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  • well good morning good morning right guys from Puerto Madryn that last day we

    早上好,早上好吧 來自馬德林港的傢伙,最後一天,我們

  • are on the road now yeah it's their last few hours we had a

    現在在路上 是的,這是他們的最後幾個小時

  • really good time here it's time to hit the road

    真的很好,現在該打 馬路

  • fortunately it's too short travel day for us I think it should be like an hours and a half or so

    幸運的是旅行時間太短了 對我們來說,我認為應該大約一個半小時​​左右

  • we're gonna have or so depending on the bus we haven't actually booked a bus so

    我們將有大約取決於 我們實際上沒有訂巴士

  • we need to get to the bus terminal I'll tell you what after after like 2 like 15 plus our

    我們需要去公交車站,我告訴你 之後像2一樣15加上我們之後

  • journeys I'll take it yeah yes do you really back-to-back busy bus trips you

    我會接受的旅程,是的,你呢 真正背靠背的繁忙巴士旅行

  • have until people who ever going we are going to a town called Trelew yeah it's

    直到有誰去過我們 去一個叫做Trelew的小鎮,是的

  • a Welsh town maybe Trelew how did the Welsh say it that's the question it's

    威爾士的一個小鎮,也許是特雷里夫 威爾士說這就是問題所在

  • really good but yeah a lot of Welsh immigrants landed on these shores and

    真的很好,但是很多威爾士人 移民降落在這些海岸和

  • you have these communities that you can visit today so we're really excited to

    你有這些社區,你可以 今天訪問,我們真的很興奮

  • be travelling around Trelew and some of the surrounding towns and villages

    在Trelew和一些 周邊城鎮

  • yeah but before we do that we'll give you an apartment tour of our place here in Puerto Madryn on

    是的,但是在我們這樣做之前,我們會給 您是我們馬德林港在這裡的公寓之旅

  • Puerto Madryn okay so apartment tour like we mentioned when we came back from

    馬德林港還可以,所以公寓之旅 就像我們從

  • Puerto Piramides we went back to the hotel where we had been staying and

    我們回到波拉米德港(Puerto Piramides) 我們住過的酒店

  • they were like sorry guys do we have a free room for one night yeah we had to

    他們就像抱歉的傢伙,我們有一個 一晚的免費房間,是的,我們不得不

  • figure something else and we ended up finding this place on booking it's an

    想出別的東西,我們最終 在預訂時找到這個地方

  • apartment it's kind of like a studio it's just one open-concept space but it

    公寓有點像一室公寓 這只是一個開放概念的空間,但是

  • was everything that we needed for a couple of nights literally it was just

    是我們需要的一切 幾個晚上從字面上看只是

  • just the perfect size and yeah listen let's show it around okay why don't we

    只是完美的大小,是的,聽 讓我們來展示一下好吧,為什麼不

  • start in the bedroom section double bed comfortable comfy duvet the lip tree

    從臥室部分雙人床開始 舒適舒適的羽絨被

  • they left us extra pillows our had three pillows like this bookshelf thing as a

    他們給我們留下了額外的枕頭,我們只有三個 像這樣的書架枕頭

  • divider to creep yeah there is an they're ready here yeah yes yeah you

    分隔線,是的,有一個 他們已經準備好了,是的,是的,你

  • could have two more people sleeping here so up to four guests

    可以再有兩個人在這裡睡覺 最多四位客人

  • yeah we use we use that to store our bags I also a little bit of computer

    是的,我們用它來存儲我們的 包包我也有點電腦

  • work there this desk was fantastic for eating and an office area yeah a fully

    在那里工作,這張桌子很棒 吃飯和辦公區是一個完整的

  • equipped pitch in the left of some teeth which we almost depleted you snooze you

    裝備在某些牙齒左側的螺距 我們差點耗盡了你

  • lose in this relationship bathroom Oh later on mm-hmm yeah you know pretty

    失去這種關係的浴室哦 稍後,嗯,嗯,你知道的很漂亮

  • standard bathroom toilet bidet yeah super standard shower so that is the

    標準的浴室坐浴盆是的 超標準的淋浴,所以

  • apartment tour super quick we're on our way we have to go find a cab and yes get

    超級公寓之旅,我們來了 我們必須去的方式找到一輛出租車,是的

  • to the bus station and wing it on our way to Trelew you're allowing Trelew Trelew

    到汽車站並在我們的機翼上翼 前往Trelew的方式即表示您允許Trelew

  • I'm gonna get that right at some point so what's the plan Stan while you're

    我會在某個時候做到這一點 那麼斯坦的計劃是什麼

  • yawning no one no one yawns more than here by

    打哈欠 沒有人沒有人比這裡打哈欠

  • the way Hey

  • that'll solve a problem yeah no we're gonna have like out a bunch and then ask

    會解決一個問題,是的,不,我們是 會喜歡一束然後問

  • the restaurants and the taxi yeah exactly and this is the place where we

    餐館和出租車是的 正是,這是我們的地方

  • had that delicious lunch yesterday so we're know we're getting a good meal too

    昨天吃了那頓美味的午餐,所以 我們知道我們也要吃一頓美餐

  • safe place for us to keep our bags and we can arrange that taxi we couldn't

    我們存放行李的安全地方 我們可以安排我們不能的出租車

  • find on the street we're real wait little ways from the city centre so we

    在大街上找到我們真正的等待 離市中心只有幾步之遙,所以我們

  • didn't see any it's quiet now that's no longer worm see what does this remind

    沒有看到任何東西,現在很安靜 蠕蟲變長,這會提醒什麼

  • you of those good you're out of focus anyway so it doesn't make the final cut

    你的那些好事你就失去了重點 無論如何,所以它不會最終切入

  • gracias


  • Cafe con Leche in my opinion you don't need sugar but I insist that you do he

    我認為Cafe con Leche不 需要糖,但我堅持要你做

  • makes it extra delicious well the breakfast set has arrived

    使它更加美味 早餐已經到了

  • roughly ten US dollars we get all of this guy's huge

    大約十美元,我們得到了全部 這個傢伙很大

  • Cafe con Leche yeah it is we get our own orange juices I got mine

    Cafe con Leche是的 我們得到了我們自己的橙汁

  • included in alfajor or yours came with ya and then four pieces of toast some cream

    包含在alfajor或您的隨帶的 然後四片吐司和一些奶油

  • and jam what good stuff huh that breakfast was

    和果醬 那早餐是什麼好東西

  • so so good wasn't it so so good and they called a taxi for us no great success

    太好了,不是很好,他們 叫出租車給我們沒有太大的成功

  • okay so we made it to the bus terminal yeah we sure did so we picked up our

    好吧,所以我們到了巴士總站 是的,我們確實做到了,所以我們拿起了我們的

  • tickets for three dollars and 25 US cents point the deal and I think the bus

    票價為三美元和25美元 美分指出的交易,我認為巴士

  • trip is gonna be roughly an hour yeah 45 minutes when I looked on Google Maps

    旅行大約需要一個小時,是的45 我在Google地圖上看的時間

  • like for driving and the bus always takes longer more stops and

    喜歡開車和公車 總是需要更長的停留時間,

  • slower maneuvering in and around the city so yeah looking at it roughly an

    在和周圍的機動較慢 是的,所以我大概在看它

  • hour trip and there are two bus companies that cover this route there is

    小時旅行,有兩個巴士 涵蓋這條路線的公司

  • Mar y Valle yeah and also 28 De Julio and they basically have non-stop

    Mary Valle是的,還有28 De 朱利奧,他們基本上是不停地

  • departures like all day long all day long and they sell tickets to the same

    全天候出發 長,他們賣票到同一個

  • booth yeah yeah yeah so it's easy to grab a ticket and like look what we did

    攤位是的,所以很容易 搶票,看看我們做了什麼

  • you can basically just show up at the station and get the next available bus

    您基本上可以出現在 站並獲得下一班可用的公共汽車

  • we're leaving and roughly a half an hour we're catching the noon one the one that

    我們要走了大約一個半小時 我們正趕上中午

  • goes at 12 p.m. and right now 33 mm-hmm that's pretty awesome so while

    現在是晚上12點 33毫米-毫米真是太棒了

  • we wait for the bus impressions of Puerto Madryn after spending a few

    我們等待公交車的印象 花了幾分之後的馬德林港

  • days here what did you think good loved it we love like the chill pace of this

    在這裡的日子,你覺得好愛嗎 我們喜歡它的冷酷節奏

  • city it's just yeah aiya please sleep everything's just leisurely to go out

    城市,只是呀,請睡覺 一切都很悠閒

  • for a meal two hours all any good way just like no one's in a rush no one's in

    一頓兩個小時的飯菜 就像沒有人匆匆忙忙一樣

  • a hurry here and you just you really pick up on that vibe love being by the

    趕快來這裡,你就是你自己 接受那種被愛的氛圍

  • beach I mean the museums you were fantastic yes they were I got excited

    海灘我的意思是你曾經在博物館 太棒了,是的,我很興奮

  • about the museums both of them were so outstanding currently the best museums

    關於這兩個博物館 目前最好的最好的博物館

  • I've been to a long time to be honest for her the food was fantastic here we

    老實說我來很久了 對她來說,這裡的食物很棒

  • we had great seafood we had really good lamb Pizza so guys if you're thinking of

    我們有很棒的海鮮,我們有非常好的羊肉 披薩,所以,如果您正在考慮

  • coming here definitely do so and this is obviously where you arrange your trip to

    一定要來這裡,這是 顯然,您安排去哪裡

  • the peninsula alright you go see wildlife I'm guessing some people don't

    半島好吧,你去看看 我猜有些人沒有野生動植物

  • linger here though but if you do have a few extra days like we did makes a

    留在這裡,但是如果你有一個 像我們一樣多了幾天,

  • really pleasant place to stay and it's just so nice walking along on the

    真正令人愉快的住宿地點, 太好了,沿著

  • boardwalk and the beach I come back here again I'd actually like to like to come

    木板路和海灘我回到這裡 再次我實際上很想來

  • back here during whale watching season you yes and I love to visit here in the winter a it

    在觀鯨季節回到這裡,是的, 我喜歡冬天去這裡

  • does get a little chilly the guy one of the cab drivers we were talking to said

    確實有點冷 我們談話的出租車司機說

  • it can get is like minus three minus five every once in a while they get snow

    它可以得到的像負三負 偶爾下雪五個

  • but not very often though


  • just one looking new you up in my eyes


  • every day you with me when I think I can't stand I think I can't stand that

    每天你和我在一起,當我以為我 受不了我想我受不了

  • you were giving me salvation you will keep me moving if I pass on I just wanna

    你在給我救恩 讓我繼續前進,如果我繼續前進,我只是想

  • get my - they're inside let me so I could I'll become place

    得到我-他們在裡面讓我,所以我 我可以成為地方嗎

  • well guys we have arrived and movie home sweet home for the next five nights

    好傢伙,我們已經到了電影 未來五晚的溫馨之家

  • I'm really excited about this place because firstly we're arriving fresh we

    我對這個地方感到非常興奮 因為首先我們要新鮮到來

  • have five nights here we've been moving around a lot and the last week we've

    在這裡住了五個晚上 大約很多,我們上個星期

  • been in what three different places so it's gonna be nice to stay somewhere for

    曾經在三個不同的地方 呆在某個地方會很好

  • a while this place is also really big and comfortable as two bedrooms we'll

    一會兒這個地方也很大 和舒適的兩間臥室,我們將

  • give you a tour not on this vlog but when we leave

    不帶您瀏覽此vlog,但 當我們離​​開時

  • but anyways comfortable and we're hungry so we're thinking maybe getting some pizza I don't understand how

    但是反正很舒服我們很餓 所以我們在想可能要買些比薩餅,我不知道怎麼做

  • Sam is hungry because we just had brunch like before going to the bus terminal

    山姆餓了,因為我們剛吃早午餐 就像在去巴士總站之前

  • okay more food ah we are still waiting for the pizza but Sam's wine is here so

    好吧,食物多啊,我們還在等 披薩,但山姆的酒就在這裡

  • we've ordered a pizza I don't think we told you guys we ordered

    我們點了披薩,我不認為我們 告訴大家我們點了

  • Pizza that's basically four different kinds of pizza 4 seasons perceivable

    基本上有四種不同的披薩 比薩餅的4種季節

  • for these are special what's it called like watch or something whether it's

    因為這些很特別,這叫什麼 像手錶之類的東西

  • this quattro stagioni d us literally fourth season literally four seasons and so

    這個quattro stagioni讓我們名列第四 本賽季四個賽季等等

  • we're getting I'm trying this type of wine a first time carcassonne I

    我們正在嘗試這種類型的 葡萄酒第一次卡爾卡松我

  • noticed that is one of their the medium size bottles classic oh yeah yeah I just

    注意到這是他們的媒介之一 大小瓶經典哦,是的,我只是

  • haven't tried this so I thought let's give it a shot it's one of their cheaper

    還沒嘗試過,所以我想 試一試,這是他們更便宜的一種

  • ones at 120 pesos and then Audrey ordered the soda water which comes in

    120比索,然後是奧黛麗 訂購了蘇打水

  • the classic soda siffon yeah container and just basically the waters in here

    經典的蘇打雪糕yeah容器 基本上就是這裡的水域

  • press down on the lever and it comes out and are you gonna add some soda tear

    按下槓桿,它就會出來 你要加些蘇打水嗎

  • wine Argentine style no I like a strong forte


  • three on the table we need more practice


  • carefully with the pan it is hot what quattro stagioni Four Seasons guy

    用鍋小心地熱什麼 quattro stagioni四個季節的傢伙

  • oh my gosh is so much much better than I was expecting when I saw the size of

    哦,我的天哪比我好得多 期待當我看到

  • what the pizza was gonna look like on the menu I thought it's just gonna be

    比薩餅看起來像什麼 我以為菜單會

  • six slices to each extra my husband that is

    六片 多給我的丈夫

  • conscious I'm accidentally over film that's up close and personal and I'm

    意識到我不小心看了電影 這是非常親密的,我是

  • necessary gosh it's gonna be left over stay home oh my

    必要的天哪 它會留在家裡哦,我的

  • gosh oh my gosh I don't even know which of the four stations I'm having right

    天哪,我的天哪,我什至都不知道 我所擁有的四個車站中

  • now stations seasons and going yes out here like a veggie medley with garlic

    現在站著季節,然後出去 這裡像大蒜的素食混合菜

  • nice garlic see I have this addiction to raw garlic I love it so much and then

    大蒜真不錯,我有這種癮 生大蒜我非常喜歡它,然後

  • Sam accuses me of being a vampire yeah I'm glad you like to eat it it's not the

    山姆指責我是吸血鬼 我很高興你喜歡吃它不是

  • best funny thing is I know it's good I like it too

    最有趣的是我知道這很好 也喜歡

  • before I get that Pizza going I don't have a bit of wine put the wine chewy

    在我得到披薩之前,我不會 喝點酒把酒嚼起來

  • yeah that'll do that's a better place to put it

    是的,這樣做會是一個更好的地方 把它

  • house red all right so I'm gonna have pizza with the cheese

    紅色的房子好吧,我要 芝士披薩

  • that's Argentine pizza guys best quality oh yeah

    那是阿根廷比薩餅人的最高品質 哦耶

  • just going in there with a fan so my pizza is has ham tomatoes and mozzarella

    只是帶風扇進去,所以我的 披薩是火腿西紅柿和馬蘇里拉奶酪

  • let's try this bad boy


  • fuck up mountain of cheese over here it's just really good pizza so excited

    他媽的在這裡的奶酪山 真的是很好的披薩,好興奮

  • to be having this guys we've had so much peaks in Argentina we have it's someone

    有了這個傢伙,我們有很多 阿根廷的山峰有人

  • you know what not even funny but it's just so good and it's so readily

    你知道什麼都不有趣,但是 很好,很容易

  • available like why wouldn't you you know is that good good point

    可用,比如為什麼你不知道 那是好事嗎

  • so after lunch we did some groceries yeah we sure did and you know what the

    所以午飯後我們做了一些雜貨 是的,我們確實做到了,你知道

  • crazy thing is the the groceries literally cost exact same amount as our

    瘋狂的事情是雜貨 字面上的費用與我們的費用完全相同

  • Pizza bill uh-huh Pizza was 500 pesos yeah beautiful eight

    比薩餅吧,呵呵 披薩是500比索,是的,美麗的八個

  • slice pizza you know four different kinds and wine and a sauna and soda

    切片披薩,你知道四種不同 種類和葡萄酒以及桑拿和汽水

  • water and this is also what thirteen US dollars of groceries looks like in Trelew

    水,這也是美國十三 美元的雜貨看起來像在Trelew

  • Argentina right now and Trelew oh Trelew today Trelew oh my apologies guys so we

    阿根廷,現在和Trelew哦Trelew 今天Trelew哦,我很抱歉,我們

  • got two bottles of argon gas with yeah soda water four pairs one two three four

    拿了兩瓶氬氣 蘇打水四對一二三四

  • six apples yeah for peaches mm-hmm these are seven seed crackers yeah seven

    六個蘋果是桃子mm-hmm 這是七個種子餅乾,是的,七個

  • seed crackers some walnuts three bananas and local Patagonia Maureen that was on

    種子餅乾一些核桃三個香蕉 還有當地的巴塔哥尼亞莫林

  • sale so this is Marcus it's a Malbec 2018 and it is from the bodega I think

    銷售,所以這是馬庫斯,這是馬爾貝克 我認為是2018年

  • is Humberto canal a very good and it is bodega familiar there's oh it's been

    是溫貝托運河嗎? 酒保熟悉的哦

  • around since 1909 yeah from Patagonia you guys we should

    自1909年以來 是的,來自巴塔哥尼亞,你們應該

  • also show the receipt see you guys know that's all we actually pay actually I

    還顯示收據,你們知道 這就是我們實際支付的全部

  • felt a clip of that oh and so the last thing for me to do is

    感覺到了 哦,所以我要做的最後一件事是

  • I'm gonna try a bit of this uh-huh yeah and what you were saying earlier is that

    我要試試這個哦 你剛才說的是

  • in Canada you can't even buy a bottle of wine for $13 yeah 13 US dollars well I

    在加拿大,你甚至不能買一瓶 13美元的葡萄酒,是的,13美元很好,我

  • guess drinking that all that you probably could because that'd be more

    猜你喝了你所有的東西 可能是因為那會更多

  • like 17 or 18 Canadian so you could get a bottle of wine but you wouldn't have

    像17或18歲的加拿大人,這樣您就可以 一瓶酒,但你不會

  • this yeah you wouldn't be getting all of this we're trying to eat a little bit

    是的,你不會得到所有 這個我們要吃一點

  • healthier we are returning we're having a lot of pizza and bananas

    我們回來的時候更健康 我們有很多比薩餅和香蕉

  • meets yeah we're just getting fat in Argentina so we're trying to have some

    遇見是的,我們只是在發胖 阿根廷,所以我們嘗試一些

  • lighter meals in between and our bigger ones okay guys so we got Marcus Malbec

    中間的便餐和我們更大的飯菜 好的,所以我們得到了馬庫斯·馬爾貝克

  • 2018 it's Humberto canal a from Patagonia

    2018年 這是巴塔哥尼亞的溫貝托運河

  • Argentina we've been trying to try the regional distinct wines

    阿根廷我們一直在嘗試 區域特色葡萄酒

  • who ever been going and most wines when you try and Argentina typically come

    誰去過,大多數酒什麼時候去 你嘗試,阿根廷通常來

  • from Mendoza and so it's nice to be having some Patagonian ones I've already

    來自門多薩,所以很高興成為 我已經有一些巴塔哥尼亞人了

  • poured myself some of it is Chaya anyways guys that's

    倒我自己 不管怎樣,其中有些是Chaya

  • a lot of 13 US Dollars and I guess that's the end of our episode of it

    很多13美元,我想 到此為止

  • let's say people say goodbye and we'll see you with more content from here

    假設人們說再見,我們會 在這裡見到更多內容

  • we're also going to Gaiman here these two places Welsh history Welsh culture

    這些我們也要去蓋曼 兩個地方威爾士歷史威爾士文化

  • that's what's coming up peace out peace


  • bye


well good morning good morning right guys from Puerto Madryn that last day we

早上好,早上好吧 來自馬德林港的傢伙,最後一天,我們


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A2 初級 中文 披薩 阿根廷 出租車 巴士 葡萄酒 美元

阿根廷最好吃的披薩!到TRELEW旅行,阿根廷丘布特。 (AWESOME PIZZA IN ARGENTINA! Traveling to TRELEW, Chubut, Argentina)

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