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  • Today I'm going to help your English sound more natural by focusing on stress and using


  • it to emphasise how we feel. All that is coming right up.


  • So why is stress so important? 'This is such a good party''I'm so excited right now!' 'This

    那麼為什麼強調(stress)很重要? This is such a good party. I'm so excited right now!

  • is really good'. Woah! Ok without stress our sentences have no life. So we use stress to

    This is really good. 喔!好!沒有強調(stress),我們的語句就不生動了。 所以我們用強調(stress)來

  • help us to show or to indicate what we think is the important information in a sentence.


  • We also use it to emphasise how we feel about something and that's what we are going to


  • focus on today. So we use before adjectives. 'He is so annoying' 'She's so cute' 'Oh my

    關注的。我們會在形容詞前使用。 'He is so annoying.' 'She's so cute.' 'Oh my

  • God! It's so cold' And we use such in front of a noun. 'He's such a nice guy' 'That's

    God! It's so cold.' 我們也在名詞前用。 'He's such a nice guy.' 'That's

  • such a good idea' 'It was such a bad film'. Ok, can you see there that I'm stressing so

    such a good idea.' 'It was such a bad film.' 好!你能不能看到我在強調(stressing)的 so

  • and such? And they are just emphasising how I feel. It's such a good idea, you know it's

    和 such?這就只是在凸顯我的感覺。 It's such a good idea,你知道這

  • not just a good idea, I believe in the idea. It's such a good idea. Alright let's put it

    不只是好主意,我相信這是好主意。 It's such a good idea. 好了!我們把它

  • into a conversation. A conversation about Game of Thrones. Did you see Game of Thrones

    加進對話——跟 Game of Thrones 有關的對話。 黑:「你昨天有沒有看 Game of Thrones?」

  • last night? No, was it good? ? Oh my God! It was so good. You have to watch it. Ok,

    白:「沒有,那很棒嗎?」 黑:「嘔!天啊!我的老天鵝啊! 那真的很棒,你一定要看。」 白:「好的,

  • cool. I will. Yeah, you've got to watch it, it was such a good episode. Now this stress

    酷喔!我會去看。」 黑:「對!你一定要看,it was such a good episode。」 現在這種強調(stress)

  • pattern is commonly used with so and such. That's used all the time. We can also use

    方式,通常都是用 so 和 such, 而且會一直被拿來用,我們也能

  • it with other adverbs so in this sentence 'It really stinks in here' 'Can you actually

    在語句中拿來跟副詞一起用。 'It really stinks in here.' 'Can you actually

  • believe what he just said?' 'I am very tired.' Alright so other adverbs there. We've got

    believe what he just said?' 'I am very tired.' 好了!所以這裡有其他副詞,我們用

  • really, we've got actually and we've got very. Alright guys it's time for you to practise.

    really;我們用 actually;我們用 very。 好了夥伴!是時候該練習了。

  • Now I'm going to throw up some sentences up here and I want you to say them at home using

    現在我把一些句子丟上來這裡, 我希望你在家裡用很自然的強調(stress )方式

  • this natural stress pattern. Ok? Are you ready? Here we go.

    來說這些句子。 好嗎?你準備好了嗎?我們來吧!

  • Alright guys, I hope you have enjoyed that. I hope you found that useful and I hope that

    好了夥伴!我希望你會喜歡; 我希望你覺得有用;我希望

  • your English will now sound more natural with this stress pattern. If you would like more

    你用強調(stress)方式說的英語會聽起來更自然。 如果你想要有更多的

  • videos on pronunciation or stress then let me know in the comments below. Please give


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  • learn English please share it with them. As always guys I'd love it if you went and checked

    學英語的人,請分享給他們。 夥伴!跟以前一樣,如果你去看看我的

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  • you so much for hanging out with me guys. This is Tom, the chief dreamer, saying goodbye.

    非常感謝夥伴你花時間陪我(看影片)。 我是 Tom——首席夢想家(the Chief Dreamer), 說再見!

Today I'm going to help your English sound more natural by focusing on stress and using



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英式英語發音|用SO/SUCH強調。 (British English Pronunciation | Stress with SO / SUCH)

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