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  • (music playing)


  • I don't know whether to be thrilled or slightly terrified


  • It is moving oh my gosh


  • good afternoon good afternoon guys another beautiful day here in sunny

    大家下午好 陽光明媚的另一個美好的一天

  • Busan South Korea today we are going to Taejongdae 태종대 park all so this is a

    今天釜山韓國我們要去 Taejongdae태종대公園都是這樣的

  • fantastic place to get Korean seafood I mean we're here in Busan the seafood

    獲得韓國海鮮的好地方我 我的意思是我們在釜山吃海鮮

  • capital of South Korea and so we're gonna go down try to get a delicious

    韓國的首都,所以我們是 要下去嘗試獲得美味

  • seafood lunch check out the attractions here and show you the whole experience

    海鮮午餐查看景點 在這裡,向您展示整個體驗

  • let's do it he's made a fan from India yeah it's

    我們開始做吧 他是來自印度的粉絲,是的

  • amazing she's living up here in South Korea it's the one that was an awesome

    太棒了,她住在南方 韓國,這是一個很棒的

  • oh man I was like the most special moment Busan yeah yeah building up an

    哦,男人,我是最特別的 那一刻釜山是的,是的,建立一個

  • appetite to spend too much money on these clams I'm starving

    胃口太多錢的胃口 這些蛤蜊我餓死了

  • with the triple portion now from what I read it's the people say that you spend

    現在從我的三重部分 讀它是人們說你花了

  • around eighty thousand eighty dollars for five people to eat non-stop seafood

    大約八萬八千美元 五個人吃不停的海鮮

  • beers and soju yeah so that's affordable so if you're thinking of him and me 15

    啤酒和燒酒是的,所以這是負擔得起的 所以,如果你想到他和我15

  • 20 dollars for an epic meal I spend in Miami on nothing yeah it's on a healthy

    我花了20美元用於史詩般的一頓飯 邁阿密什麼都沒有,這是健康的

  • meal it's gonna be good I can't wait right here that ends a right next to the

    吃飯它會好的我等不及了 就在這裡,結束右邊的

  • beach Oh summer 150 meters it said so we should be able to get there really

    海灘哦夏天150米它說我們 應該能夠真正到達那裡

  • easily so after walking just 150 meters from basically the tourism office

    步行150米後很容易 從基本上是旅遊局

  • basically heading straight into the left we've come to the area where we can grab

    基本上直接進入左側 我們來到了我們可以抓住的地方

  • some lunch and it's nice it's right by a rocky beach and there's lots of little

    一些午餐,它很好,它是正確的 岩石海灘,有很多小

  • tents so we're just gonna pop in see what we can find and hopefully get some

    帳篷,所以我們只是流行看到 我們能找到什麼並希望得到一些

  • delicious exotic Korean seafood oh I should get back

    美味的異國風味韓國海 哦,我應該回來

  • oh my just oil gumbo sale (speaking korean)


  • the Korean seafood feast extravaganza has officially begun we're starting off

    韓國海鮮盛宴盛宴 已經正式開始,我們正在開始

  • with appetizers we've got mussels right here check that up on top of that we're

    開胃菜我們有貽貝吧 在這裡檢查一下我們是誰

  • gonna be washing it all down with some cass beer and we have veggies carrots

    要用一些東西洗乾淨 卡斯啤酒,我們有蔬菜胡蘿蔔

  • cucumbers onion the ever-popular ssamjang sauce other red sauce maybe go

    黃瓜洋蔥一直很受歡迎 ssamjang醬其他紅醬也許去

  • to gochujang sauce and maybe something with a bit of oil and salt

    到gochujang醬,也許是一些東西 一點油和鹽

  • don't further ado let's have the beer we're gonna do a Cheers here I'm gonna

    不要再讓我們喝啤酒吧 我們要在這里幹杯,我要去

  • pour my glass and I'm gonna get some for you oh man I love this traditional

    倒我的杯子,我會得到一些 你好哦,我喜歡這種傳統

  • Korean seating as well sitting down here I'm starting to get used to it like

    韓國座位也坐在這裡 我開始習慣它了

  • whenever I first come back to Korea now it's like the first few days that you're

    每當我第一次回到韓國的時候 就像你前幾天一樣

  • sitting on the floor like you're kind of leg falls asleep

    像你一樣坐在地板上 腿睡著了

  • if your foot falls asleep but I'm starting to get used to this now my legs

    如果你的腳睡著但是我 現在開始習慣這個我的雙腿了

  • it just just takes a bit of practice all right let's start things off with a

    它只是需要一些練習 讓我們開始吧

  • gumbai gumbai ice-cold beer Oh loving it nothing

    孟買孟買 冰鎮啤酒哦愛它什麼都沒有

  • better on a hot day guys is pretty warm here and leave me in Busan okay it's

    在炎熱的一天更好的傢伙們很溫暖 在這裡留下我在釜山好吧

  • time to eat it and I mean we have chopsticks we have like washing

    吃它的時間我的意思是我們有 筷子我們喜歡洗

  • serviettes but you know what I'm just gonna use my hands why not right

    餐巾,但你知道我的意思 會用我的手為什麼不對

  • the cool thing is that this actually comes with onions - look at that it's

    實際上這很酷 帶洋蔥 - 看看它是什麼

  • gonna dunk it into the spicy red sauce oh dude you can't get fresher than this so

    要把它灌成辣醬 哦,老兄,你不能比這更新鮮

  • tender so flavorful juicy - wait just like the thing that just comes out from

    溫柔如此美味多汁 - 等一下 喜歡剛出來的東西

  • us it's just how fresh it is I mean we were watching for a long time where

    我們這是多麼新鮮我的意思是我們 在那裡看了很久

  • they're cutting things off and and getting things ready for our feast but

    他們正在削減一切 為我們的盛宴做好準備但是

  • this stuff right here Oh next-level freshness take that for a swim mmm

    這個東西就在這裡哦,下一級 新鮮度假游泳嗯

  • there's veggies gonna try a few veggies here dip them into the ssamjang sauce

    有蔬菜會嘗試一些蔬菜 在這里浸入ssamjang醬

  • this one off you know what's amazing about Korea well unless you got fried

    這一個你知道什麼是驚人的 關於韓國,除非你炒

  • chicken but there are some exceptions but the rule of the Korean meal really

    雞但有一些例外 但真正的韓國餐的統治

  • whenever you order something you have tons of veggie sides it's so easy to eat

    無論何時你訂購了什麼 大量的素食方面很容易吃

  • healthy in Korea you've got your proteins you got your veggie mmm

    在韓國健康,你有你的 蛋白質你得到你的素食嗯

  • delicious delicious fresh vegetables and guys this is the appetizers times it's the

    美味可口的新鮮蔬菜和 伙計們這是開胃菜的時候了

  • main stop I've got the Pampas it's moving it is moving

    主要停止我有潘帕斯它 移動它正在移動

  • ohh oh my gosh check out the seafood feast I don't know whether to be

    哦,我的天哪看看海鮮 盛宴我不知道是不是

  • thrilled or slightly terrified I can honestly say that over 70% of what's on

    我可以激動或稍微害怕 老實說,超過70%的東西

  • this plate I have no idea what it is yeah I'm gonna do it all but I don't

    這個盤子我不知道它是什麼 是的我會做到這一切,但我沒有

  • know what everything is called a Tokyo tumble manga the manga yeah

    知道什麼都叫 一個東京翻滾漫畫漫畫是啊

  • there you go hey some are korean seafood they they

    你去吧 嘿,有些人是他們的韓國海鮮

  • gaebul guys at least I got I got I got the Korean sorted for him oh yeah

    gaebul傢伙,至少我得到了 我讓韓國人為他排序哦是的

  • no English translation there what would you suggest I do first of all would be

    那裡沒有英文翻譯 你建議我先做

  • easiest easiest easiest these ones here okay I'm gonna dip but she says didn't

    這裡最簡單易行的最容易 好吧,我會沾,但她說沒有

  • read that one dip it into the red right here mm-hmm

    讀到那個人把它浸成紅色的右邊 這裡mm-hmm

  • alright that's a big piece of something Wow yeah I don't know that Brown thing

    好吧,這是一件很重要的事情 哇呀,我不知道布朗的事情

  • is but it's going in my mouth mmm that's good

    但它正在我的嘴裡嗯那是 好

  • super fresh hmm very juicy oh my gosh that's a very strong aftertaste

    超級新鮮嗯非常多汁哦我的天哪 這是一種非常強烈的回味

  • extremely um it's from the sea it's briny oh yeah om the more you chew it the stronger

    非常嗯,它來自大海,它很棒哦 是的,你越嚼越強壯

  • the taste very interesting these two i'm gonna have at the end so i guess this

    這兩個我的味道很有趣 最後會有這樣的猜測

  • one would be next right Wow alright I'm putting this gochujang whoa

    一個會是下一個正好哇好吧我 把這個gochujang哇

  • I like that texture most points a bit more chewy not as strong of a taste as

    我最喜歡那種紋理點 更耐嚼不像味道那麼強烈

  • the first one with that sauce with the red sauce great combination I can

    第一個帶醬的醬汁 紅醬很棒的組合我可以

  • honestly say I like that one what about one of these oh these are also in here -

    老實說我喜歡那個怎麼樣 其中一個哦這些也在這裡 -

  • whoo it feels harder than the other like hard mussels feels real like I could break a tooth with this thing

    感覺比其他人感覺更難 硬貽貝感覺真實,就像我可以用這個東西打破牙齒

  • that was like the things we had yesterday the ojingo you know

    這就像我們擁有的東西 昨天你知道的ojingo

  • next one how about this thing here oh it's got like try that like that one a

    下一個怎麼樣這個東西在這裡哦 它就像嘗試那樣一個

  • little more do I mean half of these have been okay are you some beers oh my gosh

    我的意思是他們中的一半了 沒關係,你有些啤酒哦,我的天哪

  • you haven't done the exotic ones yet these different I think so did you try this

    你還沒有完成這些異國情調 不同我覺得你試試這個

  • one I did one of the slime sloshing just looking things I've ever seen

    我只做了一個粘液晃動 看我見過的東西

  • oh my god hey gosh look at that I'm gonna put it in the rest

    哦,天哪,嘿,天哪看著我 要把它放在其餘部分

  • you know what the red sauce is my go-to it's really tough slimy oh no no bueno

    你知道紅醬是我的首選 它非常堅韌哦,不,沒有bueno

  • oh my gosh one of the hardest aspects about this meal is that when some of

    哦,我的天哪是最困難的方面之一 關於這頓飯是什麼時候的

  • these things are so chewy then when you got one you don't really like not

    當你這些東西時,這些東西真的很耐刮 有一個你真的不喜歡

  • like you're done with them it's still processing for a long time to be able to

    就像你完成它們一樣,它仍然存在 處理很長時間才能夠

  • swallow it okay that really just left with just two most exotic things you can

    吞下它,好吧,真的剛剛離開 只有兩件最奇特的東西你可以

  • see worm I've got a inner sea worm and it is moving around when it was caught all

    看蠕蟲,我有一隻內海蠕蟲 當它全部被捕時,它正在四處走動

  • this blood oozed out of it and I got to admit like this this is grossing me out

    這血從它滲出來,我得到了 像這樣承認這讓我很難過

  • a little bit I'm gonna put it in here and it's moving just go for this I just

    我會把它放在這裡一點點 它正在移動我只是為了這個

  • gotta stop looking at other piece of store moving super squishy it's a

    不得不停下來看看其他的 商店移動超級濕軟它是一個

  • texture of that I wouldn't go out of my way to have a go again not my favorite

    紋理,我不會離開我的 再去一次不是我最喜歡的方式

  • moving on to the Nakji the octopus no I think this is gonna taste good but I

    繼續前往章魚Nakji沒有我 我覺得這樣味道不錯

  • need to be very careful eating it because these things basically they have

    吃它需要非常小心 因為這些東西基本上都有

  • suction cups and they can attach themselves to your throat to do your

    吸盤,他們可以附加 你自己到你的喉嚨做你的

  • tongue here it's your gums so what I'm gonna do is just attack this with

    舌頭在這裡它是你的牙齦所以我是 要做的就是攻擊這個

  • authority right now oh man I feel trying to like talk real good this is one

    權威現在哦,我覺得我很努力 喜歡說真正的好,這是一個

  • moving here what that thing was moving oh my gosh I'm just pulverized or not

    移動到這裡的東西正在移動 哦,我的天哪,我只是粉碎或不粉碎

  • with my teeth mmm it's actually tasty this is one that tastier items time but

    我的牙齒嗯它實際上很好吃 這是一個更美味的時間,但是

  • it's also one of the chewy items so I still somthing that and you gotta spend a lot

    它也是耐摔物品之一,所以我 仍然是一些東西,你必須花很多錢

  • of time with you know well they get rid of that all right guys I tried it all um

    與你相處得很好的時間他們擺脫了 那些好人,我全都試過了

  • I'm not gonna lie and say like I found this the most delicious thing I found in

    我不會說謊,就像我發現的那樣說 這是我發現的最美味的東西

  • Korea food is about 20 or 30 percent that was okay what about 70 percent

    韓國食品約佔20%或30% 這是好的70%左右

  • could be maybe I don't need to see again for a long time but it was an experience

    也許我可能不需要再看一遍了 很長一段時間,但這是一次經歷

  • and I don't see us clearing this plate but maybe we will have a few more bites

    而且我沒有看到我們清理這個盤子 但也許我們會有更多的叮咬

  • they did the dude good dude so you know what I'm going to try something exotic

    他們做了這個老兄,所以你知道 我將嘗試一些異國情調

  • for you I get some of this octopus yeah oh wow

    為了你我得到一些章魚是的 哦哇

  • so what she told me to do was put in here but I'm actually gonna put all the

    所以她告訴我要做的就是投入 在這裡,但我真的要把所有的

  • gear into this one okay and it wassabe so let me just put it in no she doesn't

    進入這個好的並且它可以使用 所以,讓我把它放進去,不管她沒有

  • like that isn't good this one so put it in here second you put it in automatically

    這樣就不好了 在這裡,你自動把它放進去

  • as thing comes alive it was really moving before I remember it was like

    事情變得活躍起來真的 在我記得它之前移動

  • stuck to the side of the dish oh yeah it's it's it's moving real well

    卡在盤子的一邊 哦,是的,它正在變得非常好

  • starting to pull let's turn the grab I don't know if I should grab them off

    開始拉我們轉過來抓住我 不知道我是不是應該抓住它們

  • because know you've wanted yeah I think you'll want to take a small bite so it

    因為知道你想要的是我想的 你會想要小咬一口

  • doesn't stick the year it would not let go why I smile by a small man got

    不堅持它不會放的一年 為什麼我被一個小男人笑了起來

  • breakthrough you're the power through with your teeth huh

    突破你是通力的力量 你的牙齒啊

  • okay don't swallow it mmm so it's done best advice ever at my neck area am I

    好吧,不要吞下它,所以它已經完成了 我的脖子上最好的建議

  • afraid of all these is this one like this yellow one yeah what am I doing

    害怕所有這些都是這樣的 這黃色的是的,我在做什麼

  • this now my putting the red sauce mmm good it's like I do all day it's a big

    現在我把紅醬嗯 很好,就像我一整天都做的那樣

  • mussel thank you gumbai gumbai

    貽貝謝謝你 孟買孟買

  • oh it's bokumbap so it's basically fried rice with seaweed on top and that's like

    哦,這是bokumbap所以它基本上是炒的 米飯與海藻在上面,就像

  • a they give it to you for free at the end a good way to you know cleanse the

    他們免費贈送給你 結束一個很好的方法讓你知道清潔

  • palate get rid of all that let's not give it seafood

    口感擺脫一切讓我們不去 給它海鮮

  • oh it smells great mmm delicious delicious gota Creek in the bottom rice

    哦,聞起來很美味 在底部米飯美味的gota Creek

  • yeah where's the seaweed yeah I've never had this before my life yeah my josiah

    是的海藻在哪裡,我從來沒有 在我的生命中有這個,是的,我的約西亞

  • well I think we're yeah one more probably a bit bigger fans of this rice

    好吧,我想我們還有一個 可能有點大米的粉絲

  • than they were of the seafood I would never eat that again no glad you did it

    我會比他們的海鮮更好 永遠不要再那樣吃了,不高興你做到了

  • glad you tried it yeah but too raw for me with the one and done I

    很高興你嘗試過 是的,但對我來說太原始了,我做了

  • think sauce oil to the next mm I think we ate about half I mean there was a

    我覺得醬油油到下一個mm 我們吃了大約一半,我的意思是有一個

  • pile of it but nowhere near finished


  • well lunch is over oh I'm actually happy it's over yeah that was an experience we

    午飯結束了哦,我真的很開心 是的,這是我們的體驗

  • didn't love the seafood no but in terms of price it was a thirty thousand per

    不喜歡海鮮,但不是 它的價格是三萬

  • person my beers cost an extra for just under 30

    人 我的啤酒花費了不到30美元的額外費用

  • US dollars much I mean it's not so bad how fresh seafood is yeah but at the

    美元,我的意思是它並不是那麼糟糕 新鮮的海鮮是什麼,但是在

  • same time we didn't love it so I was a little disappointed but but I mean it is

    同時我們不愛它所以我是一個 有點失望,但我的意思是

  • exotic so a lot of exotic stuff so yeah it's a fourth to try right where's the try and

    異國情調所以很多異國情調的東西所以它是一個 第四個嘗試正確的嘗試和

  • once yeah we're gonna be going to some other seafood fish markets we might try

    曾經,是的,我們會去一些 我們可能會嘗試其他海鮮魚市場

  • something a bit more the more tame like sashimi next time or something cooked

    更馴服的東西 下次生魚片或煮熟的東西

  • yeah now we're hiking up what like a hundred fifty meters 150 meters where we

    是的,現在我們正在徒步旅行 一百五十米150米我們在哪裡

  • were which is the entrance and then we have to go in but the cool thing is the

    哪個是入口,然後是我們 必須進去,但很酷的是

  • map tells us exactly how long it is to get to each thing yeah and it says like

    地圖告訴我們到底有多長 得到每件事耶和它說的像

  • start here start here go here everything is ten minutes the farthest thing is 20

    從這裡開始從這裡開始一切 十分鐘,最遠的是20

  • minutes so I mean I think I've been an hour and a half in there max we have to

    分鐘所以我的意思是我覺得我一直都是 我們不得不在那裡一個半小時

  • temple to see a lighthouse I mean I'm never to see everything but let's go

    寺廟看燈塔我的意思是我 從來沒有看到一切,但讓我們走了

  • explore


  • Oh struggles real I'm pretty tired there are a ton of tourists out here Wow it's

    哦真的很掙扎我在那裡很累 這裡有很多遊客哇哇哇

  • packed mostly Korean tourists and yeah we've got some hiking yes it was as soon

    主要是韓國遊客,是的 我們有一些徒步旅行是的,這是很快

  • as you enter yeah there's two paths it doesn't matter which path you take

    當你進入耶,它有兩條路 你走哪條路並不重要

  • because each path connects oh okay it's going a full circle well that makes

    因為每條路都連接哦好吧 走得好一圈

  • decision-making a little easier a little nicer over here oh man the breeze up

    決策稍微容易一點 在這裡更好哦,男人微風起來

  • here is amazing I mean obviously we have the ocean right there yeah but now that

    這裡真是太神奇了我的意思很明顯 海洋就在那裡,但是現在

  • the sun's gone and we're cut the trees are covering the Sun yeah natural air

    太陽已經消失了,我們砍下了樹木 覆蓋著太陽是的自然空氣

  • conditioning I love it right this is the best feeling I've had in South Korea

    調節我愛它這是正確的 我在韓國的感覺最好

  • yeah I know I know the only other place that I thought it was kind of nice and

    是的,我知道我知道唯一的另一個地方 我覺得這很好看

  • cool was at the temple and I'm up in the mountains but um yeah there's a little

    很酷的是在寺廟,我在上面 山,但是,是的,有一點

  • train that goes by if you want to save your legs mm-hmm we're choosing to burn

    如果你想保存的火車 你的腿mm-hmm我們選擇燃燒