimbap for breakfast we found a lady selling it

    好的,所以我們得到了萬向節 早餐我們找到了一位賣它的女士

  • outside for 2000 Won each 2 Cheon Won it's crazy that's like less than two US

    在2000以外每2韓元贏得它 瘋狂,就像不到兩個美國

  • dollars so good to take a look at this comes wrapped in tin foil and you kind

    美元這麼好看看這個 用錫紙包裹,你很親切

  • of like as your as you're kind of unwrapping it here you can see the

    像你一樣喜歡你 在這裡展開你可以看到

  • seaweed the outer layer in terms of what we've got in the middle it appears that

    海藻的外層就什麼而言 我們中間看起來似乎是這樣

  • there's some kind of like a ham looks like we've got egg maybe some radish

    有點像火腿看起來 就像我們有雞蛋可能是一些蘿蔔

  • some greens and carrots not entirely sure enough to take a bite totally

    一些蔬菜和胡蘿蔔不完全 果然完全咬了一口

  • loaded though I hate when it's mostly rice and you don't have the ingredients

    雖然我很討厭它,但它主要是 米飯,你沒有成分

  • in the middle this is the opposite it's mostly ingredients mmm

    在中間,這是相反的 主要是成分mmm

  • I feel like she made it just like five minutes ago or something I did go front

    我覺得她就像五歲那樣 幾分鐘前或我做過的事情

  • we started an inside of the station there are plenty of options to eat hope

    我們開始在車站內 有很多選擇可以吃到希望

  • to see what's open at this time of day oh man sounds I love my Korea yeah

    看看一天中的這個時間什麼是開放的 哦,男人聽起來我愛我的韓國耶

  • street foods cheap yeah well it's not cheap it's affordable it's really

    街頭食品便宜呀,不是 便宜它真的很實惠

  • affordable it's super fresh and it's always available man oh the level I mean

    價格實惠,超級新鮮,而且很棒 永遠可用的男人哦我的意思是水平

  • get it at 5:00 a.m. you can get any time in Japan this would have happened

    在凌晨5點得到它你可以得到任何時間 在日本會發生這種情況

  • everything's closed till 6:00 Wow Wow go good are those flavors the radish got

    一切都關閉到6點哇哇哇哇 蘿蔔有的味道很好

  • the carrots get the ham so coming into the station you see that it's already

    胡蘿蔔讓火腿進入 你看到的車站已經是

  • surprisingly busy like there's the Dunkin Donuts that's open there's a

    令人驚訝的是,就像那裡一樣忙碌 Dunkin Donuts在那裡打開了

  • convenience store just over to the left that's open so there's plenty of options

    便利店就在左邊 這是開放的,所以有很多選擇

  • to grab some stuff once you get into the station so when you walk into the

    一旦進入,就抓住一些東西 所以當你走進去的時候

  • station the ground level is mostly like grab-and-go type of items you've got

    站的地面層大多是喜歡的 你已經擁有的物品

  • convenience stores we notice that Dunkin Donuts over there so it's just like grab

    便利店我們注意到Dunkin 甜甜圈在那邊,所以它就像搶

  • something quick and go but on the second level if you want more of a sit-down

    快速的事情,但在第二個 等級,如果你想要更多的坐下來

  • type of restaurant that's where you can head and yeah let's mention the price

    你可以在哪裡的餐廳類型 頭,是的,讓我們提一下價格

  • here so we are taking the economy class oh lucky Joe got this ticket because

    所以我們正在參加經濟艙 哦,幸運的是Joe得到了這張票

  • it's on the weekend like if you book last-minute like

    就像你預訂的那樣在周末 最後一分鐘喜歡

  • there's like no seats available like from like let's say from 7:00 in the

    就像沒有座位一樣 從我們說的7點開始吧

  • morning until the late afternoon there was literally no trains available so we

    早上到下午傍晚 實際上沒有列車可用,所以我們

  • grabbed one of the last at 6:00 in the morning we leave at 6:05 arrive at 8:54

    在6點抓住了最後一個 早上6點05分到達8點54分

  • and the price of the ticket was fifty-nine thousand eight hundred Won so

    票的價格是 五萬九千八百元

  • I believe that's O Man Gucheon Pal Baek Won one plus something like fifty five US

    我相信O Man Gucheon Pal Baek贏了一個 加上五十五美國的東西

  • dollars what a deal man like basically cross the entire country from Northwest

    美元基本上是什麼樣的交易 從西北地區穿越整個國家

  • to Southeast that's a really good price in my opinion so up here on the second

    到東南部,這是一個非常好的價格 在我看來,在第二個這裡

  • level you've got KFC which is right behind me and over on that side Burger

    你得到肯德基的水平是對的 在我身後,在那邊的漢堡

  • King and both are open this time of day which is kind of crazy like I'm gonna

    國王和兩者都在這個時間開放 這就像我要去的那樣瘋狂

  • head to the story way and maybe grab a little snack we ran out of time it's

    走向故事的方式,也許抓住一個 小點心我們沒時間用完了

  • like 15 20 people in line we have time of 50 people in line this is oh so much

    像15個20人排隊我們有時間 排隊的50個人就是這麼多哦

  • yeah we don't want to cut it close so we're just gonna get on the train when

    是的,我們不想把它剪得那麼近 我們剛要上火車的時候

  • we arrived in Busan we're gonna eat probably right at the terminal have a

    我們到了釜山,我們要去吃飯 可能就在終點站有一個

  • nice proper breakfast we're looking at the schedule and every single train is

    我們正在看的很好的早餐 時間表和每一列火車都是

  • leaving right on time right outside right on the minute there's like a zero

    在外面準時離開 就在這一刻就像是零

  • minute delay for the next live train so we really need to get there so we are

    下一次直播列車的分鐘延遲 我們真的需要到達那裡,所以我們是

  • looking for cart 18 and I have to say that this station is super organized

    尋找購物車18,我不得不說 這個站是超級組織的

  • like for anyone coming here as a foreigner there's lots of English signs

    就像來這裡的人一樣 外國人有很多英文標誌

  • it's just a very clear system come down to the platform and the only thing you

    它只是一個非常清晰的系統 到平台,你唯一的事情

  • really have to worry about is finding your carts dude I just found out

    真的要擔心的是發現 我發現你的推車伙計

  • something really cool I was wondering like how do you know which platform you

    我想知道真的很酷的東西 比如你怎麼知道你的平台

  • go to some Texas up we got to just walk a little bit walk a little bit walk a

    去德克薩斯州,我們只是走路 走了一會兒走了一會兒

  • little bit right there tells you that is 18 we need to get on 18

    有點在那裡告訴你那是 18我們需要上18

  • last thing to do is actually get on this beast KTX and you do not have a second to

    最後要做的事情實際上就是這樣 野獸KTX,你沒有秒

  • spare like these KTX trains leave precisely and we've got like left in five minutes

    這些KTX列車準備離開 我們在五分鐘之內就好了

  • let's get on this only people here yeah man this is actually a very nice economy

    讓我們來這裡只有這裡的人是的 男人,這實際上是一個非常好的經濟

  • class oh there's gonna be like more like ya know but it's really good

    上課哦,會更喜歡 你知道,但它確實很好

  • very very nice you can see nice seats I mean it's not leather no but it's fine a

    非常非常好,你可以看到我很好的座位 意思是它不是皮革沒有,但它很好

  • recline your seat you have your little magazine here is this KTX yeah the

    靠近你的座位你有你的小事 這裡的雜誌是這個KTX是的

  • destination you know a little worked you got a little workstation it's pretty

    目的地你知道有點工作你 有一個小工作站很漂亮

  • cool I think there's even places to charge your electronic and there's Wi-Fi

    很酷,我覺得甚至還有 為您的電子設備充電並且有Wi-Fi

  • there's Wi-Fi Wi-Fi everywhere in South Korea everywhere that's the most I

    南方到處都有Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 韓國到處都是我最多的

  • believe it's the most connected country in the world

    相信這是最相關的國家 在世界上

  • so guys right behind me this is a section for big luggage David and I are

    所以那些人就在我身後這是一個 大箱子的部分大衛和我

  • taking a like half of it but there's three different racks

    佔了一半,但有 三個不同的機架

  • and wrong I mean it was his like it was 604 second of ten 605 close the doors and

    錯了我的意思是他的喜歡 60 605 604秒關閉門和

  • we're out I mean things off I know it's like on

    我們出去了 我的意思是關閉,我知道它就像在

  • time on time on time no matter what and yeah we're just zipping through Seoul

    準時按時,無論什麼和 是的,我們只是在拉開首爾

  • right now as you can see beautiful skies Cooper's a little overcast today luckily

    現在你可以看到美麗的天空 庫珀今天有點陰,幸運的是

  • we're leaving a was gonna be like completely pie and it's not it is empty

    我們要離開一個會是這樣的 完全餡餅,它不是空的

  • up here like we have the entire cart yeah like the second a second divided I

    就像我們有整個購物車一樣 是的,就像第二次分裂我

  • don't why they divided car 18 but this section of car 18 empty so it's like

    不要為什麼他們劃分車18但這個 車18的部分是空的,所以它就像

  • first class for us right yeah where's the wine

    我們的頭等艙是的,是的 葡萄酒

  • where's the caviar aside yeah where's the caviar told you soju

    魚子醬哪裡放在哪裡,是的 魚子醬告訴你燒酒

  • where's the yeah where's the oh man let me look over to River look at the Han River

    哦,男人在哪裡 我看著河邊看著漢江

  • I just like being


  • deep sleep unavoidable sleep like I could barely

    深度睡眠不可避免的睡眠就像 我幾乎不能

  • anyways the trip is called so fast the time has been flying by in terms of a

    無論如何,這次旅行的召喚速度如此之快 時間一直在飛行

  • scenery which you see on this trip you tried to start off in Seoul to the big

    你在這次旅行中看到的風景 試圖從首爾到大開始

  • city then you make your way out to the

    市 然後你走出去了

  • countryside a little bit it's kind of combination of do

    農村有點像 做的組合

  • to pass by places like rice paddies you see hills

    經過像稻田這樣的地方你 看到山丘

  • three as such as Daejeon and Daegu along the way


  • probably like 10 or 15 minutes from getting there

    可能就像10或15分鐘 到達那裡

  • terms of like train it again what I found on the KTX is that people

    喜歡訓練的條件 我在KTX上發現的就是人

  • are sleeping in the dude just leave I slip a lot that's a lot like she's a lot

    正在睡覺的老兄離開我 滑倒了很多,這很像她很多

  • more know you've someone I have a gift we get up and see your you were like

    我知道你有一個人,我有一份禮物 我們站起來看你的樣子

  • you were like worried I was gonna drop my camera


  • so we're here in Busan bro we needed to Busan we made it to a legitimate yes

    所以我們在釜山兄弟我們需要 釜山我們把它變成了合法的

  • yeah we're hungry to get the food Arvind get some food I'm beyond hunger we made

    是的,我們渴望得到食物Arvind 得到一些食物,我超越了我們的飢餓感

  • it we made it we made it and we're starving so we're having Korean breakfast we

    我們成功了,我們做到了 因此我們正在吃韓國早餐

  • came to a cafe that's called Bon Juk and bibimbap and

    來到一家咖啡館 那叫做Bon Juk和石鍋拌飯

  • those are the two things I specialize in so if you don't know juk is korean

    這些是我專注的兩件事 所以,如果你不知道juk是韓國人

  • porridge and bibimbap is probably the most popular rice dish you can get in

    粥和石鍋拌飯可能是 最受歡迎的米飯,你可以進去

  • korea it's basically rice with a whole bunch of vegetables mix it around and

    韓國它基本上是一個整體的大米 一堆蔬菜混合它和

  • the one that I ordered for you dude is gonna be amazing it's called dolsot bibimbap

    我為你命令的那個人是 會很棒,它叫做dolsot bibimbap

  • involved it's in a stone pot it's a king of bibimbap and I'm having a oh

    它涉及到它是一個石鍋,它是一個 石鍋拌飯之王,我有一個哦

  • gosh what am i having I'm still half asleep I am having sweet pumpkin

    天哪,我還有一半 睡著了我有甜南瓜

  • porridge which is called Hobak Juk and it should be arriving soon foods

    被稱為Hobak Juk的粥 它應該很快到達食物

  • here check out what we got so over here I went with the it's called

    在這裡看看我們得到了什麼 所以在這裡我跟它一起去了

  • a Dan Hopak Juk which is a sweet pumpkin porridge this is my favorite

    一個甜蜜的Dan Hopak Juk 南瓜粥這是我的最愛

  • Korean porridge that's very colorful as you can see it's orange I'm gonna show

    韓國粥非常豐富多彩 你可以看到它是橙色我會要展示

  • you what it looks like guys you have the rice balls in here and you can see how

    你看起來像你擁有的那些人 飯糰在這裡,你可以看到如何

  • sticky and thick it is I've also got some beans some red beans checked out oh

    粘性和厚實是我也有 一些豆子一些紅豆檢查哦

  • man so basically what you do if you want to

    人 所以基本上你要做的就是你做的

  • serve yourself did you grab it with these rice balls you just plop it into

    服務自己你是不是抓住它 這些飯糰你只是把它扔進去

  • your bowl just like that like I'm making sure I grab a couple of those it's super

    你的碗就像我正在做的那樣 我肯定會抓住一些超級的東西

  • hot like I don't know if you can see the steam

    熱得像我不知道你是否能看到 蒸汽

  • but the steam is coming off I've got a number of little different side dishes

    但蒸汽消失我有一個 一些不同的小菜

  • kimchi this is meat and something spicy over here and I think that is like a pink

    泡菜這是肉和辣的東西 在這裡,我認為這就像一個粉紅色

  • radish soup doctor what is a little bit solid

    蘿蔔湯 醫生什麼有點紮實

  • anyways and start of his meal it's obviously the pumpkin porridge so I'm

    無論如何,他的用餐開始了 顯然南瓜粥所以我

  • gonna try that right now try a bit without the rice ball and then with the

    現在嘗試一下嘗試一下 沒有飯糰,然後與

  • rice ball grabbing in here oh my gosh just like I remember I haven't had this

    飯糰在這裡抓住哦,我的天哪 就像我記得我沒有這個

  • in like three or four years so sweet so smooth to reach pumpkin tastes oh man I

    在三四年如此甜蜜如此 順利達到南瓜口味哦男人我

  • love this man this is so tasty hurry up you have a chance eat Juk I

    愛這個男人這太好吃了 快點你有機會吃Juk我

  • highly recommend it it just goes down so smoothly it's really tasty food raw what

    強烈推薦它只是下降所以 順利它真的很美味的食物原料

  • do you think of your first bibimbap oh my god I'm in love not good I might have

    你覺得你的第一個石鍋拌飯哦 我的上帝,我愛的不是我可能擁有的

  • this every day from nobody that is so good yeah the burnt rice

    每一天都沒有人 這是好的,是燒焦的米飯

  • makes the sauce the tuna with spicy kimchi with all these other vegetables

    使醬汁成為辛辣的金槍魚 泡菜與所有這些其他蔬菜

  • seaweeds this is really the ultimate korean breakfast I can live with that

    海藻這真的是最終的韓國人 早餐我可以忍受

  • I love how it sticks all together yeah yeah good good so good do really filling

    我喜歡它如何粘在一起是的 是的好的好,真的很好

  • meal I highly recommend getting it only what ten thousand so ten bucks I

    用餐我強烈建議只吃它 我這一萬美元十萬美元

  • actually you know what yours yours is even cheaper mine I didn't know my

    實際上你知道你的是什麼 甚至更便宜的我不知道我的

  • mother nine thousand yours was seven thousand five hundred with a thousand

    母親九千你的七歲 一千五百

  • works usually eight bucks dude what a deal in America you can't find this no

    通常工作八塊錢的傢伙是什麼的 在美國交易你找不到這個沒有

  • no you know the first time trying it I think I'm gonna try a lot it was like I

    不,你第一次嘗試我就知道了 我想我會嘗試很多,就像我一樣

  • think these are the options yeah yeah egg and everything yeah

    認為這些是選擇,是的,是的 雞蛋和一切都是的

  • you can get with a you can get with me you can get it with bulgogi yeah I like

    你可以和我一起去 你可以用bulgogi得到它,我喜歡

  • just so many variations of it you can get with mounted vegetables it's like

    你可以做多種變化 安裝蔬菜就像是

  • such a good meal dude it's unreal unreal dude that was a good breakfast amazing

    這麼好吃的伙計,這是不真實的不真實 老兄,這是一個很棒的早餐

  • breakfast you like it oh my god first Bob first time that Bibimbap it won't

    早餐你喜歡哦我的上帝先 Bob第一次認為Bibimbap不會

  • be our last yeah we will seek that out again I need that like five more times

    是我們的最後一天,我們將尋求解決這個問題 我再次需要五次

  • before I leave this country yeah I mean what a trip we got up at 4:00 this

    在我離開這個國家之前,我的意思是 這是我們4點起床的旅程

  • morning can you believe that 4:00 in the morning mantle it was so hard to get up

    早上你能相信凌晨4點 早上的地幔很難站起來

  • but by the time we got to the train station like I had a little bit of

    但到了我們上火車的時候 車站就像我有一點點

  • energy we slept most of the train ride woke up

    能源 我們睡覺的大部分火車都醒了

  • we were in Busan it only took just over two hours and now we've got a great city

    我們在釜山只是剛剛結束 兩個小時,現在我們有一個偉大的城市

  • to explore yeah so we're gonna be here for several days we're gonna be doing

    探索是的,所以我們會在這裡 好幾天我們都會這樣做

  • tons of stuff eating lots visiting attractions so stay tuned for that and

    大量的東西吃很多訪問 景點,敬請期待

  • we're gonna have a lot more South Korean episodes coming to you soon if you liked

    我們會有更多的韓國人 如果你喜歡,很快就會有你的劇集

  • the video give it a thumbs up comment below subscribe both of our channels

    視頻給它一個豎起大拇指的評論 下面訂閱我們的兩個頻道

  • will see you with more adventures soon peace peace

    很快就會見到你更多的冒險經歷 和平和平

good morning good morning guys greetings from Seoul South Korea you know what

大家早上好,早上好問候 從首爾韓國你知道嗎