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  • good morning world morning guys so our last few hours here in Trelew it is a travel

    早上好,世界各地的早上好,所以我們 在Trelew的最後幾個小時是一次旅行

  • day we continue onwards right now we've been traveling along coastal Patagonia

    一天,我們繼續前進,現在我們已經 沿沿海巴塔哥尼亞旅行

  • and tonight we're gonna be cutting across to the mountains yeah we're

    今晚我們要切 穿過山脈,是的

  • basically heading from the furthest part east to west west

    基本上從最遠的地方出發 東至西

  • yeah it's literally just across across the country we're staying within the

    是的,字面意思就是 我們所居住的國家

  • same province was just kind of fastening yeah Chubut Chubut it is

    同一省只是種固執 是的Chubut Chubut是

  • a massive province so yeah the other day we bought our bus tickets we are going

    如此龐大的省份,前幾天 我們買了我們要去的巴士票

  • from Trelew to Esquel in yeah it is a nine-hour adjure knee

    從Trelew到Esquel是 九個小時的休戰膝蓋

  • I think they told us yeah I think we board our bus at 9 p.m. arrive at 6:00

    我認為他們告訴我們,是的,我認為我們 晚上9點登上我們的巴士6:00

  • in the morning you know we have the whole day to kelp

    在早上 你知道我們整天要海帶

  • so actually what we're going to be doing is going back to Gaiman that's gonna be

    所以實際上我們要做的是 回到蓋曼那將是

  • a different video a video that comes up before this if you've been paying

    不同的視頻,出現的視頻 在此之前,如果您一直在付款

  • attention to our channel hi you've already watched it but um yeah

    注意我們的頻道您好 已經看過了,但是嗯

  • so before we leave here though we'll give you an apartment tour of our place in Trelew

    所以在我們離開這里之前 帶您參觀特雷里夫我們的住所

  • yeah so you guys got a little sneak peek of the apartment on the day we arrived

    是的,你們有點偷看 我們到達那天的公寓

  • now full tour this is the biggest place we've found yes a two-bedroom apartment

    現在全面遊覽這是最大的地方 我們發現是的兩居室公寓

  • you know when we were looking at on


  • it was literally adult one u.s. dollar more a day to have a second bedroom and

    這實際上是成人一美元 每天有第二間臥室

  • it turned out to be great because we ended up sleeping in separate bedrooms

    事實證明這很棒,因為我們 最終在分開的臥室裡睡覺

  • yes great Sam got his own room okay okay where are we now this people was

    是的,很棒的山姆有自己的房間好吧好吧 我們現在在哪裡?

  • fantastic we did all of our work and had all of our breakfast here

    太棒了,我們完成了所有工作, 我們在這裡所有的早餐

  • yeah and tried uploading videos to YouTube and failed yeah with the Wi-Fi

    是的,並嘗試將視頻上傳到 YouTube和Wi-Fi失敗了

  • here the suicide we we were uploading a video last night and it was like I will

    在這裡自殺,我們正在上傳一個 昨晚的錄像,就像我會

  • probably been uploading for like 14 hours but we're not gonna quite be able

    大概上傳了14 小時,但我們無法完全做到

  • to finish it so yeah whole thing got a try again next time

    完成它,是的 整個事情下次再試一次

  • internet hasn't been amazing in this now after now anyways living area or to the

    互聯網在這方面並不令人驚訝 現在無論如何生活區還是

  • tour so give them a note oh this it's crazy how the weather changed we went

    巡演,所以給他們一個音符哦,這是 瘋狂,天氣如何改變,我們去了

  • from like having impossibly hot weather to like almost like a taste of the

    來自像不可能的高溫 喜歡幾乎喜歡

  • middle of fall / winter so we actually have been turning this on the collator

    秋/冬中期,所以我們實際上 一直在整理器上啟用此功能

  • it's a gas heater because it's seven it's been seven degrees in the morning

    這是一個燃氣加熱器,因為它是七個 早上七度

  • yeah there's no like there's no technically no central heating in here

    是的,沒有像沒有 技術上這裡沒有中央供暖系統

  • so these heaters so we've had to turn it on TV which we never ever use I'm gonna

    這些加熱器,所以我們不得不將其打開 在我們從未使用過的電視上

  • show you guys the view it's not amazing it's just a residential neighborhood

    向大家展示這並不奇怪 這只是一個居民區

  • yeah some houses trees but the one buildings the one thing I like about

    是的,有些房子樹木,但那一棵 建築我喜歡的一件事

  • this place is that it was quiet down Yeah right the street and also it was

    這個地方是安靜的地方 是的,就在這條街上

  • fairly centrally located which has been awesome

    位於市中心 很棒

  • yes walked everything we wanted to either you okay let's continue all the

    是的,走了我們想要的一切 要么你還好,讓我們繼續所有

  • news coming in here kitchen living area kitchen we utilize the kettle and

    新聞傳到這裡廚房起居區 廚房,我們利用水壺和

  • microwave that is a battery so it's a world where empanadas and stuff yeah

    微波是一個電池,所以它是一個 肉餡捲餅和東西的世界

  • just a super standard if you can in fridge I mean they had everything we

    如果可以的話,這只是一個超標準 冰箱我是說他們擁有我們所有的東西

  • needed we had a warrant opener which is essential oh yeah I always have to make

    需要我們有一個開證單 至關重要哦,是的,我總是要

  • sure we're not leaving hours behind they love those little mini muffins every

    確保我們不會留下任何時間 每個都愛那些小鬆餅

  • morning and coffee and tink so that was nice and vented know what's weird here

    早上和咖啡和小叮噹 很高興和發洩知道這裡有什麼奇怪

  • not just you know you can get coffee in like certain bags and a few banks who

    不只是你知道你可以喝咖啡 像某些手提袋和一些銀行

  • think I don't know you know what else I find strange and urgent enough that I

    以為我不知道你還知道我什麼 感到奇怪而緊急,我

  • don't love is that most of the instant coffee that you buy here is mixed with

    不愛是大多數瞬間 您在這裡購買的咖啡與

  • sugar mmm it's so hard to find one that isn't the only one I've been able to

    糖,嗯,很難找到一個 不是我唯一能夠做到的

  • find his nest cafe so if you guys know of a brand that doesn't add sugar to the

    找到他的巢咖啡館,所以,如果你們知道 不添加糖分的品牌

  • instant coffee please let me know I still haven't found it okay continuing

    速溶咖啡,請讓我知道 我仍然沒有發現可以繼續

  • on this is the bathroom it's a little wet at the moment but bidet toilet

    在這是洗手間 目前濕了,但是坐浴盆

  • toilet with the flush system up there flusher of water and yeah just a shower

    上面有沖水系統的廁所 沖水,是的,只是衝個澡

  • sink you get the idea let's not linger too long in there this would be the

    下沉你的主意讓我們不要流連忘返 在那兒太久了

  • master bedroom master bedroom aka my bedroom it's like it's a double

    主臥主臥 也就是我的臥室

  • bed there's a closet this extra blankets which you'd likely need in the winter

    床上有一個壁櫥,這個額外的毛毯 您冬天可能需要的

  • yeah but yeah nice a little nice little room and here is the second bedroom this

    是的,但是很好 房間,這是第二間臥室

  • is this is where I was sleeping to be fair Sam flip-flops between beds

    這是我睡覺的地方 為了公平起見,Sam在床之間穿了拖鞋

  • like you'd have your siesta here then you'd start sleeping in the other

    就像你在這裡午休 你會開始睡在另一個

  • bedroom halfway through the night you'd come out here it's so nice to have

    半夜的臥室 出來在這裡真是太好了

  • options you know options galore emotions galore so anyways guys what we're doing

    您知道的選項選項豐富的情感 嘉豪,無論如何,伙計們我們在做什麼

  • now is we're going to kelp the day in Gaiman which is a different vlog and

    現在是我們要海帶的一天 在蓋曼(Gaiman),這是一個不同的vlog,

  • we'll pick things up when we come back from the day trip get our bags and when

    我們回來的時候會撿東西 從一日遊中得到我們的行李,何時

  • we're heading over to the bus station okay so we'll see you there

    我們要去汽車站 好吧,我們在那裡見

  • okay watch watch I could win a jelly belly contest okay so we are back in trelew


  • sightseeing hello from the future it is now 6:30 we still have three hours

    從未來觀光你好 現在6:30我們還有三個小時

  • before our bus departs to Esquel yeah this is a fantastic little cafe I guess

    在我們的巴士啟程前往Esquel之前 我猜這是一個很棒的小咖啡館

  • it's a dinner yes yeah it's like a bakery it's just across from where our

    這是一個晚餐,是的,就像一個 麵包店就在我們的對面

  • partners look so let me see that it's just kind of the perfect place for us to

    合作夥伴看,讓我看看 對我們來說是一個完美的地方

  • hang out till a little bit more time


  • well we've arrived we just saw like the craziest sky it was like on fire so

    好了,我們到了,就像 最瘋狂的天空就像著火一樣

  • beautiful so beautiful pose just slit post on set blew our yeah yep there's

    如此美麗的姿勢 在設置的帖子上吹了我們是的是的

  • magical moments is passed yeah we're at the bus terminal we are is

    神奇的時刻過去了 是的,我們在巴士總站

  • twitching okay trying it switching hi I didn't tell you

    抽搐好嗎 嘗試切換你好我沒有告訴你

  • about the Hat what is it that we're eating they're drinking too much wine

    關於帽子,我們到底是什麼 吃他們喝太多酒

  • yes you're traveling with don't know what oh yeah yeah again so a familiar

    是的,你一起旅行不知道 哦,是的,再次如此熟悉

  • company they go they go all the way down kind of the Atlantic coast side of yeah

    他們一起去,他們一直走下去 是那種大西洋海岸的一面

  • right to the end of Patagonia for this journey we paid 36 US dollars to Esquel so that's

    為此,巴塔哥尼亞結束 旅程中,我們向溢達支付了36美元,

  • the thing that's it that's incredible for an overnight bus your any case if

    令人難以置信的是 過夜巴士,如果有的話

  • you think about it accommodations on this trip have been I don't know between

    你考慮一下 這次旅行是我不知道之間

  • like say forty and sixty dollars a night so it's almost like it's like a motel or

    像是說一晚四十六和六十美元 所以幾乎就像是汽車旅館或

  • hotel on wheels there's a price okay with that our bus is gonna be leaving at

    帶輪子的酒店,價格還可以 這樣我們的公共汽車就要在

  • 9:00 p.m. arriving at 6:00 and we contacted

    9:00 下午6:00到達,我們聯繫了

  • our hosts and arranged for an early check-in in Esquel they were so nice about it yeah

    我們的主人,並安排了一個早期 在溢達登機,他們對此很好,是的

  • and before I forget I wanted to mention that our apartment here is about $50 a

    在我忘記之前,我想提一提 我們這裡的公寓大約是50美元

  • night approximately and we just loved it there's like what two or three different

    大約晚上,我們只是喜歡它 就像兩個或三個不同

  • staff members we got to know all of them such nice people like Chad he gave us

    我們認識的工作人員 像乍得這樣的好人,他給了我們

  • tons of suggestions when it came time to storing our bags today they were

    當涉及到大量建議時 今天我們存放行李

  • fantastic called us a cab since we are leaving town would you like to share

    奇妙的叫我們一輛出租車,因為我們是 你想分享離開城鎮

  • your impressions well it ended up being the perfect base for us to spend a few

    您的印像很好,最終被 我們花一些錢的理想基地

  • days we had a great time checking on the city you come here and spend a bit of

    幾天,我們度過了愉快的時光 你來這里花一點時間的城市

  • time in the city of Trelew also do day trips and overall I'm really glad that we came

    在Trelew市的時間還可以進行一日遊, 總的來說,我很高興我們來了

  • here I feel like this place may be a little bit underrated in terms of

    在這裡我覺得這個地方可能是一個 在某些方面被低估了

  • tourism so we're trying to check out some places in Argentina that maybe

    旅遊,所以我們試圖檢查 在阿根廷的一些地方,也許

  • aren't on the typical gringo trail yeah thing this is not the typical Patagonia

    不在典型的gringo步道上 這不是典型的巴塔哥尼亞

  • itinerary exactly and so it was really cool to come here and just see there's

    確切的行程,所以真的 很酷的來到這裡,只是看到那裡

  • there's no other city that's really been like it in Argentina in comparative so

    真的沒有其他城市 比較喜歡阿根廷

  • just had its own kind of distinct feel yeah so guys one thing that I've noticed

    只是有一種獨特的感覺 是的,伙計們,我注意到的一件事

  • and basically all of the bus terminals that we've passed through since we

    基本上所有的巴士總站 自從我們經歷了

  • arrived in Argentina is a counter called in command s and every bus company seems

    到達阿根廷的櫃檯叫 在命令中,每個公共汽車公司似乎

  • to have one and basically they transport goods for you so people arrive with like

    有一個,基本上他們運輸 給您的商品,讓人們喜歡

  • boxes and parcels and bags and they write the address of where it's going

    箱子,包裹和袋子,他們 寫出要去的地址

  • basically yeah and it travels by bus without a passenger yes that happened in

    基本上是的,它乘公共汽車旅行 沒有乘客,是發生在

  • Canada can you set things on a bus

    加拿大 你能在公共汽車上放東西嗎

  • unaccompanied I've noticed when drivers have been

    無人陪伴 我已經註意到司機

  • taking off the parcels that they bring it into like this kind of a storage room

    取下他們帶來的包裹 像這樣的儲藏室

  • with a bus terminal that looks quite safe and secure yeah and yeah it looks

    看起來很漂亮的巴士總站 安全可靠是的,看起來

  • like they're well set up to transport people's bags and like sometimes a

    就像他們已經做好運輸準備 人們的包包,有時

  • little stock like tiny little dusty outpost towns like there's nothing there

    像個小塵土飛揚的小草叢 前哨城鎮就像那裡什麼都沒有

  • and we're just delivering packages yeah we're picking one up or picking one up

    而且我們只是提供包裹 我們要選一個或選一個

  • yeah we do pick up a lot of messages along the way so yeah if you're

    是的,我們確實收到了很多信息 一路走,所以是的,如果你是

  • travelling here and you see encomienda


  • does it


  • so this is a little snack pack snack box check box we have a accord which

    所以這是一個零食包零食盒 複選框,我們有一個協議

  • is kind of like a cookie with cream on some biscuits savory biscuit multi green

    有點像奶油餅乾 一些餅乾咸餅乾多綠色

  • milk cluttered milk sugar guys we thought her snack box is everything more

    牛奶雜亂的牛奶糖傢伙我們 以為她的零食盒就夠了

  • food little sandwich ya basta fedora which is like a little dessert with

    食物小三明治ya basta軟呢帽 就像是一個小點心

  • quince and there's a slice of pizza with cheese and oregano over here I'm gonna

    木瓜,還有一片披薩 奶酪和牛至在這裡

  • eat that


  • well we've made it to Esquel morning oh man there's pretty bad I mean I

    好,我們到了溢達 哦,男人,我真的很糟糕

  • drifted off a little bit but that was not a solid sleep I am in zombie mode at

    飄了一點,但那是 睡眠不足,我處於殭屍模式

  • the moment how are you I feel I feel tired

    那一刻你感覺如何 累

  • 6:30 a.m. we can check in until 9:00 so we're gonna have some breakfast in Esquel and just

    早上6:30我們可以辦理入住手續直到9:00,所以 我們要在溢達吃一些早餐

  • hang out here at the station but it's kind of amazing we can see the

    在車站這裡閒逛,但是 有點神奇,我們可以看到

  • silhouettes of the mountains and so we we know we're surrounded by mountains

    山的輪廓,所以我們 我們知道我們四面環山

  • and we saw some trees coming in I feel like this part of the trip is going to

    我們看到一些樹木進來 就像這次旅行的一部分

  • test my wardrobe I did I'm probably gonna need to get some warmer clothes

    測試我的衣櫃我可能 需要去買些暖和的衣服

  • you know what we packed for winnow situs at the end of January

    你知道我們為Winnow Situs包裝了什麼 一月底

  • well I think her original plan was actually not to come this far south

    好吧,我認為她原來的計劃是 其實不要走這麼遠的南方

  • so maybe weighing the ultimate of winging it so we're we or their wardrobe

    所以也許權衡 翼它,所以我們是我們還是他們的衣櫃

  • and we may have to get some more clothes yeah totally forgot to mention food wise

    我們可能還要再買些衣服 是的,完全忘記了明智的飲食

  • yes I saw cordis Sam yeah for me I think I'm mid to grind a the big size for me

    是的,我覺得cordis Sam是的,我認為 我正在為我磨一個大尺寸

  • the medium for you yeah I'm just thrilled that this place is open we have

    是你的媒介,是的,我只是 我們很高興這個地方是開放的

  • a place to sit down on a place to eat now question do you have any advice for

    一個可以坐下來吃飯的地方 現在的問題,你有什麼建議嗎

  • people traveling by bus in Argentina any tips yeah actually my biggest tip would

    在阿根廷乘公共汽車旅行的人 提示,實際上我最大的建議是

  • be to book far enough in advance so that you can get the comma the fully

    提前預定足夠多的地方 您可以完全獲得逗號

  • reclining seats we've only been able to get so many comma this is kind of peak

    調整座位,我們只能 得到很多逗號,這是一個高峰

  • season peak tourist season and you get a much better sleep

    旺季旅遊旺季,您將獲得 好得多的睡眠

  • Jerell it reclines all the way except mine would be bring warm clothes because

    耶雷爾一直斜倚著,除了 我會帶上暖和的衣服,因為

  • the bus can get cold and carry lots of toilet paper because sometimes they run

    公交車會變冷,載著很多東西 廁紙,因為有時它們會跑

  • out on the bus and then you get to the bus terminal and there's no toilet paper

    在公共汽車上,然後你去 巴士總站,沒有衛生紙

  • there either I so carry your own there's a good

    要么我就這樣攜帶你自己的 一個好的

  • maybe not no you don't need to


  • on the dog are you kidding me I eat with it it sure loved media Luna's but like I

    在狗上你在跟我開玩笑嗎 它肯定愛過媒體Luna,但像我一樣

  • was bringing in the media literary it was like uh-huh

    正在引進媒體文學 就像是嗯

  • Oh after not eating cat food we want a massage

    哦,不吃貓食後,我們想要 按摩

  • well I did not eat cat food but I like my song

    好吧,我沒有吃貓食,但我喜歡 我的歌

  • a light massage I know put a few minutes like this let's go

    我知道輕輕按摩幾分鐘 這樣我們走吧

  • well guys that we just finished doing our groceries for the week it's the

    我們剛剛完成的好人 我們這週的雜貨是

  • start yeah we got lots of goodies I'm going to show you what we got how much

    開始,是的,我有很多好東西 告訴你我們得到了多少

  • we paid right now we're on our way back to our little cottage we need a little

    我們現在付款了,我們正要回來 到我們的小別墅,我們需要一點

  • bit of sleep just a few hours cuz we only got two or three last night yeah

    一點點的睡眠只是幾個小時,因為我們 昨晚只有兩三個

  • we're feeling it we're feeling a man we are now going to do Show and Tell for

    我們感覺到了,我們感覺到了一個男人,我們 現在要進行顯示和告訴

  • the groceries we bought this morning we've since befriended kitty cat who is

    我們今天早上買的雜貨 從那以後,我們成為了貓咪的好朋友

  • a wonderful addition to the household aren't you could take hot I always said

    家庭的絕佳補充 我總是說你不可以發燙嗎

  • this like a zillion times but it just came in it like walk in the door before

    這就像無數次,但這只是 走進來就像走在門前

  • I even knew who's in here it's like yep I wouldn't be in I'm joining the team

    我什至知道是誰在裡面 我不會加入團隊

  • all right groceries we'd like to show you guys what you can get for your

    我們想展示的所有雜貨 你們可以為您得到什麼

  • Bulldog so I use the X is currently mm38 u.s. dollars we did not get a whole lot

    鬥牛犬所以我目前使用的X是mm38 美元,我們沒有得到很多

  • 438 u.s. dollars if you ask me we needed mouthwash we needed some laundry

    438美元,如果你問我我們需要 漱口水,我們需要洗衣服

  • detergent we're an unlined they know the most expensive item yeah I tried that

    洗滌劑我們是單衣的他們知道 最昂貴的東西是的,我嘗試過

  • with green mouthwash isn't cheap in that foreign stuff yes we couldn't find any

    用綠色漱口水並不便宜 外國的東西是的,我們找不到任何東西

  • generic brands buying full of granny smith apples salted almonds salted

    普通品牌買滿了奶奶 史密斯蘋果鹽焗杏仁鹽焗

  • peanuts sunflower seeds are these sunflowers yes

    這些是花生葵花籽 向日葵是的

  • sunflower seeds we have soda water all's well that's a salon I rented eating the

    我們有蘇打水的葵花籽 好吧,那是我租來吃的沙龍

  • salon two sticks of meat a little squirrel kind of packed in here already

    沙龍兩根肉一點 松鼠已經裝在這裡了

  • what can I say parm is that a block of hard Parmesan cheese yes all peppers

    我可以說parm是 帕瑪森硬奶酪,是所有辣椒

  • watery we soda water crackers you get the idea

    我們得到的水狀蘇打餅乾 這個主意

  • we're trying to eat slightly cleaner I'm even

    我們想吃點乾淨一點的 甚至

  • so many pastries we just can't handle it anymore so we're staying away from the

    這麼多的糕點我們就無法應付 不再,所以我們遠離

  • bakery going for seeds nuts fruits veggies that we still need to hit up

    麵包店要種子堅果水果 我們仍然需要打蔬菜

  • another place that has more produce because the supermarket didn't have a

    另一個產地更多的地方 因為超市沒有

  • lot of variety but yeah that is what we got this is kitty cat once more I think

    種類很多,但是是的,這就是我們 我想這又是一隻小貓貓

  • we're going to end this travel vlog she's in ever episode well yeah now that

    我們將結束這個旅行視頻博客 她現在有情節了,是的,

  • the three of us are all here and we're having a good time together aren't we

    我們三個都在這裡,我們在 在一起玩得開心不是嗎

  • oh yeah knows it knows we have eight nights to hang out oh she's feeling shy

    哦,知道,知道我們有八個 晚上閒逛哦,她很害羞

  • I think I keep calling it a heat it did you did you mention that we fed her

    我想我一直稱它為熱 你有沒有提到我們餵了她

  • earlier we brought cat food so you're welcome to stay the whole time we're

    早些時候我們帶了貓食,所以你 歡迎全程陪伴我們

  • here anyways we'll see you guys soon with more videos from this beautiful

    無論如何,我們很快就會見到你們 從這個美麗的更多視頻

  • mountain village Esquel tell me go

    山區村溢 告訴我去

good morning world morning guys so our last few hours here in Trelew it is a travel

早上好,世界各地的早上好,所以我們 在Trelew的最後幾個小時是一次旅行


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