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  • (pleasant acoustic music)

  • - Hi, my name is Isaac Mizrahi,

  • and I have so many memories of Sesame Street.

  • I was maybe a little bit too old

  • to be watching it when it was on,

  • but I did watch it, for years and years and years.

  • And so, some point in 2003, I met Elmo, actually met him.

  • He came to my studio, and I took measurements of him,

  • and we did a segment for my talk show.

  • And the whole theme of the segment

  • was the idea that I was making him a tuxedo

  • for some form of gala.

  • - (giggles) Elmo's friend Isaac Mizarahi

  • designed this suit for Elmo.

  • - Wow, you know, that's amazing.

  • - Yeah!

  • - He's one of the top designers in the world, you know.

  • - I made Elmo a tuxedo,

  • and it was the most fabulous kind of dream come true for me,

  • because I had been watching it for all these years,

  • I was sort of an amateur puppeteer.

  • And it was just a great reward in my life.

  • And so, for that memory, I would like to say thank you.

  • And happy 50th anniversary to Sesame Street.

  • (upbeat acoustic music)

  • (cheerful music)

(pleasant acoustic music)


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芝麻街的記憶。芝麻街的記憶: Issac Mizrahi | #ThisIsMyStreet (Sesame Street Memory: Issac Mizrahi | #ThisIsMyStreet)

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