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  • Two years later

  • and I've made it back to Kyoto.

  • "Good morning! Roll call for the women's shrine!"

  • Today I'm heading with my host family

  • to Fuji-no-mori Jinja in Kyoto.

  • Every year on May 5th,

  • the shrine opens up for a special festival

  • that includes a parade,

  • a "kakeuma" horse show

  • and a tour of mini shrines around the neighborhoods in Kyoto

  • For example,

  • you may recognize this spot!

  • Many people know Fushimi Inari

  • as one of the most iconic shrines in Kyoto

  • because of it's famous red, "Torii" gates

  • But this is actually only one stop along the way

  • during the bigger Fuji-no-mori Festial.

  • What should I do???

  • Follow us!!

  • It's time to get ready :).

  • "Lookin' good, Loretta!"

  • These "hapi" coats and "tabi" shoes

  • are the traditional costumes

  • for carrying the "onna mikoshi" (women's shrine)

  • which is what I'll be doing today.

  • So now it's time to get out there in the neighborhoods

  • and start the parade!

  • [[Parade Start!!]]

  • This is my second time participating

  • but my favorite part is still how connected you feel

  • with the whole community.

  • As you go through each neighborhood you can

  • meet with everyone,

  • drink with them, eat with them,

  • and you really feel like you're a part of something bigger.

  • The whole parade lasts almost the entire day

  • giving you a chance to see

  • so many of the different neighborhoods of Kyoto.

  • And once you've made it all around

  • it's time to go back to the Shrine

  • for a few more, different types of activities!

  • In addition to the "mikoshi" shrine parades

  • Fuji-no-mori Shrine is also famous for

  • it's "Kake-Uma Shinja "

  • or the acrobatic horse tricks

  • that you can go and see at the Shrine

  • This is a fun and exciting tradition

  • where trained acrobats perform tricks

  • while riding a galloping horse!

  • ...and the horse is out!!!

  • [[He's riding while WRITING characters]]

  • [[Riding upside down]]

  • [[Riding updside down WITH a Japanese flag]]

  • The Fuji-no-mori Matsuri is my favorite festival in Japan.

  • But whether you come with friends or family

  • just coming out and joining the community

  • is a great way to spend a day in Kyoto.

Two years later


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京都祭中的抬神--藤森祭。 (Carrying the Shrine in Kyoto Festival 外国人が女神輿を体験 | 藤森祭り)

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