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  • I play a character called Heinz Kruger who works for HYDRA

  • He's an operative and he's sent in to sabotage the experiment

  • which Dr. Erskine is doing on this boy.

  • I don't think he knows a great deal about it

  • but he knows that he has to get the serum

  • and eliminate any possibility that that serum will ever be created

  • again on American soil.

  • He's managed to infiltrate the State Department

  • as an American called Fred Clemson

  • And he's in the observation lab as the experiment's taking place

  • It's great to play a bad guy

  • but I really tried not to see him as a bad guy.

  • I wanted him to be human and I wanted him to be

  • the kind of spy that had a moral conscience

  • So he's not just a tool, he's actually...

  • he really believes that he's fighting for the Fatherland.

  • I think it's very easy to say that most people that operated in this period

  • didn't really know what was going on right at the center

  • And that's probably true

  • But I think everyone has to have a real moral compass

  • and really desire to do the right thing for their own country

  • And I wanted him to be more like that

  • than somebody who just believed he was bad

I play a character called Heinz Kruger who works for HYDRA


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美國隊長-理查德-阿米蒂奇採訪 (Captain America- Richard Armitage Interview)

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