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  • good afternoon good afternoon guys greetings from sunny Busan South Korea

    大家下午好 來自陽光燦爛的釜山韓國的問候

  • today is a really exciting episode because we're going to be keying in on

    今天是一個非常令人興奮的插曲 因為我們一直在努力

  • Korean Street food in Busan we're at the Busan International Film

    釜山的韓國街頭美食 我們在釜山國際電影

  • Festival market area there are tons of Korean Street food vendors you can get

    節日市場面積有噸 你可以得到韓國街頭食品攤販

  • everything from classics like tteokbokki (떡볶이) to other kinds of Korean Street


  • food like mandu (만두) there's waffles we actually scouted this

    像mandu(만두)這樣的食物 有華夫餅,我們實際上是在偵察這個

  • area out the other day like 2 or 3 days ago when we're in Busan and we're like

    前幾天的區域就像2或3天 以前當我們在釜山時,我們就像

  • we're gonna come back here and try the street food so that's exactly what we're

    我們要回到這裡試試吧 街頭食品,這正是我們所做的

  • gonna do Busan is known for its International Film Festival it's been

    釜山因其而聞名 這是國際電影節

  • taking place annually since 1996 and so this area is famous also for buying

    自1996年以來每年舉辦一次 這個地區也很有名

  • souvenirs we're gonna go check it out he's a much Korean Street food as we

    紀念品,我們要去看看 他和我們一樣是韓國街頭的美食

  • possibly can can't wait to get started


  • walking around here I've noticed some different kinds of street food options I

    在這裡走來走去,我注意到了一些 不同種類的街頭食品選擇我

  • haven't seen in any other Korean street food markets before it was actually more

    沒有在任何其他韓國街頭看到過 食品市場實際上更多

  • like Chinese and Taiwanese type of things got kinds of waffles and also

    喜歡中國人和台灣人的 事情也有各種各樣的華夫餅乾

  • like fruit that's been fat like a glaze on top

    喜歡像釉一樣肥的水果 在上面

  • yeah a strawberries yeah that's really different really different but here we

    是的草莓是的,這是真的 不同真的不同,但在這裡我們

  • have the Korean food dude I can't wait to try this as things we will start off

    有韓國食物的傢伙,我等不及了 嘗試這個我們將開始的事情

  • with this tteokbokki (떡볶이) and anyeonghaseyo tteokbokki almaeyo sam cheon won hago mandu alma eyoyo o cheon won I'll be on my own

    這個tteokbokki(떡볶이)和anyeonghaseyo tteokbokki almaeyo sam cheon贏得了hago mandu alma eyoyo o cheon won我將獨自一人

  • guys we're starting off with classic Korean Street food with tteokbokki (떡볶이) the

    伙計們,我們從經典開始 韓國街頭美食與tteokbokki(떡볶이)

  • spicy Korean rice cakes and fish cakes as well this lady was so kind she added

    辣韓國年糕和魚餅 她補充道,這位女士也很善良

  • sundae (순대) the korean blood pork sausage so this has like intestines and rice and

    sundae(순대)韓國血豬肉香腸 這就像腸子和米飯一樣

  • other things in there over here we've got the odeng fish cakes and over here we've

    我們在那裡的其他東西 得到了odeng魚餅,我們在這裡

  • got the tteok which makes the tteokbokki (떡볶이) in a very spicy thick red gochujang

    得到了tteokbokki(떡볶이)的tteok 在一個非常辣的厚紅色辣椒醬

  • sauce like this he's more intensely red than the gochujang

    像這樣的醬 他比gochujang更紅

  • dong sauce that you find in thoughtful three and four I'm noticing that it

    你在周到的發現的東醬 三,四我注意到了

  • right away before I've even had a fight and I should mention this is 3,000 won

    我甚至在戰鬥之前就馬上了 我應該提到這是3000韓元

  • Muhsin three u.s. dollars for this generous portion this big bowl of it I'm

    Muhsin三美元為此 慷慨的這一大碗我是

  • gonna go for the tteok first hmm wrong big rice cake this sauce is to die for

    首先要去tteok而不是大錯 米糕這種醬是為了死

  • result thick it's so rich spicy sweet through I love it man I love it

    結果厚實,它是如此豐富的辛辣甜味 通過我愛它我喜歡它

  • no I'm going for the sundae (순대) oh man this is coated in the gochujang

    不,我要去聖代(순대)哦男人 這是在gochujang塗層

  • you try this you're gonna love it it's just unbelievably tasty rich chewy

    你試試這個你會喜歡它的 只是令人難以置信的美味豐富的耐嚼

  • absorbs all the sauce one thing left for me to try is the fish cake what's also

    吸收所有剩下的醬汁 我嘗試的是魚餅也是什麼

  • been like covered and sauce supersaturated in the gochujang sauce

    就像蓋了醬 在辣椒醬中過飽和

  • mmm everything is just so good in this bowl like all three items I just

    嗯,這一切都很好 碗我喜歡這三個項目

  • alternate between all of them and they're delicious now the other thing

    在他們所有人和他們之間交替 他們現在好吃了

  • that we got also 3000 Won was a gun-mandu (만두) deep-fried mandu and what I asked her

    我們得到3000韓元是一個槍 - mandu(만두) 油炸的曼杜和我問她

  • to do specifically was put the gochujang sauce on that's the red pepper


  • paste sauce because it tastes unbelievable having a fried mandu with

    貼醬,因為它的味道 令人難以置信的油炸曼都

  • the red pepper paste loss from grabbing some right here

    紅辣椒醬從劫掠中丟失 一些就在這裡

  • just like this probably be piping hot by the way so I gotta take a careful bite

    就像這樣可能是熱鬧的 所以我必須小心翼翼地咬一口

  • blow on a bit don't wanna turn my gums on the first Street food item boom I got

    吹一點不想轉動我的牙齦 我得到的第一個街頭食品項目熱潮

  • those are pork dumplings dude it's unreal it's like next-level good I like

    這些都是豬肉餃子 不真實,就像我喜歡的下一級好

  • this actually more than the tteok then the rice give it more than the soondae even

    這實際上比tteok更多了 米飯甚至超過了soondae

  • more than the odeng (오뎅) of fish cakes this to me is the number one one more

    比odeng(오뎅)的魚餅更多 這對我來說是第一位的

  • bite incredible in all of this will lessen six US dollars it can't be them

    所有這一切都令人難以置信 減掉6美元它不可能是他們

  • and they gave us more complimentary things with this meal nicest lady here

    他們給了我們更多的免費贈品 這頓飯最棒的女士在這裡

  • you got to come to this stall basically the soup that you get with the odeng

    你必須基本來到這個攤位 你用odeng得到的湯

  • those fish cakes and it looks like this it's just a nice warm salty refreshing

    那些魚餅,它看起來像這樣 它只是一個溫暖的鹹味清爽

  • soup it resets the palate a little bit because man that is some very spicy red

    湯有點重新調整味覺 因為男人是一些非常辛辣的紅色

  • pepper paste sauce so you want to have this to kind of just cut the aftertaste

    辣椒醬醬,所以你想擁有 這種只是減少了回味

  • a little bit you cleanse the palate for the next dish exactly especially if

    一點點你清理口感 特別是下一道菜

  • you're getting something else out there so overall man I'm thrilled with what we

    你在那裡得到別的東西 總的來說,我對我們的興奮感到興奮

  • how it started off like this we started off as Korean Street food tour with a bang

    它是如何從我們開始的這樣開始的 隨著韓國街美食之旅的爆炸

  • the tteok-bokki (떡볶이) with extra sundae (순대) with the Odeng (오뎅) and then the mandu (만두) with the

    帶有額外聖代(순대)的tteok-bokki(떡볶이) Odeng(오뎅)然後是mandu(만두)的

  • gochujang sauce that is thriller man wait till you try that mandu (만두) David you're

    gochujang醬是驚悚片男人等 直到你嘗試那個mandu(만두)David你

  • gonna love it


  • dude we've got Dakgangjeong (닭강정) next what is that

    老兄,我們接下來就是Dakgangjeong(닭강정) 就是它

  • so it's basically deep-fried chicken you can see here doing it right here she's

    所以它基本上是炸雞你 在這裡可以看到她就是這樣做的

  • frying the chicken yeah then it goes over there and she's putting delicious

    油炸雞是啊然後它去 在那邊,她正在美味

  • sweet and sour sauce so it's not spicy comes in three sizes okay you know three

    糖醋醬,所以它不辣 有三種尺寸可以,你知道三種尺寸

  • sizes small medium large 3,000 5,000 10,000 so they're two dollars five

    尺寸小中大3000 5,000 10,000,所以他們是兩美元五

  • hundred ten dollars we got the three dollar one small I think overdo it right

    我們得到了三百美元 美元一小我認為它是正確的

  • and then put a rice cake to rice cakes on top just to give it an extra little

    然後在米糕上放一塊年糕 在頂部只是給它一個額外的小

  • dessert flavor to it right yeah yeah can't wait to try it man I love that you

    甜點的味道對它是啊是的 我等不及試試吧,我愛你

  • know what I love about this place also for each vendor it has little stations

    知道我對這個地方的喜愛 對於每個供應商,它幾乎沒有電台

  • you can Standish eat yeah so it's like you have to be moving the whole time no

    你可以Standish吃是的,所以它就像 你必須一直在移動沒有

  • no hurry in somebody's way eating very convenient for the customer yeah so

    不要急於吃某人的方式 方便客戶,是的

  • pumped to try this chicken deep-fried Korean chicken (Dakgangjeong 닭강정) with glaze I love it Oh

    抽了試試這個炸雞 韓國雞肉(Dakgangjeong닭강정)有釉我愛它哦

  • I got big piece cooked to perfection on the outside you were saying that this

    我把大塊煮熟到完美 外面你說的是這個

  • chicken is double fried you read about that what's a minute a so crispy on the

    你讀到的雞肉是雙炒的 什麼是一分鐘如此脆

  • outside juicy moist in the middle I take it back about this being a spicy sauce

    外面多汁的濕潤中間我採取 它回來說這是一個辣醬

  • it's not it's sweet and sour mostly sweet mmm it's almost like a dessert

    它主要不是糖醋 甜蜜的嗯,它幾乎就像一個甜點

  • chicken just so good and we're gonna try the rice okay also comes with that time

    雞肉真好,我們會嘗試 大米還好,還有那個時候

  • to try that rice cake as orbs all the sauce I just love that sauce between

    嘗試將年糕作為所有的球體 醬我只是喜歡那種醬

  • this sauce is sweet sauce from the tteok bokki (떡볶이) sauce I can alternate between

    這醬是甜醬 tteok bokki(떡볶이)醬我可以交替

  • the two hold on one more visit chicken is just so 11 honestly I don't think I'm

    兩人再一次拜訪雞 老實說,我不認為我是

  • country that's right you're getting better than Korea I'm like they just do

    你正確的國家 比韓國更好我就像他們一樣

  • the best of the best what do you get it a bar on the street just unbelievable is

    最好的你得到了什麼 街上的酒吧簡直令人難以置信

  • up oh that's unreal so tasty this is

    向上 哦,這是不真實的,這是多麼美味

  • only our second food item - we're gonna go strong at least several more next up

    只有我們的第二個食品 - 我們要去 接下來要堅強至少幾個

  • this is a food that I actually find repulsive it as if I this is one of the only


  • Korean foods I hate I'm trying this because I've never I've never shared it

    韓國食品我討厭我正在嘗試這個 因為我從來沒有分享過它

  • with you guys probably one of the more traditional korean street foods

    與你們一起可能是其中之一 傳統的韓國街頭食品

  • especially popular amongst the older generation it is called Beondegi (번데기)

    特別受老年人歡迎 它被稱為Beondegi(번데기)

  • silkworm larvae and it just has a smell that oh it doesn't smell edible when I

    蠶幼蟲它只是有氣味 哦,當我沒有聞到它的味道

  • walk by it smells like insects and it is and the worst part about it is when you

    走過它聞起來像昆蟲,它是 關於它的最糟糕的部分是當你

  • eat it it bursts and you get that the juices the juices oh my gosh I'm gonna

    吃它爆裂,你得到它 把果汁榨汁哦我的天哪我要去

  • I'm gonna eat it for you guys I'm gonna eat it for you guys

    我會為你們吃它我會的 為你們吃它

  • he appears it with a skewer oh look it's so bad it tastes as gross as it look oh

    他看起來像是扦子哦 它看起來很糟糕,看起來很糟糕哦

  • one more oh oh oh my gosh I knew already pre-planning what I'm gonna get next I

    還有一個哦哦哦,我已經知道了我的天哪 預先規劃我接下來要做的事情

  • need to get this awful aftertaste out of my throat before you're done pulling on

    需要得到這種糟糕的回味 在你拉完之前我的喉嚨

  • mouth one just one


  • it's so bad isn't it oh my gosh it's freakin disgusting I can't have any more

    它太糟糕了不是哦,我的天哪 我不能再忍受了

  • like I'm gonna gag get serious talk


  • so I am trying the rules marshmallow ice cream never had this before it's really

    所以我正在嘗試規則marshmallow ice 奶油從來沒有這個真的

  • cool so basically what he did they pulled out a vanilla block he had like

    他所做的基本上很酷 拉出了他喜歡的香草塊

  • one of those flame roasted ads as indicated he torched it torch them and

    其中一個火焰烤廣告 表示他把火炬焚燒了

  • it's actually denser it's thicker than what I thought gonna try this here just

    它實際上比它更濃密 我認為這會在這裡嘗試一下

  • like a giant marshmallow oh that's so good it's like you're having it like you

    就像一個巨大的棉花糖哦,就是這樣 很好,就像你擁有它一樣

  • know the marshmallow you have when you roast over the fire just like that first

    知道你有的棉花糖 就像第一次一樣在火上烤

  • bit of perfection on the outside marshmallow

    在外面有點完美 棉花糖

  • around the perimeter I think there might be an ice cream layer deeper down let me

    在周邊,我認為可能會 更深的冰淇淋層讓我

  • try I mean miss vanilla marshmallow has to have ice cream that's what it is so

    試試我的意思是小姐香草棉花糖了 有冰淇淋就是這樣

  • it's virtual around the perimeter then you have ice cream in the middle I've

    那麼它在周邊是虛擬的 我在中間有冰淇淋

  • never had that before look at that so tasty

    在看之前從來沒有這樣做過 可口

  • this one is 4,000 won four dollars men if you have a sweet tooth you got to try

    這一個是4,000韓元4美元的男人 如果你有甜食,你必須嘗試

  • this it's so good


  • as you reach the perimeter of the market things change from street food vendors

    當你到達市場的邊界 街頭食品供應商的變化

  • to fortune tellers and also fruit and vegetable sellers

    算命先生,還有水果和水果 蔬菜賣家

  • Oh

  • guys next up we're trying Garibi (가리비) and my goodness

    接下來我們正在嘗試Garibi(가리비)和我的 善良

  • when I saw this I had no idea that was gonna be the performance that it was

    當我看到這個時,我不知道那是什麼 將是它的表現

  • that was incredible what did you think about it I thought it was insane I mean

    那令人難以置信的是你的想法 關於它我認為這是瘋了我的意思

  • we we are here in Busan this is a port city so we have to eat seafood do you

    我們在釜山這是一個港口 城市,所以我們要吃海鮮嗎?

  • realize you're gonna do performances like that with the fireman no it's crazy

    意識到你要做表演 就像那個與消防員一樣沒有它的瘋狂

  • I loved that I loved it and so what we have here is a scallop obviously and

    我喜歡我喜歡它,所以我們喜歡它 這裡有一個明顯的扇貝

  • he's put some various sauces on here it's been some melted cheese I believe

    他在這裡放了一些各種醬汁 我相信這是一些融化的奶酪

  • oh my god nuke sick thing a nuke this baby Oh so tender mmm because it's got some cheese too

    哦,我的上帝努力生病了這個核武器 寶貝哦,這麼溫柔,因為它也有一些奶酪

  • tomb let's waste our sauce Oh massiseyo destroy Oh mmm so delicious

    墳墓讓我們浪費我們的醬油哦massiseyo 摧毀哦嗯這麼好吃

  • Brook form this is really kind of our first taste of the sea isn't it out here

    布魯克形式這真的是我們的 第一次品嚐大海不是在這裡

  • in Busan not the last that's for sure so juicy so fresh street food in busan is

    在釜山不是最後一次肯定如此 釜山多汁如此新鮮的街頭小吃

  • proving to be on par I take better than Seoul so far better than any Street food

    證明是我的優勢 首爾到目前為止比任何街頭食品都好

  • I found Seoul Busan you've impressed me mmm love an account

    我找到了首爾釜山 你給我留下了深刻的印象

  • or to mention the price for one of these 3,000 Won Sam cheon Won I'm someone two of them owed

    或者提到其中一個的價格 3,000韓元Sam Cheon贏了我是他們中的兩個人

  • someone 5,000 won so you say 500 won per dish by getting two of them so if you

    有人5000韓元,所以你說500韓元 如果你這樣的話就得到其中兩個

  • have a friend dropped it so something really cool because this is the Busan

    有一個朋友放棄了它 真的很酷,因為這是釜山

  • International Festival they have had prints of famous actors who've come and

    他們有過國際藝術節 著名演員的印刷品

  • just put it there print on the ground sort of similar to I think like the

    把它放在地上打印 有點像我想的那樣

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame or whatever that they have in LA and yeah it's just a

    好萊塢星光大道或其他什麼 他們在洛杉磯,是的,它只是一個

  • cool little out of touch while you're walking you'll notice them

    你很酷,很少有點脫節 走路你會注意到他們

  • I'm gonna say anyeong haseyo welcome you know you go on my own

    我會說任何haseyo歡迎 你知道你自己去

  • yeah seygae take it go on and guys we're finishing off our Korean Street food

    是的seygae繼續下去,我們是誰 完成我們的韓國街頭美食

  • tour here in Busan with something sweet in my one hand I've got waffle with

    在釜山旅遊,享受甜蜜的美食 在我的一隻手中,我有胡扯

  • cream in the middle I'm not entirely sure what this is looks like a little

    中間的奶油我不完全 確定這看起來有點像

  • mini waffles so I'm gonna start with that mmm oh wow completely different

    迷你華夫餅,所以我要開始 那嗯哦哇完全不同

  • than what I thought it's like waffle batter but in the

    比我的想法 它就像華夫餅乾,但是在

  • middle is like um like a sweet um I think it's like a sweet white bean look

    中間就像是一個甜蜜的我 認為這就像甜白豆的樣子

  • at that middle can you see that using out bean sauce so totally different than

    在那個中間你能看到使用 豆醬這麼完全不同

  • what I thought it has like a sweet white bean kind of paste in the middle mmm good

    我認為它有點像甜白 豆類中間粘貼好mmm

  • all right although I've had what if you sweet so I don't need any more all right

    好吧,雖然我已經擁有了你的意思 甜蜜,所以我不再需要了

  • Last thing we're going to try there's a waffle I'm gonna break that bad boy in half so I

    最後我們要嘗試的是我的華夫餅乾 要把那個壞男孩分成兩半,這樣我

  • have a piece David as a piece and this waffle appears to have like cream in the

    有一塊大衛作為一塊和這個 華夫餅似乎有像奶油一樣

  • middle it's crispy on the outside mmm it was like whipped cream in them at

    中間它外面很脆 嗯,就像在他們身上的奶油一樣

  • all really sweet whip family I was definitely satisfying my sweet tooth she

    我真是個甜蜜的鞭子家庭 絕對滿足我的甜蜜她

  • talked about the price this is 2000 Won each one one and the three little balls with

    談到價格這是每個2000韓元 一個和三個小球

  • the bean paste in the middle three four one thousand one : 1 less than 1 less

    中間三四個豆瓣醬 一千一:少於1少

  • than 3 u.s. dollars for both dessert items and yeah street food has been

    這兩種甜點都超過3美元 物品和是的街頭食品一直在

  • fantastic overall I mean obviously the Beondaegi wasn't everything else is

    總體來說很棒我的意思很明顯 Beondaegi不是其他一切

  • pretty delicious


  • dude what'd you think of the street food first time having street food in Busan

    你怎麼看街頭小吃? 第一次在釜山吃街頭小吃

  • huh I love them in the food here is how to control I mean I think to better in

    呵呵,我喜歡他們在這裡的食物是怎樣的 控制我的意思是我認為更好

  • Seoul maybe I don't know the trip maybe maybe maybe maybe they both have their

    首爾也許我不知道這次旅行 也許也許他們都有他們的

  • own charm here they have the seafood after which is amazing the scallops it

    他們有自己的魅力,他們有海鮮 扇貝之後是驚人的

  • blew me away but they also a lot of us know the house a king crab yeah yeah so

    吹走了我,但他們也很多我們 知道房子裡有一隻帝王蟹,是的,是的

  • many simple dishes we didn't go all seafood just because a lot of its really

    許多簡單的菜餚我們並沒有全部 海鮮只是因為它真的很多

  • pricey cuz it's a turistic area that's right but uh but yeah we're gonna try it

    價格昂貴,這是一個turistic區域 對,但是呃但是我們會嘗試的

  • on watch and so what we're doing is we're walking it off or heading to a

    在觀看,所以我們正在做的是 我們正在走它或前往

  • nearby park and along the way this is a very popular shopping district area like

    附近的公園和沿途這是一個 非常受歡迎的購物區一樣

  • Saturday people are out there out shopping they're out eating it's a

    星期六的人都出去了 購物他們出去吃它是一個

  • bustling hive of activity yes so we're going to Yong Doosan Park which means

    繁忙的活動蜂巢是的,所以我們 去勇都山公園這意味著

  • dragon head mountain it's it's 69 thousand square meters of park land with

    龍頭山是它的69 千平方米的公園用地

  • over 70 species of trees and yeah it's one of the top tourist attractions in

    超過70種樹木,是的 中國最熱門的旅遊景點之一

  • the area you have to visit like part of the top tens of the city and it's right

    您必須訪問的區域 這個城市的前十位是正確的

  • here I mean it's just like a short five minute walk walking distance let's go so

    我的意思是它就像一個短五 分鐘步行距離讓我們走吧

  • right now we are on the way to Yong Dusan Park and we actually went a little

    現在我們正在前往Yong Dusan Park的路上,我們實際上走了一段路

  • bit too far we had to backtrack of it and then take it right and right now

    有點太遠,我們不得不回溯它 然後立即採取行動

  • we're riding up an escalator I had no idea that you took an escalator to get

    我們騎著自動扶梯,我沒有 你想乘坐自動扶梯的想法

  • up to the park


  • David what an afternoon and man it's been incredible we did like pigs we ate

    大衛是一個下午和男人 我們做的很像我們吃的豬

  • a lot it was all delicious my favorite thing has to go the first thing we try

    很多都是我最喜歡的美味 事情必須是我們嘗試的第一件事

  • just by happy the tteok bokki (떡볶이) so definitely if you're coming to Busan you

    只是快樂的tteok bokki(떡볶이)所以 當然,如果你要來釜山

  • have to check out the Busan International Film Festival area not

    不得不看看釜山 國際電影節區域沒有

  • just street food but also great for shopping great for people watching great

    只是街頭食品,但也很棒 購物非常適合人們觀看

  • souvenirs the other nice pedestrian walkway and then you after that you come

    紀念品,另一個漂亮的行人 走道然後你就來了

  • up to this park yeah explore the park if you want even go up

    直到這個公園是的 如果你想要上升,探索公園

  • to busan tower 120 meters tall they have an observation deck going do that

    他們有120米高的釜山塔 觀景台會這樣做

  • another day though we're gonna save some activities to the other days that were

    另一天雖然我們要省一些 活動到其他日子

  • here the time-being man if you enjoyed this video you know what to do thumbs up

    如果你喜歡的話,這裡有時間的人 這個視頻你知道該怎麼做豎起大拇指

  • thumbs up comment below subscribe to both of us we'll see you with so much

    下面的評論評論訂閱 我們倆都會和你見面這麼多

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