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  • Today were going to learn how to cook in English. That's right! We're going to learn how to

  • chop like Jamie Oliver, how to season like Gordon Ramsey and how to grill like Mary Berry.

  • But before we do, I'd like to say a big thank you to the good people at Skillshare for helping

  • to sponsor this video. Now you guys know I'm passionate about learning and I think it's

  • the most positive thing that we can do. Now Skillshare is a great online learning platform

  • with thousands of classes for you to try. Now I'm going to tell you more about Skillshare

  • later on and an amazing offer that I have just for you guys. Let's do this.

  • I've been watching a lot of the cooking videos on Skillshare

  • and I've learned loads about cooking. So I

  • wanted today to teach you guys verbs that you need to know if you want to cook in English.

  • So let's get right to number one. Peel. I'm peeling a carrot. Chop. I'm chopping a carrot.

  • Dice. I'm dicing an onion. Deseed. I'm deseeding a pepper. Slice. I'm slicing a loaf of bread.

  • Spread. I'm spreading butter onto the bread. Grate. I'm grating some cheese. I've been

  • learning how to cook with Skillshare and they've taught me how to chop, to slice and to bake

  • like a pro. As I said before Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands

  • of classes waiting for you. So it doesn't matter what your interest is, if it's business,

  • graphic design, art whatever it is they've got thousands of classes for you. Now, why

  • do I love Skillshare for learning English. There are three reasons. Firstly they use

  • natural everyday English. Secondly you'll get to expand your vocabulary with a wide

  • variety of topics and interests. And lastly, you get to learn English through your passions

  • and your interests so if you love cooking then their cooking videos are perfect for

  • learning English. If you are interested in starting a business then watching their business

  • videos are going to give you the important key vocabulary relating to business. Very

  • excitingly Skillshare are offering two months free trial to the first 500 Eat Sleep Dreamers

  • that sign up. The link is in the description below. This free trial will give you access

  • to the premium content so you can watch any of their videos, any time, anywhere. So guys

  • what are you waiting for? Click the link below, go sign up for your free two month trial and

  • start learning with Skillshare. Pour. I'm pouring a drink. Simmer. The water is simmering.

  • Boil. I'm boiling an egg. Stir. I'm stirring the water. Season. I'm seasoning the chicken.

  • Fry. I'm frying some chicken. Taste. I'm tasting some chicken. Serve. I'm serving the food.

  • Guys, how was that? Did you enjoy that? Did you know all twenty cooking verbs? Are there

  • any others that you can share in the comments below so that we can learn English together?

  • Let me know.

  • As always guys, go check out my Instagram account. I put daily English content on there.

  • On my Instagram stories, also of course on Facebook. I've got new videos every Tuesday

  • and every Friday helping you take your English to the next level. Make sure you hit that

  • subscribe button and that like button but until next time guys this is Tom, the Chief

  • Dreamer, saying goodbye.

Today were going to learn how to cook in English. That's right! We're going to learn how to


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如何用英語烹飪 (How to COOK in ENGLISH)

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