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  • Good-bye Atlantis

  • But we really have to go

  • Back to a little town That is the greatest place I know

  • Oh

  • Back to Bikini Bottom I can hardly wait

  • But what about the treasure It was really great

  • ♪ I love Bikini Bottom It's where my Gary is

  • But Atlantis had that science stuff At which I was a whiz

  • Soon I'll see the Krusty Krab Where I'm happily employed

  • But Atlantis had the old bubble Which I cruelly destroyed

  • You can't beat Bikini Bottom No place is so nice

  • But Atlantis was a fabulous Artistic paradise

  • Sorry, Squidward but it's the end Of our Atlantean vacation

  • And back to my depressing life Of quiet desperation

  • Good-bye Atlantis We're Bikini Bottom bound

  • Please turn this bus around

  • We had our fun (We sure did) But now we're done (And I'm bummed) ♪

  • We're on our way (Can't we stay?) So now we say good-bye

  • ♪ I think I'm going to cry

  • The sun must set At the end of every day

  • And the curtain must fall At the end of every play

  • And every little bubble Every blown must someday pop

  • Like presents on Christmas Day It doesn't seem to stay

  • Or a cheese soufflé It doesn't last all day

  • ♪ I will try

  • Again

  • To blow a bubble

  • That will last all day

  • All day

  • There will be but one challenge.

  • You will face me in the ultimate cook-off!

  • I will except your challenge if you fix my friend.

  • Ah yes, the round one.

  • I shall restore him.

  • SpongeBob? SpongeBob?

  • SpongeBob! Oh, there you are.

  • - How you feeling? - Pretty good.

  • Say, have you gotten taller?

  • And now, see the fates that may lie ahead.

  • For by some minute chance you meet the challenge,

  • your reward will be great.

  • Behold!

  • Whoopsie... now behold.

  • My beloved home of Atlantis,

  • a prize worthy of Apollo.

  • You will reside here in this glorious place,

  • cook only for me, and be a god!

  • Hey, that sounds pretty good.

  • But if you should not succeed,

  • you must give up fry cooking forever!

  • What do you say?

  • - I'm ready! - Very well then!

  • To the Poseidome!

  • One bubble wand, dipped and ready to go.

  • Oh...

  • [panting]

  • Could I interest you in some lessons? Only 25 cents.

  • Uh...

  • Very well then.

  • Hey Sponge, can I borrow another quarter?

  • Thanks.

  • OK Patrick, it's all in the technique.

  • First, go like this. Spin around, stop!

  • Double-take three times. One, two, three.

  • Then pelvic thrust! Woo!

  • Woo!

  • Stop on your right foot, don't forget it!

  • Now it's time to bring it around town.

  • Bring it around town.

  • Then you do this, then this, and this, then that,

  • and this and that, and this and that, and then...

  • [quacking]

Good-bye Atlantis


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