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  • [ SHIBUYA ]

  • Hey guys, I'm KemushiChan / Loretta!

  • Today we are trying something different...

  • I'm going to try and FISH for my own dinner tonight

  • at the restaurant back there!

  • [ ZAUO Fishing Restaurant ]

  • So this is my first time fishing EVER in my life!

  • ...and somehow it's in a Shibuya restaurant?

  • Typical Tokyo, for ya!

  • But let's break it down for a second:

  • the menu here is full of different fish,

  • and the only one that I can usually read is TUNA.

  • So ME + Lots of FISH KANJI

  • Usually = me taking to long to order.

  • [ TOO SLOW!]

  • So instead, my buddy Charly here

  • suggested that I try out MyOrder

  • a service that lets you use your phone

  • to toggle between Japanese and

  • actually good translations of each menu item.

  • Let's try it out!

  • So what you do is scan the menu to pull it up in English

  • Pick out what you want to eat,

  • and then hit "translate" and show it to your server.

  • I should learn how to read these myself...

  • I see like... "TEN".... what does this say?


  • Oh, Tempura?!

  • FAIL!!!

  • Good Japanese lesson!

  • I like it because it helps to learn the actually Japanese names for food

  • But it's also helpful because

  • sometimes the English menus aren't the same as the Japanese

  • or even if you order something in English

  • your server still has no idea what your saying

  • so it kind of bridges that last step so that they can easily take your order.

  • Sometimes restaurants will give me an English menu

  • but if I actually read it off as it's written, like:

  • ONE "TAI" - Fish, Sea Bream!

  • It still doesn't convey if servers only speak Japanese.

  • Yeah, that happens.

  • We want to make it easier to understand.

  • So I'm going to try fishing for Sea Bream

  • which is called "TAI" in Japanese.

  • I'm going to go fishing!

  • In we go!!!

  • Patience guys, patience!

  • You can tell that I'm a pro fisher!

  • This is the pro stance!

  • You elongate your weakest arm

  • and DANGLE.


  • (C: Have you ever fished before?)

  • Uh... no.....???

  • First try: FAIL!

  • He ran away...

  • Did he bite? Oh! He's taking it!!

  • I did it!!!

  • How do you want it cooked?

  • Sashimi!!

  • Look at this!

  • I caught this!!

  • It looks so good!

  • It's really pretty!

  • We have ice and some little garnishes...

  • then that's allll sashimi!

  • That's about as fresh as it gets!

  • So fresh!

  • Bon Apetit!

  • You know how sometimes you eat fish and it's like

  • a little bit salty or a little bit fishy?

  • No, this one's a little bit sweet!

  • I'm going to quietly eat this whole thing!

  • Here I go!!!

  • For my first time fishing, I didn't do half bad!

  • So if you're curious about Zauo fishing restaurant

  • or more places where you can use MyOrder

  • check out the description below this video!

  • Thanks for watching today, guys!

  • I'll see you next time!



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釣魚壽司晚餐在涉谷|藏王餐廳 (Fishing for Sushi Dinner in Shibuya | Zauo Restaurant)

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