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  • I've posted a bunch of different videos lately

  • so I feel like if you're watching

  • you may have figured out a particular trait of mine:

  • I really love to eat.

  • Like, REALLY.

  • Love it.

  • Can't stop, won't stop.

  • Especiallyyyyy fruit!

  • But you know,

  • recently I really crave

  • strawberries.

  • I really want to eat strawberries!

  • I wanna know,

  • how many strawberries do you think I can eat at once?

  • 1?

  • 10?

  • 100?

  • I posted a video where I played with Alpaca

  • and on this same trip I did all-you-can-eat strawberries.

  • So today I thought we could go together

  • and see how many I can cram in!

  • Loretta vs. the Strawberries!】

  • Ohhh, it's smells so good!

  • Strawberry Cam

  • "30 Mins to eat as much as you can..."

  • "...but you must eat them all on the premises!"

  • It's really good!

  • (Don't eat me!)

  • Finally, for this huge one!

  • This one's so big!

  • [ Your score: 21 ]

  • Yummy!

  • [ GAME OVER ]

  • Actually, I had a little problem.

  • I was planning to eat them all like a maniac

  • but we just had a buffet lunch before this!

  • We also then went to a cheesecake factory before this

  • or something like that

  • so like we already ate so much before doing this.

  • I really wanted to eat WAY more but

  • I started out too full! ;___;

  • This here isn't a strawberry, either.

  • I like them but with the end of June

  • it's really hard to find them.

  • I mean, some stores have them but

  • your typical fruit stand won't have them anymore.

  • So like, at this time of year,

  • what's the cheapest, most delicious fruit in Japan?

  • If you could recommend some to me

  • I would love to know in a comment below!

  • OK, so that's all for today!

  • If you liked this video

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  • See you guys later! :)

I've posted a bunch of different videos lately


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草莓採摘:日本水果太好吃了!| 日本的 "草莓果"--吃到飽 (イチゴ狩り: 日本のフルーツって美味しすぎ!| STRAWBERRIES All-You-Can-Eat Japan)

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